Hey everyone! I love to write poetry, I may not be good at it, or writing
or anything for that matter but I love it. This is one of my older pieces I
wrote awhile ago. I actually like it a lot. I dunno. I wrote it when I
thought this one guy way stalking me and yeah, so there you go. I hope you
like it. Please review. Helpful criticism is always welcome.


The Stalker


One moonless night
Changes everything
Making fear pierce through you
Like a thousand bee stings

Monsters creeping
Breathing loudly
Coming your way
Oh so soundly

Screams of terror
Echoing in the night
Confusion clogging the air
Everyone in a state of fright

He hides in the shadows
Blending in the dark
But his red eyes are staring
Hungry, like a shark's

You try to run
You try to hide
But he's always behind you
By only one stride

He's coming for you
Its time to give in
The rule of evil
Is about to begin


By Luckynumba7

May 29, 2003