Title: Got Milk

Author: Ashly Pearson

"Nimes! were out of Milk!" Lee yells form the kitchen.

"Y so!" Nimes back form the couch in the living room, watching Saturday morning cartoons.

"Go get some! rember no milk no pancakes or waffles!" Lee answers back.

"Waffles! mmmmmm...Waffles. What the hells do you mean no milk no waffles! I want waffles damn it!" Nimes rants while turning on the VCR to record her Animated cartoons and storming into the kitchen demanding her waffles!

"What I mean is we need milk the waffle/pancake mix and we don't have any. So in short no milk. no mix. no mix. no waffles/pancakes!" Lee shouts at Nimes having lost his temper at Nimes' morning short attention span.

"calm down lee! go shoot something I'll go get the milk be back in 5. Seesh!" Nimes tells Lee wondering why he's so pissed. "I wonder if he's out of ammo, .. Na like that'll ever happen its Lee, He never runs out of ammo." Nimes mused to herself while getting in her car.

Local gas station

"Hey matt! Where's the milk?" Nimes asks her friend who is also the casher

"What do you mean where's the milk? Haven't you heard all the cows in the country have been turned into zombies and now bark at the moon and occasionally attack people with dairy products if you get to close to them." Matt tells Nimes. Nimes looks at Matt, Matt looks at Nimes. Nimes blinks once, Matt blinks once. Nimes blinks again, so does Matt.

"So." Nimes asks

"So" Matt asks back

"where's the milk?" Nimes asks matt, who in turn develops a slight eye twitch...or spasm.

"I just told you we don't have any! NO one does!" Matt shouts at Nimes having lost his temper

"no milk?" Nimes asks.

"Yes Nimes, no milk, all gone, no more." Matt replies slowly in a voice mostly used on small children who are still learning.

"Then why didn't you say so?" Nimes asks pulling out 2 of her throwing daggers out of seemingly nowhere and grinning evilly.

" Nimes. I told you no threatening you r friends in my store" a old lady's voice ,from the gas stations back room, yells.

"yes ma-am. sorry ma-am" Nimes says disappointedly and puts her daggers away back into seemingly nowhere head down turns to leave the store.

"And Nimes!" the old lady yells to Nimes

"Yes ma-am?" Nimes asks from the door way.

"The waffles are in the freezer to your right." The old lady informs Nimes.

"Waffles!?" Nimes asks, a hopeful look on her face.

"Yes Nimes Waffles, to your right in the freezer." The old lady, now by the counter, points to the freezer.
"WAFFLES!waffles. waffles waffles..." Nimes screams happily attacking the offending freezer door that is standing in her way keeping her from her waffles. In the end the freezer door was destroyed and Nimes left a very happy person with 20 boxes of eggo waffles and a very BIG grin on her face.