The soreness in my heart is gone
A chill wind passes through my mind
Can't you hear the winter wind
The icy breeze that calms my fear
Can't you hear the wolves howl out
Underneath a bright full moon

Tear drops falling to the sand
Ocean waves they crash the land
Hear my song, it's like a prayer
It holds me down to my chair
Deep along the Irish coast
I push the sea gulls, push the boat
Deep upon the shoes of my land
My heart soars in the sky
My feet they're buried in the sand

My mind is empty, it houses ghosts
They moan and howl and all cry out
When they rattle their chains
I feel my bones
I can feel them crawling in my toes
The sound of crickets in my ear
I smell the wax I fear
the candles time is drawing near

Oh great white wolf
You howl so deep
It's sound is like a moan
All tears past have all grown
Now they wish to leave their home

Scattered upon a winters breeze
I fly without my full grown wings
I am a butterfly out too late
And now I tempt my fate
Now as you read these words aloud
I shall tell you what I've found
Before your soul has grown too still
Send it to soar off a cliff
Let it spread it's wings and find
That all mysteries are blind