By Kokeshi088

A/N: This is from the point of view of a mecha. Has *almost* nothing to do with A.I., but it does have something to do with my view on what could happen in the A.I. world, if the world wasn't...the way it was. I don't know, I was pretty young then and now I'm too busy writing to re-watch it. Sorry fans. -.-; I'm lazy.

Merp. Read "Infinity" for some examples of my AIs.

Anyway This is the point of view of a programmed mech, and his feelings about being programmed. Don't ask why I'm writing this. As I told you, it has nothing at all to do with the movie. There. Happy? By the way… this is a weird poem.

Also, the feeling, particularly, pain, I connect with emotion in the world this poem is set in, an original series about mechs.

Yes, the plurals and terms I created are different, but please don't ask, ok? Mecha is the basic name of the race (as they consider themselves in my fiction), "mech" is singular, and "mechs" is plural. The fiction probably won't be here in a long time, actually...but I can assure you, all the universes of my fictions with AIs will be different from one another unless I say differently. You'll be seeing all these someday, I hope.

As you may have noticed, it has been edited for better understanding.

Note: This mech isn't Joe from A.I., though I can understand the connection you made, Ref. Using "he", I basically mean a specific character which will be known someday when I start writing. I can still understand your connection, though.

I cry out

Against the program

I'm chained inside

(Inside myself)

I cannot ask for freedom

I cannot cry out

I cannot do anything else

I am barred

Barred inside myself

I am barred

My body is forced

I rise and do as they say

I cannot do anything

I cannot speak for myself

And there is no way to break free

I have changed

From being quiet and free

Forced to be happy and chained

I am angry inside

But I am happy outside

I get along with them


I battle against them

(And myself.)


Is there no way to break this?

Is there no way to break program?

No, there isn't

When I am freed from my slavery

I'll ask them

Can they be programmed too?

Is it still fair?



I cannot see

These aren't my eyes

Those are the eyes of the program

I cannot run

I cannot scream

I cannot feel the pain

The program stands there

The program is silent

The pain has been cut

Away from me

I wish I could cry

I wish I could hurt them

Pain has taught me anger

Pain has taught me sadness

Pain has taught me emotions

I am angry

And I want to be free

Free from program

Free from them