This is one of those "once upon a time" stories, but that really doesn't fit it. Nor dose "In a land far, far away", they just wont do. This is my life story, I hope you enjoy..
I was born just a mere wolf cub, normal as they come, but nonetheless the runt, and the odd ball. My whole litter, and most of my pack, was brown or white. I was black as midnight. With multi-colored eyes, as opposed to my brothers and sisters who had green or brown eyes. My mother tried to abandon me. In fact she did, she left me by a mortal camp.
The camp was attacked, a few hours after she left, by demons. One was a wolf demon, he saw me and felt sorry for me. He found the soul of one of his fallen brethren and inserted it into my body, turning me into a demon wolf, turning me into Ashen Rose. I was too young to be kept with the clan so they left me with the remaining humans, threatening to return in 16 years, if I were dead they'd slaughter the whole town.

"Ashen!" he yelled "come here!" papa yelled
"Coming!" I yelled back I put the rest of the flowers and berries I had just picked in my basket. I ran straight to our little house by the river. "I'm back momma!" I said putting the blue berries in the tin and the flowers in the vase on the table.
"Ashen, doll, come in here." She said with a sad tone.
"Momma?" I said going towards the living room. I stopped just outside hearing mom crying.
"Tell me what your daughter looks like." A voice said with an emphasis on "daughter"
"Uh... She's about 5'7" tall, brown hair with black streaks, skinny, but strong and healthy.' Papa replied "honey calm down."
"What do you want with our Ashen? She won't be 16 for another 7 months! And you aren't even a wolf!" momma sobbed.