Lonely Eyes
Have you looked into the eyes of loneliness?
To see the depths.
Of the nothing within you?
Have you seen the Iris of your own depression?
To be trapped inside a falling tear.
That rains from red brown eyes.
Have you explored the rings of Saturn?
With a telescope, on a starry night?
With starry eyes?
The hurt,
The pain,
It doesn't want to stop.
You have to make it.
All alone.
On your own.
To wake up your soul.
And save yourself
Without help. Without hands to keep you steady.
This is YOUR battle for survival.
But even after this.
After your struggle,
Do you want to live alone?
Have you seen the face of loneliness?
In your mirror in the morning?
A foreign image to you.
With red eyes,
And tear train tracks.
And if you can make it.
If you can battle the oblivion of your lost soul.
Bruised and battered,
Your lonely eyes will see another day.
Another sunrise.
And you will survive it.