Chapter 2

The star was dancing around the sky, spiraling around. It was a bright yellow light, with little tiny, slow pulses every 30 seconds or so. I was starting to get freaked out by that.
"Master! Come look! The star is moving." I screamed over to him from the top of the swings.
So he came under my swing, and looked up. He opened his mouth so wide I could fit a watermelon into his mouth.
"Holy shit. He is right," he said.
Then everyone started crowding around Andrew. Looking, pointing, and staring at it with awe. This was the most incredible thing I have ever seen, and since so many of the people who thought I was crazy with the aliens were around, I could not be proven wrong this time.
"Wow, oh my god. Eric is actually right," Shannon said, breaking the silence.
"It's ok. You were just believing in what you thought was right. At least you have the courage to admit that you were wrong unlike some people," I replied staring straight at Chloe.
"Oh my god, all of you are crazy, this isn't real. It's probably just a plane or something. There are no such things as aliens or UFOs," Chloe snapped back at me.
Her saying that really pissed me off. I can bottle up rage very well, but this was it.
"Oh your god! The damn UFO is right there in front of you. Everyone sees it. Just because its not in your blasted bible that says that aliens are real, doesn't make it so. Your god is fake! Damn you are a stupid ignorant chink!" I screamed at her, at the top of my lungs. I got so angry at her ignorance that I almost lost my balance.
"Oh yeah, you're a chink too, so shut up!"
"A Waaa?! How am I a Pedifile?"
"Do I have to go over this again, and again, and again?"
"You know what, just shut the fuck up. You. you. your stupid, and a chink, and your never going to get a girlfriend, and your going to be alone for the rest of your life," Chloe yelled back.
"Well if that's my destiny, so be it. At least I serve a greater purpose in life," I countered back.
"Guys both of you shut up! I've had enough of you two fighting. So shut up," Alysser screamed at both of us.
"Yeah seriously guys, it's getting really annoying," Shannon said gently.
"Ummm. guys. is it just me or is it getting closer?" Andrew said.
So everyone looked up at it. The shiny ball of light was going around in circles in the sky, going through smaller and smaller circles, kind of like going down a toilet. While that it was getting bigger and brighter.
Most of us were just silent, and taking in the moment. The silence was only broken by Chloe's talk of disbelief, and annoyance. None of us were paying attention to her though, my elf ears just picked it up. We kept staring at it for what seemed like eons until at one point, we noticed that it stopped moving, it got to the bottom of the flushing toilet.
The light was huge. It was bigger than the sun, easily blocking it out if it moved in front of the sun, and much brighter as well. I had absolutely no depth perception at this point. It was just light. There was no beginning or end, just a source. It could have been a bajillion miles away for all I know, or right in front of my face, and I still wouldn't notice how far away it was. It was so bright, yet it was not blinding, I could open my eyes completely without the light bothering me, how strange.
We all just kept staring at it. It was hypnotizing. There was no possible way of not looking at it. Then my mind started to wander away from the UFO. Brainwashes that I implemented on myself were starting to kick in. I did these brainwash sequences as backup to make my will power against an alien psychological takeover harder. I took out my cell phone and looked at the reception, nothing, service was all out. Then I stopped thinking all together. If the aliens could read my mind, then they should not be able to know what I am planning in my head.
Then all of a sudden, the light went away. All of it just vanished. In its place, there came a giant, shiny, sleek, silver, disk shaped UFO. It was like in my crazy alien dreams. The UFO had to be at least 500 feet above us, and maybe 2000 feet wide. On the top was a silver dome, it seemed like glass, but it wasn't. On the bottom, there were 4 circle formations of blue lights.
We were all in awe. I got off the top of the swing, by shifting my legs off the pole, then dangle with my arms, reach over to one of the poles connected to the floor, wrapped my feet around loosely, then let go, and grab on, and leg go, and grab on to the pole to make a quick descent. I moved closer to Andrew, as his protector, even though he saves me most of the time and as part of a brainwash, I had to make sure he was not harmed. Then I heard quick footsteps. Vito started to run out of the park.
"Come on, let's get out of here!" He screamed at the top of his lungs.
I didn't know what happened, but my legs just began moving with him. I ran towards the fence and started to climb over it, it was a much faster route than going around to the entrance. Andrew followed me, while everyone else ran the long way for the entrance. We all met up at the big black garbage cans used as our end zone. Then we all ran together past the parking lot and into the street. When we got back to the bench just outside our court I gave orders to everyone.
"Ok I want everyone to go back to their houses and get food, supplies, clothes, and things that hurt. Shannon goes with Andrew, Alyssa with Eric, Bitch, with Vito and Alysser. Go go go! Move it people! ASAP!" I ordered them.
"Wait why do we have to listen to you?" Chloe screamed, questioning my authority.
"You know why slut? Because I planned for this, all of the escape plans for a preemptive alien strike before 2012 was planned for. I'm working by the book. Now I don't really care if you live, right now I'm just using you to get supplies and stuff so Andrew can live. You are expendable!" I yelled back.
"This is no time to argue, just do whatever, and get ready. This could be really bad," Andrew told everyone.
With that, we all went to our designated posts and did what was instructed of us. I ran quickly to my door, jammed the key in the lock, turned and rammed open the door. Alyssa followed right behind me. Then we jetted up the stairs and started to collect supplies.