Drydan stirred. A searing pain between his shoulder blades stopped him from rising. He vaguely remembered a chase and fire but the rest was a complete blank. He felt cold iron around his ankles. Looking down he could see he had been shackled to the wall behind him. He cursed the gods of Luck as he realised he had been captured by the King's guards.
He clutched the thin cord necklace around his neck, praying to Lucher that Clira, his magical partner, would hear him and help him to escape.
Drydan was a Tree Fae. A race dwindling in number and fighting simply to stay alive, they lived wherever they could and were shunned wherever they went. The last of the Faes who possessed Magic meant he and his kind were feared by those humans that had none and therefore were considered dangerous, to be killed upon sight.
Living this life meant that Tree Faes had to be strong. Drydan was no exception. Standing at 6'8 tall and having the dark, mysterious eyes and pale features of his kind meant he was easily spotted. He had mastered every style of hand to hand combat known to humans, as well as some so complicated that only those of his race could excel in them. He was skilled with a blade and bow and a master horseman, even by his races standards.
All these qualities made him a fearsome opponent to all but the best of his kind.
He also had a deep sense of the Magic around him. He could create magical shields out of the ground below his feet and call for help wherever there was earth or air to carry his plea.
Knowing this, the guards had put him in a cell made completely from concrete, without windows and only a small piece of glass in the door through which they could watch him. They didn't think, however, to remove his necklace from him and it was through this that Clira heard him.
A blue ray of light came from the shell on his necklace in reply.
Smiling to himself Drydan felt for his blade, cursing when he could not find it. He began to Summon all of the magic he could to his hands, holding the small shell between them to give him focus. He hoped Clira was Summoning whilst tracking him as they would need her magic most of all to escape.
Two eyes appeared at the glass in the door. Quickly closing his eyes and hiding his hands behind his back, Drydan lay close to the floor. A grunt from the guard told Drydan he had been successfully fooled and he sat back up to continue the Summoning.