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A Whole Big Pile Of Confusion

Chapter 7

As the prince started to wake, Lelayna sit by him waiting to greet him. "What happened, Lelayna, where are you?" The prince sat up and looked around afraid that he may be alone and she may have never wanted to see him again. As he remembered that what he had done and how awful he was before for some reason not known to him, he was knocked out.

"I'm here, it's okay." She smiled at the prince with her black eye now as dark as the sea that lay behind her.

"I am so sorry, I was so mad and I didn't want to hit you, I don't know what came over me." He watched the ground not able to face the evidence of him being such a jerk.

"It's okay, I'm fine, there is no reason to be so brutal to yourself, it is only a bruise." 'I can't let him go, but what if he does this again?' She was worried by the thought and dared not to touch the black eye. She thought that if she was not to touch it she would not remember and it would go away, but she knew it wouldn't.

"I will make it up to you, I promise." He lightly traced her cheek with the back of his hand and she grabbed afraid that if she let go it might just do more damage. She held it there and felt the warmth that caused her pain, not even an hour ago.

"I know what I shall do." He stood up to make his announcement as the thought struck him.

"I will throw a beautiful ball and everyone will be invited and it will be a masquerade ball, everyone will be dressed up and we will all have masks." He lifted her up and she giggled at the thought and cherished the happiness that he gave her with such thoughts. He held her tight and they started to dance, basking in the moonlight not knowing how they would ever let go.

"What of my family?" she was still wrapped in his arms as they danced in the moonlight, and then she remembered that her parents did not want to come with her to the castle.

"I'm sorry dear, but they refused, they will be coming to the ball and they will see how happy we are and then they will change their mind and I know it." He rested his chin on her head in hailing the smell of her hair.

"You think?" The prince nodded and they danced for about a couple of more hours in silence as she thought of all the good times that were bound to come.

"We should head back, it is beginning to get light and the royal court may be very worried of our whereabouts." The prince stopped the dance and held her at arms length to tell her. She nodded and shortly they began to walk out of the lakes sands and into the cobblestone of the streets.

She heard her shoes clack against the stone and wanted to take them off for they were bothering her feet, but she would not dare, it was un lady like. 'I hate to be lady like, but I guess you go to do what you got to do.' He held her hand tight as they walked towards her house to be taken back in the carriage.

'Should I go say good bye to my parents, they might not be happy to see me.' Lelayna thought as they walked back to her house. She was saddened by the fact that she didn't even get close to the house before the beautiful horse galloped towards her and the carriage was heard clanking on the cobblestone.

"Here is our carriage my lady, please step in." The prince opened the door for her and waved his arm in welcoming her into the beautiful satin room. The walls were covered in white flowers and the seats were cushioned with feathers. She sat upon the beautiful white satin seats as the prince followed her in. He sat beside her and held tight to her hand.

As they began to ride toward to the palace, Lelayna looked out the window and starred at the life she used to have and suddenly her heart started to break.

'I can't believe I'm leaving so much behind, I'll miss my family.' She wouldn't admit to the one person she loved, and would miss the most. Then for a split second she saw him, as he looked at some bread from the market. She felt as she would jump from the carriage that second and run to him, but she knew that he didn't deserve her and that he wanted to hurt her, but still she felt something ping as she saw him look up at her.

'Why does he do this to me? He does not deserve me, and I most definitely do not love him, the goddess was wrong.' As she finished that thought a breeze flew through the window. 'No I wasn't.' She swore she heard the wind speak, she waved it off and turned her head back to face the prince.

She knew that if she saw another minute of her past life she would jump from the window. 'This is where I belong, among the prince and his family, not with such people as peasants.' She comforted herself and told herself that she loved her new life, of course she questioned this many times but the thought of royalty always barely won the argument.

"Promise me that you will not see him again." The prince looked at Lelayna with the eyes of jealousy, she was a little scared of his eyes that seemed to be on fire.

"What?" She was baffled by the question at first, then she thought back to the beach.

"Promise you will not see that boy, Darren." He said that with total disgust in his mouth. "I will not see him again." She nodded in agreement, not knowing that those words were going to be broken very soon.

The rest of the carriage ride was spent with her head on his chest as she felt the slight bumps of the cobble stone and felt the breaking of her heart and the healing of it as she looked up into his sweet eyes. It was as if she was moving two steps back and one step forward. She felt that she should be with the prince, but the hurt of her leaving was slightly hurting her more. Of course she did not realize that. Not until the night of the masquerade ball.

"When will this beautiful ball you speak of, take place?" She removed her head from his chest so she could look at his eyes as he answered the question. "I will throw it tomorrow night and all will be invited.", he said with great pride in his voice. "Will it not take a long time for the ball to be ready?" He shook his head. "we need it a lot of things and all the people we need to come are pretty much easy to get in contact with." She smiled and rested her head on his shoulder as they came to a stop in front of the castle. Her new home.

"Hello your highness." She was greeted by the guard as she stepped out of the carriage, slightly holding the hand of the soft, perfect clean hands of the prince.

"Hello," she said this as she stepped out of the carriage and landed her feet on the floor. The prince hooked arms with her and they walked towards the castle. She looked up at the soon to be decorated, stone walls, and it gave her a shutter.

She never took her eyes off the one thing that stuck out, her balcony. She wanted to climb up it and hang off the sides or scream at the top of her lungs, for the fun of it. She would probably be looked at funny and be kicked out.

"Inform the servants that there will be a dance the night of tomorrow and we will have food for the whole town and have drinks too. Well get to it." He shooed the knight off to tell the servants as he walked up the steps of the castle. He noticed his princess was not with him and saw her standing looking up at the castle.

"Shall we go in?" He asked, but she didn't budge, she just looked and then finally lowered her head.

"I have to do something, please leave me." He turned to walk into the castle as she went around to the back and into the stables.

"I can't believe I'm doing this.' She was riding the beautiful black stallion, the one with no name, and she loved every minute of it. 'I feel so free.' It was like riding on a cloud, she felt as all things were right and she only cared about one thing, her life.

The horse was wild and would gallop and kick but after a while it settled feeling the comfort of the girl pet him on the neck. "It's okay, now let me ride you." She said this as she mounted him and he slightly trotted around. The girl gave the horse a slight nudge with her foot and they were moving at the speed of light. She was gripping hard as she felt the wind almost knock her off, so she got closer to the horse and she felt connected to the beautiful animal, she felt the beat of it's heart, she knew his life and his dreams, she knew so much because they had the same spirit.

They galloped over to the forest ready to face the thick brush and any that came there way, but the only thing that she couldn't handle, of course, was there.

He was watching her from behind a bush, not in the way stalker does, he was not following her, he came to kill the prince's bear and take it back to his family, he did not plan to see her. Darren stood there in shock as he took in all her beauty, the look of her hair flowing and flying behind her like a living cape of curly raven black hair.

'Why do I feel as if I am being watched?' Lelayna was begging to feel weird as if she wasn't alone. CRACK ! The horse was scarred and it began to kick again. Lelayna was so scarred that she left the connection with the horse and she immediately fell off. She felt a twist in her ankle, as she fell hard on her ankle and it cracked at the pressure. "Ahhh." She felt the pain and sat up. The horse was no where in sight as it galloped off into the woods.

"Help, anybody there, please help me!" She could not stand, she barely could move and it was only around six o'clock in the morning, she was sure no one would be there. She wished she was right.

"Lelayna, are you okay?" She heard a way to familiar voice. She looked up and saw the most beautiful eyes as they looked down at her filled with worry.

"Did you break something?" Darren kneeled down near to her and took her ankle in his hand.

"Please, leave I do not wish to see you ever again." Her voice was sharp and she never looked at him.

"I'm only helping, now be quiet before I must gag you."

She had never heard him talk like this to her, he had never threatened her. 'I have to be mean she cannot be in love with me, be distant and cold, Darren be strong.' He trained himself to be cold and distant, but he knew that it sounded better when he wasn't actually in her presence.

"How dare you speak to me like that, now remove yourself from my presence, before I kick you really hard." 'Oh that was mature, why was he such a jerk?' What scared her more was that she liked it, him being all assertive.

"You'd rather me leave you and a crazed lunatic come and have his way with you? I don't think that would be good for your ankle." 'I hate doing this, but I must, I have to hate her.'

"Darren you are such a fast witted pontificating foot licker." That was a mouthful. As Darren ripped a bit of his shirt off, letting Lelayna look at the bicep that was formed after years of farm work and lifting heavy things.

"See anything you like?" Lelayna blushed as she noticed she was caught staring at the perfectly, not too big, but definitely there, muscle. She looked at him and he still had his head turned looking at her ankle.

"No of course not." She said this with not much argument in it and he noticed.

"I guess I'll take that as a yes." He said this with little pleasure in his voice, and the pleasure he had was only him trying to be a jerk. It worked but it was back firing on him. She wanted him even more.

"Darren, I am not allowed to see you again. I don't want to hate you when I have to say good bye, so just be the nice guy I know and no more of this act you are putting, I know this isn't you, and I'm still confused why you would threaten my life." He was shocked as she laid it all out and told him straight out what she felt, another thing that caught his attention was her not being able to see her again.

"What are you talking about not being able to see me again?" He never let his eyes leave the ankle as a little tear fell from his eye and stain the clothe around her ankle.

"I'm sorry, I promised the prince that…" She never finished her sentence. She was caught off guard as she caught him looking straight at her for the first time since they met that day. 'What the hell is going on here?' Lelayna was very confused by her feelings for him.

"I'm sorry Lelayna." He got way too close for her comfort and before she knew it, she had her lips pressed against his. 'I'm not going to stop this time, I can't not see her again, this is my last chance to get her back.' His plan was working she was so lost and all she wanted was to be there forever.

"Stop…Please." She managed to get out as he lifted himself from her, as she was now on the floor. Her body was being poked by so many leaves, but she didn't care, she was kissing a guy who would kill her, she can't do this.

"Lelayna please don't do this, I love you and you love me, why can't you let this happen?" He was getting pissed off now and he stood up and stood far away from her.

"You have to make up your mind and you can get back to me." Even though in reality he was the one that wanted to make up his mind. did he want to save her, or her safety more.

He walked out of the forest and she knew she wouldn't see him again, and of course she was completely wrong.

"What is wrong with me? Why can't I just get over him, he threatened to kill me, why is this happening to me?" She held her face in her hands and colored her hand with the makeup she was covered in earlier by the women who stripped her and washed her. She knew that she loved both of them. Darren was able to kill her and the prince hit her. What was she going to do? She wanted to die or run away and never live this life and forget about this forsaken life.

"Princess, are you okay?" Now that name sickened, didn't they know her name, oh wait did they?

She looked up and the guard who had brought this life was standing beside her, and all she wanted to do was punch the hell out of him.

"Why did you do this to me?" He was confused at her question and a little more than surprised when she got up and punched him.

"Why the hell did you to this to me? Damn you, you bastard!" She was yelling at him as she got into his face and he was still shocked by the reaction to his question.

"I'm sorry, but I think it was a yes or no question."

She broke down into tears as he stood there and she punched him with no more strength in her arms to pick up a glass.

"Why did this happen to me?" she stopped her punches as he wrapped his arms around her. She let herself go and fell into his arms.

"What is displeasing a beautiful girl like you?" He held her softly in his strong arms. She looked up at his perfect green eyes and found herself staring.

"I'm sorry, it's just I want to be alone right now and I have a lot to think of so please…" She didn't finish her sentence as he wiped her bangs from her face and wiped away her tears.

"Shhh, you have been through a lot and you should not speak." He smiled down at her. "Oh my gosh what happened to your ankle?" He looked down at her ankle and was startled to see she was standing on a clearly injured ankle.

"Oh my ankle got twisted, it's funny I don't feel…whoa." He lifted her up in his arms and carried her back into the open area.

"I must get you to the infirmary, you must get attention." She smiled at him for worrying so much. "I'm fine I don't feel a thing, I guess it healed up." 'I wonder how?' She didn't know how, she only got around an hour ago. But he seemed to ignore and carry her in his arms.

"You can put me down now." She didn't really want him to put her down, it felt nice and warm in his arms, but she was already in love with two other guys and she didn't need another one.

"I'm sorry my lady, it's nice to be caring a beautiful women like yourself once in a while." 'Oh no, what is wrong with men these days, are they blind or something, I didn't think I was that pretty, nah they must be blind.'

"I'm sorry, I can't…" Before she could finish he kissed her. As soon as the kiss was started it stopped with shame covering both their faces.

"I'm so sorry my lady, I couldn't help myself, you are so beautiful." He kissed her hand with a smile on his face. He didn't see the fist coming at his face. He soon regretted what he said to her.

"You know I'm not just some doll, that you can kiss, I'm not only beauty, hell I'm not even that so if you'll excuse me, I'm leaving now! Good day sir." she stomped away from the shocked guard and almost went back for another round when she heard him laugh.

'She will be mine, and I guarantee it, I love that girl.' Of course the guard was crazy and he probably been hit on the head with a mace too many times, but the girl couldn't stop thinking about the kiss, along with the two other guys who kissed her that day, but the one that stuck out was Darren's.

She couldn't help but think of the fact he is the only one who knows her truly, along with her name, and he was the only one who can't stop making her feel lifted up in the air and she lost that. Or so she thought. She remembered that today was his birthday, what a nice birthday present.

With Darren At The Lake

"Why won't she just let me go, why can't I let her go?" He picked up a rock and flung across the ocean, as it hit the water he heard a yelp of pain.

"Who's there? Hello?" He walked over to a near by bush and pulled back the reeds to see a beautiful dove to be caught in a trap.

"How did you get there? Let me get you out." He leaned next to the bird and it looked at him with wide eyes. Darren lightly held the bird's leg. He broke the trap around the bird's leg and let it free.

"You may go now, you are free." The bird stood staring at the boy.

"If your not going, I will." He turned to walk away when he felt a light tap on his shoulder.

He turned to see the bird had landed on his shoulder and stood strong ready to be swiped off, but he wouldn't do that. "You want to come home with me? Okay you may stay." The bird seemed to be smiling at this. Darren smiled right back and led it to his house.

"Where would you like to stay, I know you can stay in the tree in the back, you don't belong in a cage." He held her to one of the branches and it lifted off his finger to the highest branch. It was glowing in the sunlight and it lightly cooed at Darren. He smiled and walked back into the house to ready his dinner.

After Darren had eaten that night he sat in his bed just watching the beautiful dove sitting high in the branches. It was so free and had no boundaries it could do anything it wanted. It seemed so calm outside as the bird lightly cooed as it slept. He finally laid his head down and went to sleep to dream of only one thing, her.

He didn't know as he slept there was a big rain storm, that for some strange odd reason only happened in his backyard, it was also strange that it made no sound as it hit the ground. Then as it stopped raining and the rain left a huge puddle which a very handsome man walked through.

"Lelayna, what are you doing here?" The bird was awoken by the voice.

"What are you thinking, Darren, you are going to wake the boy?" The man who she had spoken to earlier was standing in front of her. She flew down to the man changing to her female form and walking over to the man.

"What am I thinking, you are the one that is watching the boy, and don't think that I don't know what you are doing here." He scolded her, but he still had the softness in his voice.

"I can't just sit there and let them suffer like we did, it's not fair." He wrapped her in his arms as she began to spill tears from her eyes.

"I know, I hate it too, but we should not interfere, they told us not to." She began to cry even more when she remembered of all the things that had happened to them.

"Remember what happened to us when they didn't interfere. Maybe if they didn't interfere, we could of lived past..." He shushed her as her voice became louder.

"Do not wake him up. Now please come back with me and do not bother them more." He grabbed her arm and was about to jump into the new puddle when she pulled away.

"I can't these people deserve to live happily and that wont happen unless I help them, you know why I must do this, so let me. I want them to live a better life than us." He nodded and walked up to her and gave her a hug.

"Please be careful, I want them live happily ever after too." He lightly kissed her on the lips and jumped into the puddle. She flew up back into the tree and turned back into a bird, what she didn't realize as she did this Darren was watching and had in fact seen most of the conversation.

At first he didn't believe his eyes, or his ears. 'Me and Lelayna, how can this be what about the prince?' He tried to shake off the horrible feeling that had begun to form in his gut, he knew that him and Lelayna would end in tragedy, but he couldn't leave her.

He dropped back to his cot and stared at the ceiling not knowing what to do. Should he go after her and risk it, or should he eventually go insane and never see her again. He decided to think more of it when he had a talk with the now sleeping dove. Of course he was not able to fall asleep, but he would wait until sun rise for him to confront the goddess.

'Why can't I let her go?' He cursed himself for not being strong enough to let her go, but now he knew he belonged with her and he wouldn't rest until she saw that too. As he looked up at his ceiling and thought of course he didn't know that the newly beautiful princess was doing the same.

Back at the castle

'What am I doing I have my prince, I should not be thinking of such things.' She was now laying in her bed after hours of fittings for her soon to be ball gown. She tossed and turned in her beautiful bed, not knowing why she couldn't sleep. This bed was more comfortable than she had ever dreamed of sleeping in, but she still thought she would trade it all in for her nice cot, that only had a sheet to cover her, but that was not what she missed most.

She missed her family, her mother's smile, her fathers laugh, and him. Darren was the one thing that stuck out in her mind the most. She didn't want him to be in her heart, but the fact was he had taking it. He gave her her first kiss, and she gave him his. She never told him, but before this she knew they would get married, but now that was ruined, by what she thought was her dream.

'I am being silly.' She closed her eyes tight and rolled on her side swearing not to move until she was asleep. Of course that didn't work when she began to get the urge to pee. She quickly stood up and released herself from her covers and walked on her cold stone floor to the chamber pot.

After she relieved herself she quickly climbed back into the mass of comforters. She closed her eyes attempting to sleep again, but she had no luck. She finally gave up as she slipped out of bed and began to put on her slippers. She quietly walked over to her door, and let herself through them.

She lifted her night gown as she descended down the grand stair case. She reached the fifth stair as she decided that there was no one around and she had been wishing to do this ever since she saw the railing to the staircase. So jogged up the few steps she had already past and walked to the top of the railing. "Here it goes." She placed her butt on the round beginning of the wooden railing and she pushed off with her feet, sending her down with the cold breeze flying through her hair.

"Woo Hoo!" She couldn't help but let out a cry of fun when she was mid way to the bottom. She had craved this for a long time, and it gave her a rush, it was an adventure, it made her feel more a live than she had ever in this cold castle.

As she reached the bottom she lightly placed her feet on the stone and began to walk towards the back where the prince had given her a garden of roses. She passed the kitchen and as she did she felt two eyes watching her, but she quickly walked it off as she saw the beautiful moon accompanied by the even more beautiful stars.

She worried for her slippers for they may get dirty on the wet grass, but she couldn't help but take the risk. She lightly stepped onto the dewy grass and as she felt the cold seep through the silk of the slippers, she thought it best if she take them off. So she slipped them off her dainty feet and began to run onto the beautiful green grass.

The roses looked beautiful with the light shine of dew on their petals. She fought with herself not sure if she should pick one or not, she knew that the prince would not be happy if he found out that she did. She just couldn't help herself, she traced the petals of what seemed like the perfect rose and held it between her fingers as she sharply plucked it from it's home.

She held it up to the moon light realizing it looked even beautiful than before. It was free from it's roots and in the moon light it seemed to bloom from a bud to full grown rose, the petals seemed to reach to the moon craving to reach the impossible.

She held it in the palm of her hand and soon she placed it in her wave of black curls. It stuck there as she began to run to the top of the tallest hill in the grassy range she now called her back yard.

She breathed in the cold air letting it rush all over her. She held her hands above her head and began to spin around waiting for her surroundings to become a blur and for her to fall to the ground. She did that after must of been five minutes of fast spinning. She landed with a plop onto the soft wet grass.

She looked up at the moon which seemed to be spinning relentlessly, as did the thoughts in her mind. she smiled up at the moon, as she raised her hand as she traced it with her index finger, pretending to touch it.

"Well shouldn't you be asleep your highness?" She sat up at the sound of the voice of the knight she had met earlier that day. She pushed herself up, still just a little woozy.

"It is not your purpose to tell me when, or when I do not go to sleep, fair knight." She stuck up her nose walking away from the castle and down the opposite side of the hill.

"Excuse me fair lady, I was only concerned." She turned to see him bow to her. "My apologies." She smiled.

"I may forgive you, and what are you doing out here this late?" He began to get closer to the princess as she began to realize how handsome he was.

"Well, what seemed to be a princess gone mad decided to yell out woo hoo, in the middle of the night." She began to blush at the thought of him waking up to what he must of thought was an insane person.

"I'm very sorry." He shook his head. "No need for your apologies. I could not sleep anyway, for I was kept awaken by the thought of one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen." He gently grabbed her hand and placed his lips on her skin. She ripped it away as she filled with anger as she realized what he was doing. "I would appreciate if you would keep yourself in check as I am marrying your king." Another bow followed.

"Apologies again my beauty." But he did not seem to care that he had offended her. He thought maybe she was playing hard to get.

"I am not YOUR beauty thank you vary much. Now leave my presence." She turned away from him, and plopped down at the top of the hill. hoping to hear the footsteps become quieter. A sign he was leaving. but instead they became louder and louder a warning like that of a snakes rattler.

"I am truly sorry, I only meant that you are a beauty to the world but if that doesn't include me I am sorry." He said with such a sly smirk on his face. His brown hair falling into his green eyes.

She held her eyes to the sky, not wanting to watch any new person that may be sitting next to her. His skin brushing hers was enough to give her chills. But of course it was so cold outside. She moved around in her huge coat she had slept with.

He sat there in the same position she sat in a little while ago before he caught her attention. Now she settled the corner of her eye on him, blurred, but still his handsome features were not hidden by her blurry vision.

"If you want to stare you might want to turn your head towards me. You might hurt your eyes that way." He still had his eyes. Was he that of a witch one she had seen so many times burnt at the stake in the square.

She shook at the thought of the shrieks she heard so loud she felt them. Raising bumps on her arms. Only to be erased by the comfort of ...

She stopped the thought without warning. 'Wow, no matter what I am thinking of it always ended with him.' She thought flustered. 'Now if that is not a sign, what is?'

The thought raised in her as if it was planted there. though it seemed it was her mind's voice who had said she still felt as if it was put there.

"I was not looking at you thank you very much." she fell back now not able to look at him. He still sat straight up, was he still watching the sky.

"The night is so beautiful and mysterious, don't you think?" The question startled her, was he actually asking her opinion on something.

"On the contrary I think it is the most revealing thing, comfortable with it's appearance hiding nothing." Her answer surprised herself even more. She had actually given an opinion to this pompous man.

"How is that?" He turned his head to look down at her, but she quickly glanced away.

"Am I that ugly?" He was filled surprises. She sat up in shock. He had spoke against his looks.

"I did not mean that at all." Now she felt bad. Now he was smiling and she wasn't looking at it in the corner of her eye, but full on. Dangerous.

"I know." He smiled as she realized his plan to catch her in his eyes.

"So please explain your theory." The knight spoke.

"Well it is the only thing we can really see clearly, because it surrounds us. It may hide many things but it does not hide anything about itself. It also gives us the moon and the stars to watch, protecting us." She said in an amazed voice.

"How do you know the moon and the stars aren't distractions, from the night. Something that takes your eyes off it's true intent." By the end of his sentence she knew he had stopped talking about the night that surrounded them.

Case in point was the lips that caressed hers and the fact that she had not stopped them.

So many things whirled in her mind. Every thought in her head brought out. Hitting her like a brick, things she never thought about hit her, things became clear.

She fell back from the push of the headache she was getting. "Are you okay?" He asked only to be surprised by another attack of her kiss. She needed to know more.

Her feelings for people were known in her mind. She sat up parting them, before she would even go to the feelings she felt for that boy she knew now only as a peasant.

The thought brought an angry wind. blowing them both together again in a kiss. Lelayna knew it had to be her creator making her realize what she felt. But she wouldn't even think about it and instead pulled herself apart from the revealing lips.

She ran down the hill, being pushed by the wind but she simply just pushed through it until she met the castle running inside. Closing the door, and letting out a sigh. "Damn you wind goddess." She said in a sacrilegious prayer.

She felt the hairs on her neck rise as she raised her head to see Marlina looking at shocked eyes. "My lady if I was insane I could blame what I saw in a illusion, but of course I am not, so why were you kissing a knight?" Marlina asked in a whisper, good she wasn't a loud mouth.

"I will tell you in the morning, now please return to sleep we have a big day tomorrow." Lelayna smiled and kissed the dirty cheek of the girl and quickly walked past her and up to her room where she fell asleep, well that was until she woke up to someone in her room.