Murphy's Law, Sanctuary, Kidnappers and Phrasing

Yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin', now
Oh yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I cant sleep at night

"You Really Got Me" by the Kinks

There are many situations in life which may strike us as immensely awkward. For instance, the moment when you spill coke all over your father's boss knowing that the man is allergic to children to begin with. Or the time when you out your friend's sexuality on a dinner table where his parents are clearly oblivious to the homosexual tendencies of their dear only son. Or, when you are…oooh, I don't know, helping out at your aunt's cafe in London. Where, the lady customer wants two of your most expensive sandwiches and two exquisite ice cold lattes and gives you money only for one latte and one sandwich. Then, she turns around, and calls over her friend standing at the newspaper stand to pay the rest of the money.

One tiny problem. She calls her invisible friend at an equally invisible newspaper stand. And the beautiful, blunt irony of the whole situation is that even though there are two other, absolutely free, regular cashiers at the store, this dear lady considers only yours a viable option.

It is not the situation, my friends, that gets to us so helplessly. It is more the notion that how could this very situation happen to me when I went out of my way to avoid it? And later, ofcourse, how on earth can I fix it?

But usually, what strikes us first is this very phrase: Oh Lordy, the irony! Or in more colloquial language, Holy insert foul word here, the irony! Or if you have a habit of going a little vernacular during your speeches-

All right, all right.

Calm down!

I'll stop, already!

Well…as I was saying about the beautiful irony of situations that you usually try to avoid, I would say this much…at the very least, we have been blessed with the integrity to christen this happening as what is called Sod's Law.

Or more popularly, Murphy's Law.

Murphy, bless the man, had exactly one extensively charming philosophy.

Smile. Tomorrow will be worse.

I stepped into the living room, and I had to smile despite myself. Sure, I was in big trouble. But the big lug sitting with his fingers linked behind his head was well worth all the trouble he had caused. And god damn it…he well knew it from the way he grinned as he got up, a pair of dark eyes sparkling when they set themselves on me. I needed something to throw at him as a customary sign of welcome, that I used to give him when he got back from school, but seeing that there was nothing else, I hurtled my body across the room, the smile on my face so wide that I swear to god it hurt my mouth. He was laughing when I hit him, knocking him back onto the sofa as I did.

Parents be damned, this was my darling older brother. And no matter how banned affection was in this house, I would never abide by it anyway, so why the hell try?

"Hey! You little monkey, haven't we grown up fast!? Now stand, let me take a look at you."

So. The British accent had indeed started to grow on him, hadn't it?

" of these days I'll catch up to both you and Arjun."

His shoulders shook with laughter as he tapped me on the head, "Yeah...right. And how do we find a man for you to get married to then? You'll be taller than all the decent Indian men."

Although the comment of marriage sent an ugly ache from my stomach to my heart, I ignored it completely. There was enough trouble about this...there was no need for more.

Speaking of trouble, I saw Arjun standing in a corner, sulking for a few moments. He was usually a good natured sort (I think you've gathered that from the fighting), but when Sean came home, for some reason he always became this ugly tempered human being who was best stayed away from.

Laughter was not exactly the most common of sounds in the Gill household. Indeed, our parents cultivated us to be formal, yet warm with them...and other than that relationship, I had Arjun...who was just an overall dick to me...that is...when he was talking to me, ofcourse.

But, as you can see, my Sean is the most awesome brother a girl could ask for. Any day. And trust me...even without looking at him, I knew already I was the best sister he has ever'll see.

My mother cleared her throat slightly, and we all jumped.

Now, do you remember what I had said about Murphy's law?'s a chance to observe the law and all the principals as they go along.

"So, Rita darling…why didn't you tell us that you were in touch with your brother?"

First principle of Murphy's Law, The probability of anything happening to your own liking will only happen when you least expect it, or need it (please note, emphasis on need is over here)

I am currently hoping that some Godly force, in the kindly heavens, would empower mother earth to open up and swallow me up whole. I squeezed my eyes shut for some support. Then reopened them and gave my mother a wide smile. I was hoping this was a rhetorical question and she would let things go.

As usual, I had the wrong idea.

"So, how much time has it been since you were back in touch with Shaan, Rita?"

Murphy's Law, principle two, left to themselves, or avoided, things tend to go from bad to worse.

And as things often go in my life...things became worse.

I clearly forgot, that my mother, could very closely be related to Hitler when it came to the interrogation...and being the total nincompoop I am (loveable, aren't I?), I had to blunder on...I just cannot leave well alone, can I?

" weren't by any chance born in Germany, were you?"

My dear mother, who was so distracted by my older brother's arrival, replied just as distractedly whilst she poured out a hot cup of tea from the silver tea set she had inherited from her mother, "No."

And given that my mother's intelligence well surpasses mine a lot of times, "Why?" she asked, looking over at me sharply.

"Oh...nothing..." I replied casually, feigning nonchalance, "It's just that...Hitler was from there as well."

I saw her livid expression as the words registered, and she was about to say something rather trite when Sean grabbed her upper arm. "Now, mother I hear you are getting into an idea of teaching a dramatics class...I must say its a brilliant idea...there will be no better way to occupy your time after even our dear Rita goes off to college, now is there?"

He looked at me from the corner of his eye giving me a wink, and a half smile as my mother seemingly basked in the glow of her oldest child's attention, apparently having forgotten all about me. Or so I thought.

Murphy's Law, the third of the principles: Do not breathe a sigh of relief so soon. It ain't over till its over.

Before stepping out of the threshold with Sean, she stopped short then turned herself to me, "Oh, and just so you know Rita, you were supposed to do this only for two months, but since you have such a smart mouth on you, you will do it for three. I want you to scrub the house top to bottom, every single day. You will dust, sweep and scrub until everything gleams...and I expect straight 'A's, whilst this house is spotless. One bit of dirt and I extend your punishment by one week each time."

Me and my stupid, big mouth. I had forgotten that this was my mother's time of the month.

Murphy's law: Fourth of the lot. Mother nature is a bitch.

But then again, you didn't need me to tell you that now did you?

Ah...the wonderful, closed sanctuary of my bed...ah, the recent night deafness I have gained to all sounds around me. Ah, the strenuous routine of scrubbing three bedrooms a dining room, living room and kitchen floor on your knees, and oh, what a brilliant night to have got a ten page essay on Julius Caesar and an equally long set of stats questions that I do not know how I answered, half drugged from cleaning fluids that I am.

I...cleaned...bathrooms. We have three bathrooms in this house. And one if for sole use of his majesty, Arjun Singh.

I swear by all that is holy to me, that boy has a brain that simply lives to create dirt and only be fair, maybe a little bit of filth too.

I had, after an exceedingly long day buried myself into the wonderful softness that was my bed at just nine o clock at night. Some God must have taken mercy on me as my father had simply returned home for a few moments to pack his bags and go off on a business trip. My mother, acting in our own best interests, had told my father to deal with me when he got back home and had also hidden that Sean was here.

On just the mention of my father's name, the smile on his face had died, he had got up and saying goodbye, had left for his hotel room. I can only imagine what an effort it was for him to squelch his pride to come to see us...

As I remembered staring across the drawing room at my brother, Sean, who stood in direct contrast to the imposing shadow of Arjun, I realized that Sean, who had been away long enough now to have gained a little more height from when I last remembered him, as well as muscle, was the epitome of the perfect son. He even looked the part. He had come wearing jeans, but a traditional men's tunic, a kurta in black, his hair short, cropped to his scalp and his dark eyes respectfully lowered as he spoke to my mother about his work…his business. His fabulously successful business.

Even then, as he took blessings from the picture of Guru Nanak, the holy messiah, our first guru of the ten that came to this earth worshipped by all Sikhs, he was simultaneously charming my mother at the same time, I realized that he was, and always would fulfill the gap Arjun and I could never fill in my mother's heart. Sean was her first born. Her baby boy.

Our father had pushed him hard. Too hard. He had been given no choice but to do exactly what my father wanted him to do. Even dropping his dreams of being an artist to realize what father's dreams were for him…basically, to become a partner in a law firm at London.

"Son," my father had boomed, "Remember that the Gill name is. And that you must make it shine on after me."

And of Sean's dreams of becoming an artist, he had scoffed, "Art is for girls and boy-lovers. My son is a man, and therefore will do a man's job." This was said with a meaningful look at Sean that could well be interpreted as threatening. I loved my father more than anything in the world. But what he had done to my brother was unforgivable. By any standards. And Sean had complied. For the sake of our father's dreams for him...because he was the oldest son.

Besides our father pushing him, Sean, despite his beautiful personality, was self conscious as a kid. You best, my brother could pass off for attractive. Or even passable. Otherwise, and this was according to our father, he was plain. Given that my mother had been one of the most beautiful film stars around back in her day, and my father was...well, a very good looking man. his very best and this is said as his sister, he was attractive. And that too with more emphasis on his personality rather than anything else.

The ache in my bones from the cleaning became worse, the more the ache in my heart over my brother grew.

And before you ask about why his name is Sean, which is so obviously Irish/Scottish in nature, the explanation is simple. Anglicized by the people who he works with, works for and lives with. His real name, that he is not ashamed of in the least, as it is a strong Indian name, is Shaan Singh Gill. Shaan, in both Hindi and Gurumukhi (the holy language of the Sikhs) means respected, dignified…famous.

All of which my brother had achieved so easily…and so uncompromisingly. And as I speak of uncompromising, I notice yet one more irony. The painful, deep hurt we are all holding in our hearts till date. The hurt, which had been formed by Sean's departure…and the reasons behind it.

Because of this very uncompromising, dignified attitude my brother wore so naturally that it oozed from his very being... I had not seen my brother for seven years.

I shook the thought off and turned over in my bed.

Have you ever been in so much pain that even breathing makes your bones ache? Well, let me tell you, you cannot sleep when you are in that condition.

Add to that, uncomfortable thoughts and people surfacing after seven years is pretty hard to endure as well.

Oh, stop whining you little pussy!

"Dude, what is your damned problem?"

Your perpetual whining, dumb ass! Shut your pie hole already. Some of us need our sleep!

"You can't sleep until I decide to, fool."

You realize, by insulting me, I will make sure you won't have any wet dreams abut a certain someone.

"I...CANNOT believe you said that!"

Well, la de da! I did...and just so you know, when you do do it, I expect full condom usage. Children are the greatest joys in the world. Everyone should have them. But if they are the collective spawn of you and Lex Stevenson, then they will be terrorists, I assure you.

"Don't fucking insult my future family you-"

AH HA! So you are thinking about having sex with him!

Damn, damn, damn! I crushed a pillow to my face and muffled the scream which had come to my mouth. I swear to god...if I had to kill myself, I would do it, just to forget the agony that was caused within my own head by my own head!

I turned my head on my own pillow, angrily and forced myself to embalm my brain with sleep by shutting down completely. Soon, I felt sleep engulf me.

And the last thing I thought was... if I don't sleep now, then life happens...and ain't such a pretty thing when you're seventeen.

"Do you always snore that way?"

My eyes shot open as I heard a male voice too close to my ear breathe this to me as if being in my bed was the most natural thing. I screamed, only to have it muffled once more during the course of that night, by a rather large hand.

Contrary to popular belief, when you are faced by certain impending death, which I was sure I was, you do not think of scenes from your entire life. All you think is, "Fuck...I'm a goner."

As my vision cleared as panic began to blur my eyes all over again. My arms and legs began to thrash as the person holding me hostage was still not in sight

"Calm down...its me." I was roughly turned around and faced my captor.

Calm, sea god eyes met my obviously panicked ones, raven dark hair iced by the moonlight gently brushed my face.

And even in my panicky state, all I could think was, how was it possible that a man this beautiful was such an obvious psychopath.

"If I move my hand from your mouth, you have to come with me and not argue about it. Will you do that for me?"

Knowing the absolute pointlessness of screaming or talking sense to the man, the fact that he had broken into my HOUSE, for God's sakes and the fear of my mother catching him inside my bloody BED with me was a far more scary thought and I kept mum and nodded. He raised his hand from my mouthand raised his other hand from my wrists which he had strategically got above my head.

"Well..." I managed as calmly as I could, "You sure know how to treat a woman!"

My bed was a matter of pride to me. I had bought the biggest fluffiest mattress that could be held on my beda wonderful set of goose down pillows and a large comfy duvet because the A.C. inevitably got too cold for me to take at night.

And the fact that he had the audacity to lie down next to me in his muddy shoes, made me extremely angry at him.

"Where do you get off, breaking into my house and putting those awful biker shoes on my bed?! For God's sakes, the least you could do was take them off! I even wash my feet before getting into bed!"

"You what?"

"Wash my feet!"

It was at that particular moment that I realised how silly that sounded and growled angrily at him to keep from feeling embarrassed.

I think words just came out of my mouth and went CLUNK on the floor...I could be the female version of Prince Phillip at the rate I was going...

Now, before anyone comment, I have absolutely not forgotten that I am still at home, but I am so livid that I have a maniac on my bed with his shoes all over the place that it is over riding my temper by far. My first job was to figure out how the heck he got into my house!

"Right, so how did you get into my house?"

He gave me an odd half smile, "I have my ways."

'God I hate him.'

No, ya don't.

'Oh, piss off!'

No I won't!

'Don't even GO there!'

I smacked my head hard for good measure as Lex smiled at me from the bed, obviously very pleased with himselfI could see it on his face now, how well he had managed to get me all worked up about this. I'm good...that was the expression. "Don't beat yourself up, you silly kid! I love you even if you are crazy." If I hit him now, how well would I be able to wipe that smirk from his face?

Instead, because I knew hitting him would make him howl and thus, get me into shit as usual.

Why is it, that anytime I am just trying to lead a normal life, this man has to come and fuck it up for me? I sighed in exasperation, then noticed the open window...oh, so that is how he got in. My room was a really comfortable one, with my bed and my lovely stuffed cat, Sly always the center of attention. The computer sat on a desk where I generally wrote, my writings clipped up to the bulletin board above the desk, along with some random sketching what I did when I was bored.

And then there was the big open window and the drain pipe I had shimmied down to meet Alexander.

So there was a way to shimmy up a drain pipe. I would have to get Lex to teach me.


You know, this is what men do. They waltz in in the middle of the night to give you a hard time.

Lex was no different. There he was, idly sitting on the bed, having a damned good time playing with the stuffed bunny on the bed, (It doesn't matter that he was making Sly kill the bunny in many painful, imaginative ways. I think he's watching Kenny die in south park too often.) and I was off the bed, glaring at him.

"What do you want exactly, you fool?" I asked absolutely exhausted between him and cleaning a whole house (Yes, I still cannot get over that.).

Lex looked up at me a rather wicked smile playing across his lips. "You, ofcourse, my pretty little Indian girlie."

I shuddered. He could have been a rapist, seriously, with that tone.

"You are obsessive, you know that?"

"Yup. Now come with me." he reached out to grasp my arm.

"No!" I wrenched it back, hissing at him, "It's the middle of the night and I need my sleep. If my mother walks in here..."

"She won't." he said simply, shrugging, his sea god eyes twinkling merrily. Suspiciously merrily.

And I did eyeball him with much suspicion.

"What have you done with my mother?"

"Oh, nothing." he said innocently, "I just know that she's out." He jammed his hands in his pocket a large, cheesy smile on his face that made me want to throw something at him.

My mother? Out at this time of the night? What on earth was going on? And why would she leave the house and not come back till now? Most importantly, how did Lex know about this? Glancing at him, I realised rather randomly that he looked a little nervous...kind of like one of those guys in an interro-

I looked at him in absolute horror...oh please, dear God, tell me he didn't... "You spied on her?"

"NO! I didn't, spy on her, per say." he looked up at the ceiling then to his side to avoid my eyes, from his tone, I could tell that he was not being honest. I growled. I hated this... this... Looney tunes tendency of his! It was beginning to really irritate me.

Where would my mother go at this time of the night? I looked out the window and noticed the car was gone. My brow furrowed. Then I realised Sean was in town. Maybe she and Karan had gone to meet him. I shrugged off the doubt in my head that this was probably not the case, then turned to Lex who had suddenly found the half eaten sandwich next to my bedside an extremely delicious thing to eat.

Nothing was more painful than watching a ravenous Lex devour a poor little sandwich. If you concentrated, you could hear the sandwich scream as Lex's teeth gnashed it.

I sighed and rubbed my forehead as Lex looked at me happily, as if he did this everyday, going into people's houses and ruinning their sleep. He probably does for all I know. I thought bitterly

"Ready to go?"

My eyes snapped up and looked into his for a second, immediately realizing that was mistake because I think he had this hypnotic trick he could do with his eyes.

"One hour." I warned, "I should be back in exactly one hour."

Fat chance of that happening.

"Sod off."

If a man says something when he's all alone in the woods, is it still wrong?

Yes, I am well aware that the actual euphemism is something between a tree and the woods, but given my constant 'boy trouble' this applies to me so much better.

Christ...did I just say, 'boy trouble'?

I'm even sounding like a cheerleader!

What next Rita? Wearing pink? Maybe falling for a jock? Deciding you want to do science and became co captain of the squad?

About the science remark, it's a truth well known that all stereotypical cheerleaders, no matter how bimbo or bimbette in reality, where whizzes at science...and I had always jealously thought that it was to show off something other than their rather well shaped bosoms and figures.

I'll bet you anything Lex liked a smart woman. He was smart, you see? But then again, smart women like smart men better than smart men like smart women.

Now was one of those times that I knew shutting up would do me good.

But did I shut up?

Noooo...I just went on and on and on!

"Rita, you need to wear makeup."

My head whipped around to face him in absolute anger. What the hell...?

"Says YOU, buster!"

"No, says my perfectly natural male instinct that can tell in a totally non gay way that you need more make up."

I was going to kill him, I swear by it. "Lex. I do not need more make up." I said slowly, "You wear enough of it for the both of us."

"Oops!" Suddenly I found myself wrestled to the floor. "Take that back!"


My arms were above my head again. "Take it back!"

"No, god damn it, now let me up! What are you, like, five?!"

He looked at me for a moment with big, doleful puppy eyes, one hand tugging at my hair whilst he lay on top of me. Then his nose scrunched up in a way that couldn't be biologically possible for such an awfully long nose.

"Did you just fart?"

Oh, for the love of God, "Lex you fool! I did not just fart!"



"Why? Are you too good to fart?"

You high school math, they taught us tangents...I'm guessing Lex must have aced them.

"I am not too good to fart, I just...! Argh!"

He was, too quickly, becoming an annoying mosquito which wouldn't go away.

And this was in his own house, in his own room...I wonder just how much annoying this man can get...particularly when I tried out cheerleading in front of him. I had a funny feeling, the more upset Lex got, the more annoying he got as well.

Oh God!

I had almost forgotten that I was a cheerleader!


I buried myself in my hands melodramatically, completely avoiding his face, "Yes, Lex?"

He got up and pried my hands away from my face, "I think you're beautiful-"

I looked up at him wryly, "Thank you, but I'm not going to sleep with you if you think that's what will come from that line. And yes," as he opened his mouth to protest I cut him short, "It is a line."

"Damn. How's this one?" his sea god eyes laughed into my own as his lips upturned into a smile, "You are the sexiest woman in the world?"

"Too obvious."

"Crap...I love you?"

"Too melodramatic."

"Damnit! Okay, you should marry me and we'll have twenty five kids?"

"Too scary."

He looked at me in frustration. "How about a fuck?"

"Now that might work." I grinned at him slowly.

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