The team and I came down to the field early. We had a big game today. If we would win this, we would be in the top five in the league. The guys were very nervous.
"Ok, boys," I said. "I want everyone out onto the field running laps. Then I want you to catch ten fly balls that I will be hitting to you. Grab a partner and start throwing the ball around." The boys hustled out to the diamond to warm up.
At game time, the team huddled onto the bench as I went over drills. "Ok, we're out in the field first, if you keep them from scoring you will be ahead. I want you to play the best game you have ever played. We have beaten everybody but this team. We can do it." The team put their hands in the center of the circle.
"Go Team!" the shouted and ran out to the field.
The first batter came up to the plate. He was tall and his uniform was too tight for him. Eric pitched the ball, and the bat cracked the ball like thunder. One of the outfielders got under the ball. The ball landed in his hand.
"Out," said the umpire. The crowd from the bleachers roared. They held the team up or the first two innings.
At the bottom of the fourth inning, the score was 4 to 0. At the fifth inning, it started to rain.
"NO, it can't rain, I leave in a week".
At the tenth inning, the other team caught up to us. The score was now at 8 to 8. The rain was pouring now, but the game continued.
It was now the bottom of the tenth inning, the bases were full, and Mike was up to bat. The pitcher chewed on his gum hard. He blew a bubble then, drew back his arm. The ball flung passed Mike.
"Strike!" said the umpire.
The crowd screamed. Any one could see that it was way to low.
"Common, Mike you can do this," I said under my breath.
The next pitch came. It hit him in the stomach. "Ah" he bent down on his knees.
I rushed out of the dugout. "Are, you ok?" I asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"Well, that would mean you won", said the umpire.
Mike looked at him confused.
"That's right, if you get hit by the ball, you get an automatic first base," I said.
The team all ran out. They hoisted Mike up on their shoulders. Before I knew it, I was in the air too.
After everyone had gone home, Mike and I were on the bleachers talking.
"It's getting late," I said. "And I'm soaked. I better be getting home."
"Kelly, you can't go," said Mike. "You fit in so great here. I, I'm really going to miss you."
"I'm going to miss you to. However, I don't really have a choice.
"Are you going to be back next year?"
"Most definite," I said. "I wouldn't be able to handle the fact that I'd never see you again. I will be back."
As the rain poured down on us, we kissed in the moon light.