Got no rhythm, got no life

Ain't got no rhythm

Nor any stock in life

Got no rhythm

And I lost my soul

Got no rhythm

Hey! That devil's on a roll.

Tonight, I say it's one o'clock

Got a bottle in one hand

And got a cross of chalk

Soon I'll be one of the damned

So ain't got no rhythm

Sorry, ain't got no strife.

Down in the nowhere

Crossroads they at my feet

It surely is an omen, man

Of when God and angles meet.

For I ain't got no green bottle

And that cross has fled

To the river bottom - may it be dead.

Got no rhythm

That led me here

Ain't got no rhythm

To take me there

To the crossroad station

Open nearer to two

Ain't found my ticket

Can't find the brew.

In the blazing backdrop

I see my ticket flare

Ain't got no rhythm

Ain't got no where

I gave my ticket

To the blackest face

Ain't got my ticket

Ain't savin' grace.

Don't know what happened

And I sold my soul

Don't know nothin' 'bout it

Hey! That devil's got my soul

So I've got the rhythm

But ain't got no life

But I got the womens

And they's a givin me strife.