Wasn't it Just Super-Duper?

Was it a man with nicely shaped features? No. Yes. No. I don't remember anymore. I feel things destroying my mind? Yes, that's it. Of course. I'm so stupid.

It's this virus. It's demolishing me. It's mutilating me. It's KILLING me. I feel like I've been trapped inside of my little glass case. You know? That glass case I keep hidden away in the depths of my mind? Have I not mentioned it? No? Oh, of course not! I feel retarded for thinking so.

My eyes are drier than the Sahara Desert and I hate myself. I've got bugs in my stomach. Microscopic bugs that are part of a disease.

That disease is what's murdering me? Yep. I didn't believe it at first… but now there is no denying it. Time to face the music as they say? I think it's what they say.

My cat hissed at me the other day. I then picked a huge sheet of dead skin off of my face. My face looks red and raw? That's what the mirror says anyway. My mind hurts. No, seriously. It HURTS. I can't push that out of my head because the pain is THERE. In my BRAIN. It's a continuous head ache with the pain meter thrown all the way up into MAX. It hurts so much and it just won't STOP.

My hair is falling out? I can't believe such blasphemy! But… it's happening isn't it? I'm twenty fucking years old and my hair is falling out faster than… God! What would be a good noun for that… is it a simile? Or a metaphor? Who cares?

I'm scratching my scalp now. My bare, shiny scalp. No… not shiny? No. It's raw like my face? Yeah. That's it. Now… wasn't there some movie I wanted to see?

I think so.

Is there anybody there? What foolish question! I'm talking to myself! Babbling! Babble, babble, and fucking babble! Don't I have anything better to do with my life? No? Just thought it safe to ask. The gremlins told me to ask. Told me it was safer to ask.

I hate the gremlins. They gave me the disease in the first place… I think. I'm not sure of anything anymore now am I?

Little, green, cyclopses of gremlins! One eyed bastards. They have fins, too! They did it chief! Did what? Kill everyone? Yep. Give them diseases? Bingo. Give ME a disease?

THOSE BASTARDS! I'm dying and it's their fault!

I just screamed at a clothes hanger. Then I accused it of killing everyone. That wasn't it's fault! I'm so, so sorry clothes hanger. Are you okay? Can't talk? Okay.

I think my hands are bleeding. I can't tell, though. That's the moon's fault. It isn't out now. That might be the gremlins' fault, though. I'm not entirely certain. The moon was full half a month ago! Where'd it go?

ARE my hands bleeding? Or is that just black paint I see in the starlight? Stupid, twinkling stars! Can't even provide sufficient light! I hate them as much as I hate the gremlins. And is my head still aching?

The disease is killing me? I already knew that!

I just saw a gremlin dart across the park with the small, duck infested pond across the street from the apartment complex I live in. There went another! And another! And yet another!

Amber Frankson's dead body is in my bedroom. It has this sticky white stuff all over it. Was that from me? I think it was. I hope it wasn't. I'm not a necrophiliac! That's disgusting!

She looked so beautiful, though…

Wasn't I sleeping a moment ago?

There's no light anywhere. Just dead bodies. There are a lot of dead bodies in my apartment.

Did I kill them? No. No I didn't.

I DO have a gun in my hand, though. It has all the bullets in it. And it hasn't been fired before. Didn't I grab it last night from Shooter's Gun Shop? Yeah. I think I did. But why?

To… to place the muzzle against my temple? Yeah.

To… to put my finger on the trigger? Yeah, yeah.

To pull the trigger? Yeah, yeah, yeah!

To kill myself? Bingo!

I can't do that. I won't do that. I can't and I won't do such a thing!

Aren't they damned to hell? Suicide victims? I think so.

The gremlins are gonna pay. They are! Dunno when or how… but they will!

I puked a bit ago. It wasn't like normal bile at all. It was red… and it tasted a little like blood! But it couldn't have been! Preposterous! Pish - posh!

Is that gun against my head now? Yep. You got it.

Was that my seed on that dead body? Positively.

…Do I have a reason to live? Negative. No. Nope. Not a chance.

…Shoot then. Shot now!

There's my life… wasn't it just super - dup-


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"Let's take a trip to the stars, follow me!

Where were you when I was down?

Staring into the dead!

The dead.

My pain is caused by my pleasure!

And my soul - mate lives in your body." - Godsmack "Moon Baby"