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I tap my foot, waiting, rather impatiently as I have been doing for the last ten minutes.

He always does this to me. I'll forgive him though. I always do.

I lean against the car, careful to mind that the wallet in my pocket doesn't fall out. My head rests against the top of the car.

He has the keys, and of course he would, to make sure I don't lose them, he says. He really just means to keep me locked out whenever he's not around. He's got a quirky sense of humour.

I turn around and let my head fall on top of my arms which are currently on the car.

I don't live very far away from him so he can easily walk to our car. Yeah, we split it. I should probably start at the beginning.

He and I have been best friends since forever. We had already decided in grade six that we would head out to see the country when we were done high school and that's exactly what we're doing now. His dad is rich so it's all paid for as an apology for not being there for his son while he was growing up. I, on the other hand, am not so it's a good thing that he is.

I'm ready to go. My bags are at my side. I have a suitcase full of clothes, a suitcase for camera equipment, a specially made suitcase for my photo assembling kit, and a lot of stationary.

I feel warm and wiry arms wrap around my waist, a head against my neck, as I look at my watch.

"You're fifteen minutes late, my dear Aeary."

"I'm sorry." I turn around to face him, ready to glare and yell at his sorry ass for not being on time.

He's staring at me with wide green eyes, his bottom lip quivering a little.

I stare back, glaring.

His arms drop to his sides and his right hand, trembling slightly, raises up to be put on my shoulder. His damn lip is still quivering and his eyes are impossibly wide and too shiny for my liking.

"I'm so, so sorry."

A long pause.

"Oh fine already. You're forgiven." I mutter and push him away.

His smirk is in place as he leans in and presses his lips against mine in a friendly greeting.

"I love you Daithi."

"Princess, if you loved me, you'd be on time and you wouldn't pull cheap tricks like that." I say, staring readily at him, waiting for a counter.

He shrugs though and just presses the unlock button and opening the trunk so I can put my things in there.

The thing about Aeary is that he is incredibly beautiful. He is so beautiful that no one can look at him and not stop to stare. I mean, I call him 'Princess' on a regular basis. Aearylon Devlyn is a pure blooded Irish. He has red hair, wavy and long, down past his shoulders, with some orange highlights. He's got a smaller nose than me, and lips that aren't full but can produce a fantastic smirk or a pout, or if you're lucky, the world's most beautiful smile. He stands a bit shorter than me by a couple of inches but he's still taller than most women. His hands are slender, pale like the rest of him, and he has long fingers from playing piano over the years.

Of course, I say this in the most ungayest way ever.

You see, I'm a photographer. Or at least, it's been my hobby for a very long time. I appreciate beauty and I always have so you have to understand that I do think that other guys are beautiful. Though, none of them are like my Aeary.

My name is Daithi Fiacra. I'm nothing like Aeary. I'm a quarter Irish, a quarter Celtic, a quarter Gaelic, and a quarter Scottish. My mom is half Irish, half Gaelic and my dad is half of the other two. And before you ask, Celts and Gaels are different. Just not very. Besides, I like being an even quarter of each.

I look rather boring compared to Aeary. I have slightly curly dark, dark brown hair and my eyes are greyish, bluish, greenish. I don't have a big nose but yeah, bigger than Aeary's, and I'm quite a bit more tanned than he is, though it's hard to be paler than him. Aeary always says I have a dark mood that makes me irresistible. Well, he has said it five times or so when he was drunk.

Aeary is my best friend. Hell, he's more than that. I don't know what I'd do without him. Aeary has been there for me since we were little. Well as much as he could be. He couldn't help me with my homework because he's dyslexic. And it wasn't as though he could beat up anyone who threatened me, not that they did, because of his thin body, he'd break if someone hit him.

He's a bit of a player. I don't actually think he even likes half the people he toys with. He hasn't ever slept with anybody since…well, me. And before you jump to conclusions, it wasn't anything serious. I wasn't drunk either, I can say. Aeary was sexually and mentally harassed by this guy in our school. Eventually, he got a restraining order but it was enough to shake Aeary. All I did was show him that sex doesn't have to hurt and it doesn't have to be bad. We were each other's first, if you can believe it. It wasn't awkward or anything. It was just me, showing him that I love him and I'm willing to do whatever it takes for him to feel safe. He only leads people on nowadays. I have to watch him and make sure he isn't hurt like he was before. He's gone through dozens of people, only playing with them.

I still love him though. And because I know that I'm not destined to be with someone I love as much as him, he's my soul mate. They don't have to be lovers you know.

Also because, I've lost someone I loved very dearly. It's sad and long but it was still my life.

I was fourteen. How can someone love at such a young age? I can answer that now.

Love is that feeling, the one that fills your heart when you look at that someone. Love is something that makes you want to do everything to make it last forever, even after you're both gone. It makes you want more than just a fling, more than sex. You want the world to know it, that you love that person, that you'd do anything and everything for them. You want to be there for them, and them to be there for you. You'll know that you're in love.

I love Aeary like my soul mate but it was with Adora Bellacini I fell in love with. I fell hard for her. I lost Adora about a year ago. She was beautiful, almost as beautiful as Aeary. She had an African-American mother and a Spanish father. She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen though, that's for sure.

It wasn't a car crash or an illness. She was murdered. Her father was home one night and he was drunk, completely wasted beyond recognition. Her father hates the ocean. He's afraid of the deep that took his beloved wife, Adora's mother away. Adora was with me and I had just come back from the coast. He shouldn't have been able to recognize the smell when he was that far gone but somehow he did and he, being drunk, thought one could kill an ocean with a broken beer bottle. You can't though. But you can kill your own daughter with one.

I didn't blame him for Adora's death. I still don't. Adora's mother had drowned only months before so the smell of salt was still fresh in his mind and I don't blame him. I can't. It was my fault after all. I should have been able to protect her. But I couldn't and I can't help now so I'm doing what I know Adora would have wanted which is to live my life as though she hasn't been murdered, as though she's somehow still here.

"Daithi?" a worried look is present on Aeary's face.

"I'm sorry." I mutter and turn away from him.

He smiles so gently at me. "You know you can tell me whatever you're feeling right now and I'll empathize."

"No, I just got caught up in my mind, that's all."

I'd bet anything that he knows I've been thinking about her. He runs a hand on my arm to comfort me a little. It works and I give him a brief flash of a grin.

"Well, let's go." I say and get in the driver's seat.

Press the pretty button, you know you want to.