True Feelings

"Jolie it's late, you should go home," he whispered to her.

Jolie shook her head childishly and pouted. Seb laughed at how adorable she looked. Although Jolie was his friend, at moments he had felt attracted to her. Like when he first joined the youth group because his mum had made him. In the beginning he was attracted to her.

But he knew that it was just a crush and he just pushed it aside. Besides, Jolie would never like a guy like him; she was so beautiful in everyway. And that was what he did, until he told a girl that he used to date, that he still loved her. She laughed at him, and sent him into a sad, heartbroken mood.

During that time, he had the Jolie huge support, and that made him yearn to be with her even more. But the more time he spent with her, and the more he yearned for her, the more he knew that he could never have her.

Then Courtney came into his life. He was so attracted to her. She brought along with her a sexy bad girl image and was so different to the type of girls he had ever dated. During their relationship, he just couldn't help but think about Jolie's smile during their intimate moments and what she was doing at that time. So many times he had thought of calling Courtney to just break it off.

So he came to Jolie, to ask her to help him. But she blew him off like a little child. He tried to hold her hand and look deep in her eyes to see if there was just a spark in them, which would indicate that maybe she felt the same way. But she wouldn't look at him, for the entire conversation, she only looked at him once. To tell him that she wasn't going to do it.

Seb didn't understand. He couldn't understand why she would be so upset. Her eyes seemed cold and their communications were cut off.

Jolie I wish I could tell you my true feelings, but I know you will never love a guy like me.