The girl in the Window.

She sits at the window,
Looking at all who pass.
She is there.
Every day.
She doesn't leave for long.
She doesn't leave her house.
She sits at the window.
Never moving save for,
Her hand to touch the glass.
To see if it still exists.
To feel the cool of the molten sand.
To see if she is still there.

She wants to feel the warmth of the sun.
She wants to be alive.
She doesn't exist outside.
She doesn't belong outside.
She doesn't deserve the whispers of the wind.
She doesn't deserve the songs of the sea.
She deserves her pristine prison of glass and wood.
She is not like you.

She sits there.
Just to watch the people go by.
She cannot join them.
She is trapped.
Within her mind.
She longs.
She wants.
She wishes oh so badly.
Yet forever, when she gains resolve.
She lost it at the door.
She cannot leave.
She cannot live.

She exists only in the window.

This girl.

She is me.