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Chapter 1: prologue

"Alex get up"

" no leave me alone"

" but your going to be late you can't be late ally"

" fine I'll get up"

I was going to be late for my mothers funeral .she was my last living relative and now just like the others she was gone. I don't want to go to her funeral and I know that sounds selfish but I don't think I can do that again.

I cry myself to sleep every night I have no one I am alone.

I get dressed and go down the stairs where my 16-year-old stepsister Alice is waiting for me, her father married my mother.

I know your thinking Alex your not alone but I am after the funeral Alice and her dad are moving to Europe and I'm too old to live with them.

The funeral was just like the others crying pain sadness I had felt and done it all before it seemed like a daily routine placing of the dirt and flowers the singing and crying for I had done the same for my father and my two siblings and now it was my mother.

As I watched the other mourners I started to feel dizzy i just couldn't take it anymore, I started to walk away form the other people there then I started to run with tears dripping down my

Face I could hear Alice calling my name but I kept on running the pain was just eating me up inside.

I ran until I came to a bridge I looked down under the bridge was a stream and it was the middle of winter in New York " I can escape" I said out loud I climbed on top of the bridge I felt dizzy since I'm terrified of heights I was about to jump when I heard a unrecognizable voice speaking to me I blocked the voice out, closed my eyes and jumped into the stream where instantly I blacked out before hitting the ice cold water.

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