Ashen: Hello again. How are all of you? Raistlin: why did I sound mean? Ashen: Meet Raistlin. (I know you met him in the last chappie but I'm going to intro you to my entire chit-chat buddy group) the younger Magarer brother... Raistlin: shush. and why did you make me sound so mean? Ashen: I have my reasons.. any ways here's the story... Oh! And by the way, Jacob is now Leon! Sorry! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Chapter 3: Diner with the Parents ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

"WHAT?!" I said in shock. "But, mom, dad? Is this true?" I asked as I just sat in the middle of the floor in shock.
"I'm afraid so, Ashen" Momma said looking away.
"Why don't you all stay for dinner?" Papa said standing up. "Ashen why don't you go get a nice good dear, and maybe something for yourself, and a nice bird and some more berries."
"Hai." I said walking towards the door, trying to absorb all of this.
"I'll go with you!" Winter said standing up.
"I don't think so." I said icily. "I don't hunt with females."
"Then I'll get some berries!" Winter said being hyper
"Then I'll go with you, Ashen." Raistlin said coming towards me.
"What a great idea! I never did like her hunting on her own." Papa said slapping Raistlin on the back.
"Papa! I always hunt on my own! You know that, I never ever hurt myself! I always end up hurting who ever comes with me. And I don't really feel like talking to him! He'll talk too much and scare the game!" I complained, 'I don't really want to even look at this guy let alone be in the same forest with him!' I thought keeping that to myself.
"Too bad." Papa said and pushed Raistlin towards me. "Give him my bow and sword."
"I have my own." Raistlin said hastily.
"Fine!" I practically yelled at him. "Let me change."
I went to my bed room, down the hall and to the right, and went straight to my closet. Usually homes like ours didn't get this sort of stuff, but I built it with my own to hands when I was 120 moons old. (We didn't go by years we went by moons. So 120/12= 10 so I was about 10 years old.) I was proud to have built this wing of the house on my own. I hade my bedroom, bathroom, and a closet all to myself in this wing. It was even a water closet! And no one ever came down this wing. I stopped when I heard footsteps behind me. I wiped around and almost took off Raistlin's head. "What in the seven hells are you doing down here?" I hissed at him ready to take off his head.
"I was told to fallow you." He said looking as innocent as he could.
"Don't lie to me! Jerk. Fine, but come in my closet and I get to kill you." I said practically yelling at him.
"Fine with me, but why your closet?" He asked being an insolent man.
"Because. I'm going to go get changed!" I said storming into my closet.
I went and I walked into my closet, (especially designed by me) and pulled out my hunting cloths. A pair of black pants and a black, long sleeved top with forest green thread depicting a forest scene. And no corset, and I knew dad wouldn't care if I didn't where one in front of a man if I was hunting. I through my hair up into a pony tail and walked out into my bed room.
"Wow" was the only reaction I got out of Raistlin.
"Thanks, lets go." I only replied "Hand me that bow."
"This one?" he said grabbing the ebony wood one.
"Yes, it's the only on I'll hunt deer with." I said grabbing it.
"I have horses we can use" he said handing me a quiver.
'Good already whipped, probably by the Winter girl. Less work for me.' We headed out into the front yard. 4 beautiful horses stood in the glad about 50 feet from the house. "You can have the chestnut." Was all that he said.
I walked slowly towards the horse and got a good kick in the ribs when it got a smell of my sent. "Owwwwwwwwwwww" was all that I mumbled.
"Are you alright?" Raistlin said as he ran over to help me up.
"Fine just. shoot! Ow. Fine.." I said as I felt my ribs shift and begin there healing process. "At least in a few hours to a day I will be. MYTHIC!"
My usual mount came trotting up the glad towards us. She saw what the other horse had done and delivered her own kick to its side, injuring it. She then kneeled down to let me get on with little effort. "Hunt we go." I said to her.
"Wait... You're injured!" Raistlin said grabbing his mount and speeding after mythic.
When he caught up on the lead we had, I asked "So? It'll heal well enough before we get to good hunting ground." I then ripped the sleeves of my shirt and made a make-shift brace for my ribs.
"But what if we have to run?" he asked being as stupid as he looked.
"Uh, have you not figured out I'm a full fledged demon?" I said glaring at him. "I've even lost my right arm!" I said waving it in his face. "And shut up, you and your mount will scare the deer!"
"How is it that your arm is there then? And I compliment your mount on its silent ness." Raistlin asked and then stated.
*~Thank you, sir Raistlin.~* Mythic's voice said in my mind
"She says 'Thank you, sir Raistlin.' And demons can heal it they find the right replacements. I was lucky enough to get my original arm back before it "died". So I lucked out. Now shut up!" I half explained and half yelled at him.
We went on for about half an hour when I decided that his mount was just too loud. "Stop and get off that damn thing!" I practically yelled at him.
"What for?" was his quick reply.
"It's far too loud! Now get off and get on Mythic!" I ordered.
He slowly dismounted and tied up his steed and mounted behind me. "Wow." He mumbled "I'm sorry."
"For what?" I mumbled back trying not to be to loud.
"For what my horse did to you." He replied rubbing his hand over the makeshift brace making me flinch.
We hunted for about an hour when I saw the stag I was looking for. "Look." I mumbled to Raistlin as I pointed to it. It was beautiful. It had a deep brown coat, long, long antlers that where a beautiful velvet brown. It was maybe 6 and a half hand high. I made to get my bow when an arrow whizzed past my ear and hit the stage in a death hit. It was a clean and quick kill.
"What in the seven hells?" I said looking behind me just in time to see Raistlin putting his bow away. "Hay! That was my kill!"
"When you're hurt? I don't think so." He said dismounting and going over to the stag. He bent and double checked the kill, needlessly.
I dismounted and went over to him. I watched him honor the beast and then I saw the stag's soul leave, usual for me. I waved to it as it 'smiled' at me. "What are you waving at?" He said looking confused.
"Nothing." I said quickly. That's when I smelled it. Blood with ink mixed. I ran over to the nearest tree and barfed. It hurt to breathe but barfing was six times worse! I ripped the bottom of my shirt and made a bandana and covered my nose and mouth with it. Hay! Why not my shirt was already in taters, I could always fix it.
"Are you ok?" Raistlin said coming over to me, putting his hand on my shoulder. "The blood is black, the stag."
"It's mixed with ink." I said just before another attack. He was kind enough to hold my hair, and rub my back.
"How do you know? I mean I could just be demon blood." He asked, being stupid as usual.
"Look, I don't care if you aren't a demon, or if one killed your parents or what ever. But those damn rumors that all demons blood is black, we all like blood lust, or what ever, aren't true! Look." I said pulling out my dagger and slicing my wrist. "It's red, like a human, walker, deer, cat, dog, and sorcerers. So get off my case and trust me. It's not a demon." I said letting the cut bleed and not letting my chi fix it. "Now go drain that thing before I get sick again." I healed the cut easy and stayed several feet back.
"What could have given it ink blood?" he asked looking over at me.
"One of the witches likes to draw with herbs and blood. She's not bad, just lonely. Probably just forgot to put her mark on it. Usually her creations have a cat shaped spot on there side so that I don't kill them." I said looking away.
This witch was really nice. She used to draw all sorts of friends for me when I was a kid. She would draw cats and all sorts of wolves. One day when she drew a deer, I was suffering during my first blood lust and she told me to go hut the deer. I listened to her, but when I caught it, the smell made me barf up all of the blood and meet I had consumed during the past week. She just gives me a deer every time I go into a bloodlust, not often but still a possibility. "It's not poisonous. Ebony would never put poisons in her ink!" I yelled at him.
"Who?" he said tying it to mystic.
"The witch who drew it, they're all edible. Take that over to your horse, and I'll go get a rabbit." I said walking off "see ya latter!"


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