Like Freshly Fallen Snow

Written By: Kokeshi088

A/N: Another love poem. This time, it's free verse. That's a good excuse for not making it a paragraph! But it's a bad excuse for not continuing "Infinity"! Ha, ha. Either way, it makes me think of a translated J-Pop song for some reason. What do you guys think? (I know that the stanzas and lines might look stinky, but it's free verse. Don't be harsh, please.) Thanks!


When we stopped to say good bye

I felt as if I'd never see you again

When we learned we shared the same dream

I feared it will never come to us

Those touching moments and our dreams

I thought we would never be apart

Some hopes fly away and never return

I thought we could always be together

If we shared the same dream

And that nothing would set us apart

But that never came true, that one wish

And I was left behind confused and unhappy

I thought we would never forget

Like freshly fallen snow

It will someday fade away

No matter how much somebody wants it

It will someday fade away

I don't want it to fade away

But it will dissolve far, far away

And I can never retrieve my hopes again

I met you that day long ago

I sat alone at the park bench as I watched the snow

Wondering why it had to fade

And then you came and I thought that love would never fade

But I was wrong and here I am again

Why must we always fade away?

I wanted to see you again for so long

But freshly fallen snow always fades

And freshly fallen love must be the same

Until you return again, I'll never know

But that won't matter, no not at all

For as long as we want each other

The cause will always be strong

And it will never fade

But I never thought that was a lie

It doesn't work that way, stupid love,

But we shared the same dream

I will never forget that dream

And like freshly fallen snow

You will return again

I know it.