Only Today

Can your kiss taste any sweeter? Can this moment be any greater?
I'm dancing in the ether, there's no tomorrow, there's no later.

This is the best time of our lives, never better was there a time.
Why is it I feel so alive, feel so beautiful here inside?

Twas the misery in your voice that made my heart leap, I felt so
cold and devoid, I was blinded and couldn't see.

We only have today, I can't see into the future. I have regrets, some
things to say, now before I'm given into lucifer.

Everyone longs for the past, but just end up losing their present.
Nothing can be taken back, and our days seem to lessen.

Memories are a wonderful thing, you mustn't let them rule you.
Many tears can they also bring, you can not let them consume you.

My love, I'm not promised tomorrow, but, if I leave, feel no sorrow.
For I loved you and you followed, my heart I gave you and you borrowed.

If this kiss be our last, if this embrace be our end,
Then let it be my final task, to hold you until God send.