Jolie Summers smiled lovingly at the grace before her. Sebastian Mylor. She marvelled his wit and intellect. She dreamed of him day and night and his strong, warm embrace as he swept her off her feet, into his arms.

He was the object of her truest desire. But to him, she was nothing more than a friend. He knows not of her passion, her desire. Just how great a friend she could be.

'I like you Sez, I really like you.' She thought whenever she sees him. 'How will you ever know?'

They met two, three years back and she liked him the second she greeted him. It took her awhile to get to know him, and every step she got closer to him, her heart would soar with happiness.

Months later, and he came to her heartbroken. He had told the girl that he liked his feelings, and she didn't feel the same.

It had hurt Jolie terribly to see the guy that she had loved for so long, injured by the lucky girl that he liked. And during those low moments she couldn't do anything, but offer her sympathy, and watch from afar. She wanted to help, desperately. Her heart ached as his heart broke.

He soon met a new girl and Jolie had to watch him fall in love again. It hurt her so much, she cried just to picture them. To have someone she loves so close, but yet so far away at the same time. She'll never have him, but she got to be with him and even if she could, there was no way she would be allowed. It was forbidden love, and so she could only watch him, and think of him, but that was all.

That's all she wanted: To be with him.