A/N: YES! I have felt so bad lately cuz I havent been able to write, so at
like 2 this morning I suddenly had a thought, and made this. I dunno how
good it really is but it feels soooo incredibly good to write again.

Love's Tune

Strumming on my heartstrings
Making soothing discordant music
Of Love and its chaotic followings
Pouring song into the hollow heart

Your pulse keeping rhythm
With our melodic screaming
We strain our ears
For the lyrics lingering

In lustful, loving motions
'I love you's mixed with moans
Sobs and laughter
Laughter . . .

The harmony line in Cupid's cacophony
Playing beneath the reality
Under the 'fuck off's and tears
The music playing simultaneously

And without end in lovers' minds
The treble of wings, the bass of fear
Highs and lows, flats and sharps
To the beat of their harmonious heart