No Emotion

Nobody wants to cry or feel pain

No one wants to lose someone

You feel so sad and ask why me?

You feel so much pain, like there is no sun

You may think a tear is a sign of sadness

A sign of grief, sorrow and pain

I see it as different sign

A sign telling that you are sane

I have never felt the comfort of tear

To make sure my heart is still there

I feel nothingness and numb, cold

I think that is extremely unfair

You say I'm lucky that I don't get sad

You say my life is perfect and nothing is wrong

That I have never been hurt or betrayed

But I prey to cry out a sorrowful song

I feel nothing even though I have tried

My heart has been stomped on, crushed and smothered

People have died and left and still I don't cry

I have never cried even though I have suffered

I feel no pain and that is what makes me nothing

I am not human I am not anything with a soul

I want to feel the darkness come over me

I want to be sad and I welcome the cold

My soul is beaten down and stabbed

Yet I feeling nothing not even a prick

I feel no tears I feel not one little thing

Not a stab, or a punch, or even a kick

I have found the reason for this sickness

The disease that eats at my heart and soul

I have never had love to lose or to miss

I have never felt the hug that has made me whole

So I have never felt sad because I don't know how it feels

The hug from a boyfriend that will light up your days

The kiss from my mom to take away my fears

I have never had that so I have never felt it being taken away