"Cutting the barrier between your wrist and reality

Splitting a rift between you and morality

Remembering where we found this profanity

Spilling your name onto cold insanity"

Spilling, the red ripples over the carpet,

Somewhere a glass tumbles out of sight.

Spilling the great beyond inside,

I know they're lying.

A broken haiku shivers, alone,

I never knew what those were, he said.

A flowing vanity stream.

Falling out of sight.

I met someone today, we talked for hours,

And felt like golden lilies, floating in a river,

Its because it was his reflection, they said.

Sitting alone out back.

Told they were too ugly to face the world,

Outside shot in twelves, they stood still.

I hope these bugs don't bite,

Silent in redemption.

And once I found a bullet flying through a room.

And once I lay you down to rest,

I looked up, and couldn't see the light,

Golden in its wake…