Cold, deep, dark fettered flesh
Heart of pieces, pain and pleasure
Parts of soul unhinged, endangered
Touching ground and deep deaths door
Flesh and fingers touching depth
Immoral chance of sudden sound
Touch of senses, sip of food
Bleak, barren basket of empty lies
Savor softly the entrenched thought
Fluttering, floundering on broken wings
Sound of happy, dark, bleak binds
Hindered, helpless, trapped
By mortal bounds
Senseless flesh of timeless passion
Blood, bone, body, all reconnoited
Dark unleashing of barren soul
Dark desire of fleshy moor
Blackened sea of deep, dark birds
Flutter softly, sighing, seeping
Creaking bones of floors unfettered
Call the crying children weeping
Time betwixed of fiery feelings
Swept across towards deep desire
Of this deep, dark, fettered flesh