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Chapter 14

I walked into my house and turned on the light. It was empty with my mom upstairs sleeping, along with my dad. I had no Spot to lick my face or to love me when it seemed like nobody else did. I needed him most because Tristan hated me and that was worse than the whole world hating me. So I walked up the stairs, I was so tired and gloomy. I couldn't wait to hit the pillow.

First I walk into the bathroom to get something for the gash in my arm. I take off my shirt and saw that it was just a bit more than a superficial wound, so I lightly put on some hydrogen peroxide and wrapped my arm in a bandage and I went to look in the mirror for my face. It wasn't that bad either, it stung though so I did the same for my face as I did for my arm and walked off to bed.

I walk down the hall to my door and opened it. I turned on the light and my room was so empty to me. It had nothing welcoming in it. To me it was just a room. I wanted my old room back, but I had to settle with this one. I didn't even notice as I lay down. It felt so good to lie on a comfy bed. I was expecting the dreams. I was ready to take them on full straight ahead.

To my surprise the next morning I had no recollection of any dream at all. I couldn't remember one thing. All I remember was lying down and waking up. I opened my eyes wide and looked around for a familiar long snout and cold nose. Or even dark black hair and dark beautiful eyes, but I saw nothing. I got out of bed and checked the clock it was 8 o' clock in the morning.

So I got out of bed and got dressed and went down stairs and saw my family having breakfast. I guess I liked the site, it was so sitcom family that it didn't seem real. "Hey sleepy head, come and join us." My dad called up to me. It felt funny hearing him not be drunk. "I guess." I walked down the rest of the stairs and stared at all the pancakes and waffles. "Okay who died?" That had to be it. "No silly. Just eat." My mom sounded so warm. "Ding dong" I walked to the door and opened it. There he was my dream guy. I guess I was dreaming. He was different though, he had no shadow covering him he had no darkness. It was him in the light. I could see him now.

I looked up at his face and he was staring with sad eyes. "Don't let me leave Veronica." It was Tristan he was my dream guy. I should known it was him all a long. He was right there in front of me he was my guy. He was leaving though what was I going to do? "Talk to me please." why was he being so sad? I slammed the door on his face, I had no time to talk to him I had to wake up. Then my prayers were answered...the phone rang.

"Hello?" I said in a daze. "Hey Veronica it's me Lucas, I need to tell you something." He sounded really urgent, I got worried. "What is it?" He told me not to tell." What was Lucas doing to me? "Who?" "Tristan." I sat up by the sound of his name. "Tell me Lucas." He hesitated for a while and finally it came out. "Tristan is leaving for Tokyo in an hour." I didn't even say good bye. I just hung up and got ready.

As soon as I got some new pants on I was out the door. I grabbed my keys and jumped into my car. I turned on the engine and off I went in my car to go get a guy who was about to get on a plane to Tokyo. My life was starting to sound like a romance novel or something. I sped down the highway as fast as I could go. I saw the planes in sight now. One was taking off I hope that wasn't Tristan. I got into parking lot and got of the car as fast as I could. I quickly locked up and went into the airport.

I looked around and there was a board with all the flights and all the times. I looked up Tokyo and there it was. I quickly lined it up with the right time, well at least I hope so, and went off to find Tristan. It was taking off in five minutes, so I ran up the escalators and into gate 13. There was a long line for the security check so I rushed through and looked all around to try and find him. He was no where in site. I saw people boarding the plane. He must have been already on it.

I ran up to the front of the line and asked if I could on board for a second. "Sorry maim no you can't, only if you have a ticket." I tried to get back there but she wouldn't let me. So I did the only thing I could do.

"There is something wrong with the plane!" All the people turned around to look at me. "What is she talking about?" All the people were questioning. "Its fine just get on the plane." The lady gave me an angry scowl and told me to leave before she called security. I wouldn't budge.

"Every one got off the plane, it will explode if it takes off. Have you ever seen Final Destination! I can feel it!" As I said that the people ran off the plane. It wasn't the smartest thing to do, but it worked. Even the attendant was running for her life. "Please everyone get off the pl.." I feel someone tap me on my shoulder. I turn around and there is Tristan with an amused look on his face. "I have never had a girl threaten a plane for me, I got to say it is flattering." I hug him so quickly I guess I caught him off guard, because he fell to the ground. "Wow I didn't know you were so heavy." I give him a punch in the arm. Then I notice security coming our way.

"We got to go!" I yell at Tristan as I pull him down the escalator. "What are you doing Veronica?" "No time to explain," we run down into the crowd. We dodge everyone to tall lanky women to an overweight guy holding a very tall ice cream cone. We dodge them all as the man with the cone trips and falls on security. I laugh as we run and finally make out to my car.

"Get in!" We get in and I drive of just in time. The security was half way across the parking lot. "Woo-hoo, that was a rush, let's do that again." Tristan was looking so happy. He was finally being old cocky Tristan again. I missed him. "I guess you couldn't resist me." Okay maybe I missed him a little less than I thought. "Thanks for saving me from the biggest mistake in my life." He leans over to kiss me, but I stop him. "Not yet lover boy. I don't kiss guys on the first date." He laughs and I keep on driving. "Anyway I have to drive and we don't want to get into an accident." He nods his head and I drive all the way to Maine Street.

"What are we doing here?" I stop the car in front of a boutique and get out. "It is time for our first official date." I announce to him as I let him out of the car. "Just like this in the middle of a side walk." I say nothing and grab his hand. We walk down the street and I look down on his right hand was the golden ring. "What does that say?" I point at the inscription on the ring. "I never read it, it was a gift, and my actual mom gave it to me. Right before she put me up for adoption. I used to wear on my thumb, but now I'm bigger so I put on my ring finger." "You haven't read the inscription?" He looked up at the sky like he was looking for something in the heavens. "I was afraid it might have ruined my perfect image of my mom. You know that she never wanted to put me up for adoption. That she was forced to, I thought some how this inscription might ruin that." I looked at his hand and I could clearly make it out.

"It's short would you like me to read it." "Go ahead, my day won't be ruined." I read the words out loud. "Follow your dreams." He looked kind of surprised by the message. "Well that's funny." "What is Tristan?" He smiled and looked up at the sky again. "I've been having these weird dreams all my life and that is how I got here." was he talking about dreams like mine, I don't know I never asked him, but some how I knew.

We walked down the street and we went into a cafe'. "Come on they have the best muffins in the world." I drag him in and I order to chocolate chip muffins. I give him his and we sit at a little table and eat. "Wow these are good." He smiles and his teeth are covered by chocolate." You have something on your teeth." I rub my teeth to show him and he gives out a nervous laugh and wiped it off. "Much better."

We look at each other and I want to scream out in happiness. Finally I am having the dream for real. One thing that was different. "Will you do me a favor, Tristan?" He looks at me and nods. "Will you take out your contacts?" I wanted to see his true eyes, not his brown eyes. "I don't know, you might not be able to resist." I shake my head as he goes to the bathroom so he can take it out. He walks out and looks at me his eyes give me a chill.

"Why do you wear contacts?" He smiles and lowers his eyes to look at his shoes. "I guess it was because I was tired of hearing 'Oh I love you' just because they saw my eyes. I guess it sounds really stupid, but I wonder if my mom had the same eyes too and it kind of creped me out." I took his hand and looked straight into his blue deep balls of what seemed to be sadness. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. If it makes you feel any better I feel in love with you even before I saw your eyes." He looks at me with surprise as the word love comes out of my mouth. "Ronny can we get out of here? I want to go somewhere else." I get up and we leave.

We begin to walk and it starts to get a little dark as it seems that we have been walking for hours. "Where are we going?" I knew where but I just wanted to talk to hear him say it. I wanted to be confirmed that this is my dream. "You'll see when we get there." He was being so weird. "Oh my gosh Tristan, you can't tell me now." I put on the most annoying voice ever. "Now I can." He waves over across the street and there it was the big oak tree.

We walk over to the most familiar tree. I held his hand tight and I wanted to kiss him but I had to hold it and make my dream truly come true. "Here where are." He does a Vanna White and show off the tree. "This isn't a game show I haven't won a prize." But I knew I had. "Yeah, but you have got a constellation prize." I guess he wasn't being so cocky anymore. I liked it.

We sit down, so close together that I feel his body shiver as the wind bows. I lay my head on his chest and we sit there, being there. I inhaled his smell and it seemed of every rose in the world. He made me feel so light and like I had wings. I finally felt the real thing. It was much better then the dream. In the dream it felt like I was flying to this big light and I got really close to it. Now I was there I saw it all around me and the only other person with me was Tristan.

It was dark now and we were looking up at the stars and watched for the shooting stars. It flew by and I wished that this would never end and then I knew it was time. I turned to him and I guess he knew it was time too. We lean into each other and..."Have you noticed how many times we have been interrupted before we..." I didn't even let him finish. I kissed him mid sentence. I have been waiting all my life and I wasn't waiting another second.

It was so beautiful like heaven. It felt like I have been waiting in hell for eternity and I have entered the gates of heaven. I felt his soft lips against mine and I knew he was mine and he always would be. I knew my wish came true.

The End

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