Chapter 47 Live for the One, Die for the One

I hopped over everything, with some magical super human strength and stamina. You can't die if you have a destiny, so you're not dead yet Andrew, not dead. No precious Master. Gollum is loyal to Masters, yesss. I kept running and firing at anything that moved. I found my way into a clearing in the woods, no trees, no bushes, no grass. But the outlining trees grew so high and thick, it provided a nice little cover from the rain. I stood in the middle of it, when 4 chupacabras jumped out from the other side of the clearing. These were big, about 6 or 7 feet tall, depending on which individual one. They looked proportionally like the smaller ones, with talons and teeth, but they look like they were on steroids with their huge muscles.
"Out of my bloody way now you dirty whore things!" I yelled, feeling the vein on my forehead and in my neck just pop. They growled at me. "GRRRAAAHHH!" I yelled back, firing away at them now. I streamed my bullets from left to right at them, just holding full auto at them. The one on the left sprawled on the floor, bleeding heavily, but the other jumped high up into the air avoiding my fire. I shifted fire into the sky, directly over me. This isn't going to work. I dropped my gun, and took out my katana. The 3 of them fell around me, surrounding me, and began trying to slash me with their huge talons. I ducked, and rolled out of their trap. Then I got up, while spinning on one leg, swinging a backhand slash with my katana at one of the chupacabras. It hit it right on the neck, between 2 long protruding spikes on its back. It gave out a horridly loud, ear splitting screech, as green blood spurt out of the wound. I slid out my blade, and it fell to the floor twitching uncontrollably. Then plasma began filling the air around me. Damnit, you just have to interrupt our battle. One of the other chupacabras pounced at me, but I spun to the side, and vertically stabbed in the neck, as it landed on the floor. It too let out an ear splitting screech as it died. The Force is with you on this one. Interesting. Then I was knocked to the floor from behind, as the last chupacabra pounced at me. It turned me over, ripping away the side of my stomach, through the armor, with its sharp talons, since the iron plates were only on the front of me.. Drool dripped down on to my face, it was warm and sticky with digestive enzymes. It held down my right arm, which held my katana with one hand, as it razed its arm high in the air to strike me, when I saw its hand get blown off by a plasma shot. Green blood splattered on to my face. It looked at its missing hand in confusion. I actually took advantage of the situation, curled my legs underneath it, and pushed it off of me. It went flying several feet away from me, it was yelping in pain from its hand, clenching at it with its other hand. I got up, took my cloak, and pack off, placing it nicely on the floor, and walked over. Holding my katana tightly in my hand, I raised it above its body, and began hacking away, as it squealed in pain.
Then a surge of pain came from the back of my shoulder. I fell on the floor, clenching at it. I looked at my bloody fingers.
"God damnit! Why must you try and prevent me?" I yelled to nothing.
I looked over to the west flank, a lot of fire was coming from it. Then another shot hit me square in the chest, and I fell to the floor reflexively. Nothing hurt or burned. The 3 layers of iron plating worked.
I got back up, kneeling in the middle of the clearing, and picked up my M4 from the floor. I finished off the magazine, shooting wildly into the dark abyss of the forest, and reloaded. Don't worry, he's still alive, he was still bobbing up and down out of the water, meaning he's still conscious, so he could still grab on to something along the way, and pull himself out. I plopped the M4 on the floor, and took out my L96 sniper rifle. Greys began to appear in my line of sight, coming out of the darkness. They were all expressionless, eyes reflecting green every time they fired at me; their little slit mouths were actually bent down somewhat into a serious frown. I looked at them square in the face with my sniper rifle, and watched as their head explodes.
"This," I fired and reloaded, "is," I fired and reloaded, "for," I fired and reloaded, "trying," I fired and reloaded, "to," I fired and reloaded, "prevent," I fired and reloaded, "me," I fired and reloaded, "from," I fired and reloaded, "saving," I fired and reloaded, "Master!" I fired my last bullet. My eyes bulged out, and I felt it literally burn up from the inside with rage as I kept talking to myself. That was very corny. Passionate, but corny.
More Greys came into the light, so I picked up the M4 off the floor, and began shooting single shots at them. Then another plasma shot, hit me square in the chest again, I stepped back, but did not fall, since there was no pain. When another shot hit me in the chest again, this time I felt the pain, burning away at my nerves. I fell on the floor, and looked straight up. I saw a light go overhead, accompanied by the noise of rotors turning. Helichopper! Through the branches and leaves, I saw a AH-64 Apache fly overhead, then shooting several rockets off, and flew away. I got back up, picked back up my gun, and kept shooting. But more and more kept coming. I was reloading the M4, when a shot hit me in the leg, burning off a portion of my pants, and my flesh. I fell on the floor clutching at my wound. If they're going to kill you, don't let them take the Black Book or the Master Floppy Disk. Important information on it! I crawled my way over to my pack and cloak, with one leg, while dragging with my guns. I fell on top of my pack, weak from searing pain. Pain is only in your mind, separate body and mind. Figment of you imagination. It's not real, it's only there to set limits, limits imposed by these damn bastards to make you weak. Are you fucking weak? Now get up, and keep fighting!
I pulled everything over to the far side of the clearing, used a tree to help me stand back up. I threw several grenades to keep the Greys distracted. Then I kneeled back down, took out a claymore, set it underneath my pack, and tied the string directly to my pack, and a low branch, so that if someone tries and picks it up, it'll blow up. Then I set another string attaching it to the zipper, going around a branch, like a rope and pulley effect. I got back up, and began firing, each shot, pushing me back against the tree. My vision was getting blurry, from blood loss. My pants felt warm from the blood, dripping down from my leg wound, and the series of gashes on the side of my stomach.
I watched as a Grey fired at me, the green plasma bolt slowly making its way to me. I had all the time in the world to react, but I couldn't. It hit me right on my collarbone. I fell back against the tree, fired a last shot at the Grey who shot me, and slid down it slowly, still firing. It was getting somewhat hard to breathe. It wasn't serious, but it could get worse. I threw my gun to the floor, and fell down to my side, using my pack as a head rest. I threw my cloak on me, like a blanket, and slid out my pistol from the holster, ready to fire if they came to close. I shall play dead for now. I began laughing to myself, but wheezing and coughing in between laughs. I felt cold.
A Grey stepped out into the clearing, looking side to side to check if there was any other human around. It took a particular interest at the chupacabras, examining their fatal wounds. It got up, and began walking over to me. My eyes were wide open, not breathing, or blinking. Wait for it. It kneeled down right in front of my face, and stared right into my eyes with its black, black hole like almond eyes. Wait for it. It was reaching at my eye, with its tiny little 4 fingered hand. NOW! I suddenly jerked my hand, beginning to pull my pistol out, when there was an explosion behind it. The force of the explosion threw the Grey up and over me. Explosions suddenly went off all around me. But these were not from plasma fire, but by the sounds, by rockets, missiles, and maybe bombs. Everything lit up all around me, blowing up, and catching on fire. The Greys all began to scramble every which way, firing blindly into the sky. Hahaha. take that you buggers. Many of them just exploded into millions of little tiny pieces, or where incinerated, and disintegrated.
I watched as steady trail of fire was heading straight for me. It started far in the depths of the forest, and I watched it build up, explosion after explosion of beautiful orange fire, come towards me. A fighter jet flew overhead. The explosions were now within the clearing. Oh, that's not good. A bomb exploded right in front of me, several feet away, pushing me back harder into my pack.
Fire erupted from it. It engulfed me, in warmth. It felt tingly, but good, for the first several split seconds. Then it just got way too hot. In the flickering orange fire, I saw random scenes of my life flash by me. First day of nursery school, graduation from middle school, being at the pool with friends, sleeping over Vito's house, times with Alyssa at and out of school, our recent Montauk trip, then Andrew falling into the raging river. Then I saw visions of the future. There were scenes of all my friends and I living together in a small apartment with Nana and Papa, my first real kiss, the day that my secret underground complex was finished, anticipating December 21 2012 with all I care about, my marriage, then a statue of me with everyone weeping around it. I began to close my eyes in discomfort, the heat was beginning to irritate a lot, Wait, am I not supposed to di. but then everything went dark and silent.

The End