You pull me closer,
but I walk away
with a heart that is heavy,
and knees that are weak.
You make me buckle,
with every slight touch
You can see through me,
like I'm transparent,
like I'm glass.
You mirror my imperfections,
and understand my flaws
as if they make me special,
as if they make me better than I am.
You're the only one that can hold my hand,
and make all my fears unravel,
yet I'm terrified of your fingers.
You scare me, with your perfect words-
the way they strike chords in me
that I'd never find on the radio.
You move through my veins,
and fill me with discomfort,
yet I've never felt so at ease.
You make it so hard to hate you,
so hard to for me to let go
when you hold on to me
with your everlasting arms.
You love me,
with no false pretenses,
with no bad intentions.
You see my heart,
and you understand its every beat.
You look inside my head,
and complete my thoughts
like essays on notebook paper.
You get me, understand me,
live inside of me, terrify me..
To the point where I don't know where I begin
You're the fairytale, my happy ending
and I've lost everything I've ever known,
all my answers are in your lips-
and I'm aching with questions.