Okay this takes place in medieval times so hope you enjoy.

In England there was a family that was extremely poor, they had barely anything to eat. There was a wife, Terra, and a husband, Sean. They were so lonely and they wanted a child so bad, but they couldn't have one for they were too old and the women was hurt in a great riding accident and she was not able to have children afterwards.

One day the mother was walking through the forest and terrible sound of a crying bird. It was coming from the bush by a lake that she was fishing at. She walked into the bush and she spotted a beautiful dove it. It was squawking and screeching from the pain. The women saw that the dove was in a trap and it looked so sad there, so her being known for her kindness, she ran over to it and bent down.

"It's going to be okay, I'll get you out of there." The bird was calmed by her voice and let her move closer to the leg caught in it. The women lightly held the leg and took it out of the trap, being careful not to hurt the poor bird. As the bird was freed it did not move. It stood there looking at the women, with what seemed to be happy eyes. "Are you okay?" The women examined the leg and it was badly wounded. She lightly rubbed and it suddenly it was healed, and she was no longer holding a birds foot but a slender, fair skinned, human ankle.

She was surprised as the form of the bird changed into a young girl with long blonde hair that reached to here knees, she was the most beautiful thing the women had ever seen. The women was glowing with gold and wore a beautiful sleeveless silk dress, the women was speechless at the sight as the girl stood tall and walked over to the women putting her hand on the women's, making the women shiver at the touch. "You have shown kindness and I thank you for that, and so in return I will give one wish." The women did not believe at first and was kind of scared of the event that was happening. "Do not be afraid, I'm Lelayna, I am the women of the wind and you have saved me, please let me repay you." The women was so comforted by this women that she trusted the girl and spoke her wish.

"I wish to have a daughter and for her to be happy" The women said with a big smile on her face. "Are you sure you do not want riches or power?" "I am happy with my status, I just want to have a child to share it with." The girl nodded and she got closer to the women and gave her a serious look. "You must agree that you will teach her to be kind like you and give her my name, she will be the split image of me and she will be happy." The women happily agreed and the goddess bent down and kissed the women's stomach. Immediately the women felt a warmth in her in the place the kiss was placed and she felt whole, she knew that her wish came true. The girl walked away, but before she turned back into a bird she left with one last warning.

"I will meet her on her sixteenth birthday as a bird and I will see if you stuck to our bargain. I wish you well, thank you for your kindness." The beautiful goddess disappeared and the only thing that was there was a locket. The women walked over to the locket and picked it up. It had a piece of parchment connected to it. She read, "give this locket to her when she is born, it is my gift to her." The women thanked her in silent prayer and walked to her house to tell the story of the beautiful women, once he found out they rejoiced and had a beautiful party for all the neighbors and cooked the last of there food and celebrated.

16 years and nine months later

"Be careful Lelayna, and you take care of her boy." The old man was warning the girl and the boy as the ran off to celebrate the girl's birthday at the lake. "I will sir, don't worry about her." The women hugged her daughter and kissed her on the cheek, "happy birthday." The girl backed away and waved good bye as her and the boy ran off. "She ahs been inseparable with boy since they met." The father complained, but he still had the happiness in his voice, he loved his daughter and wished the best for her and he knew that the boy was the best. He was the son of their two greatest friends, and he always showed respect.

"They grow up so fast." the women choked out, knowing that today was the day that her daughter would be tested, by the goddess. She kept this part to herself because she did not want the father to worry and she knew that the girl would pass the test.

Back at the Lake

"Don't get hurt, your father would kill me if you got hurt." The boy cautioned the girl as she began to cross the log in the middle of the lake. "Don't worry Darren, you always are such a worry wart." She started to cross the log with perfect balance. "Well I wouldn't have to if you didn't have to be so damn fearless." The concern showing in the voice he was using, it was usually deep, but when he was around her it got kind of high, for no reason that was known to him. "I'll be fi..Ahhhh!", as she waved him off she lost balance and she fell to the lake below and she tried to swim up but the current was to strong and it was pulling her towards the near by waterfall.

"Lelayna!" Darren immediately jumped into the water to come to her rescue. He quickly swam to her side and swam against the strong current. He was struggling to keep at the surface but the thought of her dying gave him the strength to swim fast and steady. He soon got to the shore pulling her out of the water and was scared to find her not breathing. "Lelayna, don't do this to me, please, don't die!" He immediately ripped her shirt open and started to pump his fists against her still chest and was happy to see that she choked up all the water and opened her eyes.

"Thank god you scared the hell out of me, don't do that again okay." He said in a high scared voice, that was sounding as it came from a mouse. She couldn't help but to giggle. "What is so funny?" He gave her a confused look t6hat made her laugh even more. "It's just you kind of sounded like a mouse there." She said between giggles. "Thanks a lot, I guess that is what I get for saving your life." He stood up and walk to the shore of the lake. He put his hands in his pockets and looked out to the lake that almost swallowed her up.

She got up and walked over to him and stood by him. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you." She looked at him and he looked at her with a smile on his face. Then he felt a twinge in his heart, as she looked at him. 'She is so beautiful' he thought as he looked into her dark hazel eyes. She gave him a big smile and they sat down on the shore and looked out to the lake. 'What is going on here me and her are just friends I have no feelings towards her!' He silently shouted to himself, as he felt the warmth he gave her and the temptation to be more than just friends. "You know some day I will be a princess, I will be rich too. I will have thousands of dresses and I will go to balls, and you will be there with me to protect me and I'll have my prince charming." She waved her arm around as if she was making it all come true. He felt his stomach churned to know that he was certainly not her prince charming.

"You will make a beautiful princess." She gave him a big smile, as her long hair blew through the wind. "Thank you, you are the only who believes me, I will." He started to stare at her with his dark blue eyes, that were actually filled with so much light that it made her fell warm inside. 'Why is he looking at me like that?' She asked herself as she felt the warmth take over. 'I can't take it anymore,' he thought and all of sudden he leaned forward to kiss her. 'What is he …' She lost her train of thought as he kissed her softly on the mouth , it felt like a butterfly landing on her lips.

At first she was shocked and then she lightly kissed him back. 'What am I doing he is just a friend!' She quickly pushed him away as it hit her. "We can't do this, we are just friends." She waved her hands and shook her head as if he was def. 'Oh no she must hate me,' his heart broke as he heard her words. "I'm sorry." He said in a soft sad voice as he got up and walked away, back to the village. He never looked back and walked with his head hung low.

'How could I do that to her!' He yelled at himself and wanted to jump off a bridge, he hurt her and he felt so sorry. 'Why do I love her ? She is only a friend.' He repeated 'she is only a friend' about a thousand times as he walked back to village. As he entered the village he realized he left her all alone in the dark. He quickly sprinted back to see if she was all right.

Back at the lake

'Why did he do that? Does he love me? Do I love him?' She had no idea what to do about Darren. 'I mean I have known him forever and he has always been there, but do I love him?' Her thoughts were interrupted by a squawk that erupted from the bushes.

"Who is there? She walked over to the bushes and pulled them back revealing a dove caught in a trap. "Are you okay?" The squawking louder now, so she slowly walked over to the beautiful bird in distress. "It's going to be okay." She started to hum a song that her mom would sing to her. "My love my darling, it's going to be okay…" As she sung the words in a soft but strong voice the bird stopped squawking and just listened to the beautiful melody. "See it is going to be okay." Lelayna lightly pulled the trap apart and lightly rubbed the wound from the trap. She blinked once and she was no longer holding the ankle of the bird, but the ankle of a women who looked just like her.

"Hello Lelayna, I'm the wind goddess that is also named Lelayna." The goddess stood up in the same dress she was in the day she met the girl's mother. Lelayna was shocked and stayed on the ground not knowing what to do. "Do not be afraid of me, for I am the person who gave you life." The goddess spoke in the same melody as Lelayna did , she sounded as if she was singing, almost. Lelayna stood up and looked at the women in front of her and she was calmed by hearing the women's voice. 'She looks just like me.' the girl thought in confusion. The woman walked towards her and held the girl's hand. "I gave you to your mother, she was not able to have children and she saved me as you did today and I granted her one wish, as I will do for you." The goddess bowed to her. 'What should I wish for? Oh I know.'

"I wish to be created into a princess." The girl told the goddess with happiness in her voice. "I will grant your wish and you will become a princess, the one thing I want you to do is be happy and I want you to call on me if you ever need me, how to call you must find out by yourself." Lelayna was so happy, she ran up to the women and hugged her tightly, "Thank you." The women turned into a bird and flew away into the sky. The girl thanked her and prayer and left for the village, as soon as she did she ran into Darren.

"Are you okay? I'm so sorry." He couldn't look her straight in the face, because of the embarrassment. "It's okay, just walk me home." She couldn't share her happiness with him because he was sad and she wanted to just forget about what happened between him and her and that was probably going to take a long time.

The next day

Lelayna did not tell her parents about the bird. She was afraid that they would say she was crazy and send her away. So the next day she went to the market to get some food and to sell some of her pots that she has been selling, that actually makes a lot of money for her family. She sold a lot that day and seemed the day was going perfect.

She wanted to get some bread but she had no money, she had used it to buy all the supplies, and she stood there looking at it. Finally the keeper told her to leave or he would call the guards. She couldn't but want it, so the man yelled for the guards. She heard him, and she started to run, but was stopped as she ran into a heavy medal object, she fell to the ground and looked up to see the most handsome man she had ever seen. He had black, short curly hair and green eyes that would swallow you whole.

"Sorry sir, I didn't mean to." She stayed on the ground until the man held out his hand, "It is my fault fair lady, may I know your name?" Lelayna stood up and straightened herself out. "I'm Lelayna Serene, I'm pleased to meet you kind sir." They looked at each other until the sound of horses galloping came behind her. "That was her officers, she was the one who was trying to steal bread!" She turned to see a night on a horse glaring down at her. Then the night took his eyes to the man behind her. "Your highness what are you doing with filth like this?" 'Who is he talking to?' Lelayna was confused, then she realized that the man she ran into was the prince.

"Take her to my castle, I will decide what to do with her." The knight looked at him in confusion along with Lelayna. "Now!" She looked at him and he smiled lightly to her and Lalayna knew everything was going to be okay. The knight put her on his horse and they road off to the castle. She did not fear the ride she thought that maybe this was her dream coming true.

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