The Family

This is my second fic that I've started. I didn't finish the other one, Getting Over Mr. Jacob Frazier, because I never planned to get past what I've already written. Actually, that's pretty much true for this one too considering I have no where for this to go. But I've decided to put all the fics that I've written over the years up, and depending on whether anyone R&R and likes them will I update. Much love. *Aubrey*

Dear Diary,

Mr. Turner's class isn't exactly the most interesting of my classes. His droning monotone voice and boring explanations make the two-hour class feel like four. But nevertheless it is my favorite class. For one, as long as you get down all the notes and are present for the tests he rally doesn't care what you do while you're in there. Most people catch up on their sleep. Even I don't listen to him. While he is the professor, I've found a whole new topic and teacher sitting in the second row. Ben Bailey. He's the professor of hot looks and great personality, and he teaches how to be the man of my dreams. Jesus, reading that sentence over and I feel like I'm 16 again. But even though deep down inside I know we're meant for each other I also know I'll never have a chance at him, even just as a friend. We won't get past the hello's we give each other in the halls when we walk by. Ben is a jock, and I, well I'm not even in his line of vision.

- Sarah

Sarah smiled as she closed her old diary. If she had known how things would've turned out she would have warmed up to Ben much earlier.

That same week Mr. Turner had put students into groups to work on a project. Sarah was paired with Thomas Isley, Jessica Copper, and Ben Bailey.

At first she was shy and quiet, but as they started to work on the project she opened up and became a leader. And as she did she started to have second thoughts about Ben.

He flirted with Jessica, who was beautiful, and goofed off. Sarah put up with it for two weeks until one day when he was being overly obnoxious. Ben started play fighting with Jessica and pushed her to the floor. She hit the leg of the table and sent Sarah's coffee all over the table, covering their research, then over the side onto her skirt.

Jessica sat there and laughed while Ben just looked at Sarah, along with the rest of the class.

Sarah threw her books down and ran out of the room before everyone saw her face go beet red. She went and sat on a bench outside the library.
She wanted to smash something and cry at the same time. She had liked Ben so much and he has turned out to be a jerk that only liked blonds with huge tits.
Sarah heard the door behind her open and figured Thomas had come after her.

"Go back inside Tom, I'll be right there." She said with her back to
the person. But the person who sat down next to her wasn't Tom. It was Ben.

"Can't you just leave me alone?" she asked looking in the other direction.
"I'm really sorry, are you ok? " he asked. Sarah looked back to him, he really did seem sorry. 'Does that make it any better?' she asked herself.
"Yeah, I'm fine," she answered, "Go back inside." But Ben didn't move.
"Look, the reason I've been acting like such a jackass is because." Ben looked down, a little embarrassed, and then back up to Sarah. "It's because I like you."

Sarah's heart totally stopped.
" What ?" she asked, not sure if she had heard what he really said or if her mind had just made that up for her.

"Yeah, well it's amazing how cute you look up there in class when you're reading a book. And then there's the way you twirl your hair in your fingers when you're really into what you're reading." Ben said with a smile.
Sarah was shocked to say the least. When had he been watching her? Wouldn't she have noticed? Apparently she hadn't. Had he noticed her watching her?! She felt her face start to go red.

"So why have you been flirting with Jessica?" She asked him when she got her voice back.
Ben looked down again. "I dunno, I thought maybe if I flirted with Jess you'd see how nice and approachable I really am. Guess it didn't' work, " he said looking back to her, "But you seem to wrapped up in the class to ever notice me on your own."

Sarah didn't say anything. To wrapped up in class?! She could hardly stay awake in there, and when she was she was slipping glances at him.
"You probably think I'm the biggest jerk.I guess I can't blame you. And I don't suppose you'd let me make this up to you either." Ben continued after getting no remark from Sarah. He looked at her, hoping she'd say yes, yet again she didn't say anything.
"I didn't think so," he said getting up.

'OH MY GOD ! He's so hot, and he's asking me to let him make it up to me.' Sarah thought. She grabbed his hand. " I'd love to." She said.
He smiled, she melted.
"Great, how about tonight?" he asked sitting back down.
"Um..sure." she answered.
" Can you meet me outside 'The Family' around seven?" Ben asked while hoping she had no plans, and no boyfriend.
"Yeah, sounds great." Sarah answered.

Ben smiled again, and for a moment they sat there just looking at each other. Suddenly Sarah felt really shy and looked away. He leaned over slightly and she blushed. When he took her hand the rest of her blushed.
"I guess we should go back inside." Ben said.
"Yeah," she agreed.

Ben held her hand as they walked into the school, then into the classroom. No one noticed them come in except for Jessica. She narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms. Sarah couldn't help but smile. When they go the table, Ben moved his chair next to Sarah's.
"So, where do we start?" he asked.
The rest of the day went smoothly. Sarah noticed how she acted so shy, and how Ben suddenly became so interested.

That night, after trying on five different outfits, Sarah met Ben at 'The Family.' The line outside was a mile long, like usual, but they had no problems getting in.
"Did you make reservations?" Sarah asked him with a smile.
"No, no!" Ben laughed, "My father owns the place."
Sarah was shocked.
"Wow," she said impressed. Ben smiled and led them to a table near the back. It had a window and a beautiful view of the lake behind them. On the table was a sign that read "Reserved for Future Owner.'

"My dad plans on giving me the place," Ben explained as they sat down.
"You don't sound to happy about that, " Sarah said
"Well it wasn't like I asked for the place, " he said, "Running a restaurant wasn't in my future plans."
"I think it would be fun," Sarah commented.
Ben smiled and took her hand from across the table.
"Well if you like it, then I can deal with it." He said. Sarah felt her cheeks go red.

The rest of the night they talked and Sarah found out that Ben was all she had dreamed him to be. She found that he really wanted to open his own restaurant and take on his father, and that his last relationship has ended because she cheated on him, and that he had liked her for four months but had been to shy to talk to her.
"I didn't think I had a chance," Ben said, " I thought you liked the kind of guys who had an idea what they wanted in life and not some stupid jock."
After hearing that Sarah had to tell him how she felt.
"I thought I had no chance. I thought you liked blonds in tiny skirts and girls who'd give it up on the first night," she admitted to him. " I thought that you didn't even know I existed."

After the date Ben drove Sarah home and walked her to her door.
"I had a really good time tonight," he said as he played with her fingers, "Can we do it again?"
"Sure," Sarah said, because that was all she could manage to get out.

"When?" he asked, looking anxious.
" about this Friday?" Sarah said as she planned to cancel all her appointments.
"Great," Ben said. He leaned forward and kissed her cheeks, then slowly moved to her lips. It wasn't a French-kiss, but it was long and warm. When he pulled away he looked satisfied. He let her hand go and walked down the steps.
"Goodnight," he said as he disappeared into the darkness.

Sarah went inside and as soon as she closed the door she fell the to floor. She felt to happy, she wanted to sing. Sarah smiled as she remembered. The next date led to the next and another and another. After a while she and Ben became a couple, then went serious.
They were four years and counting.

WHA-LA. So that's the story I started on in my freshman year, and now being a senior haven't worked on it at all. If you have any ideas as to where this should go PLEASE let me know. It can be a happy ending, or a not so happy ending. Whatever. PLEASE HELP. Thanx.

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