My friend you're the reason my life still goes on
You're the reason my heart hasn't ceased beating strong
In my life, you're the only one, I've ever known
That stayed by me, a friend! My very own.
I never felt happy, except when you were there
I was angry, and frightened, with no one to care
But my friend, you were there, always with hopeful words,
Words of love, words of friendship, words I'd never heard
I never felt worthy, of friends or of love,
But you showed me the treasure, you'd found from above
You spoke often of Jesus, and God's saving grace
I was precious, my life I didn't have to waste
And though there've been people, who helped on my way,
You're the one that convinced me, I had reason to stay.
I can never thank you, my first ever friend
For showing me Him, and a friendship that will never end