Dear Tessa,

Tessa, when I get a chance

I should like to speak with you

For I want to know who you are

Beneath your mask

Tessa, there is something I would like to ask

Who are you?

Are you just pretending?

Could you let me in, show me who you are?

Tessa, I have a question

Do you really feel

Or is it easier to fill yourself with the notion

Of your strong emotion, to save yourself from the mundane?

Another thing, Tess

Have you any talents?

Are you truely good at anything?

Or do you delude yourself with thinking you have gifts?

OH! and my dearest Tess,

What about the future?

Can you suck it up, and just do it

Or will you still rely on luck?

Tessa, can you change

Or is this a flaw of charecter?

Imbeded in your being.

Tessa, why arent you speaking?

I cannot hear you !

If you will not answer, how can i find you in myself?

How can I save you?

From being suffocated by my facade