Friday. The day I call Fat Tony Day. The day I trade 1000 of my hard- earned dollars for only 5 grams of coke. It was pure, yes, but not worth it. I cannot count how many times I've kicked myself about getting pulled into the drug business. My friend Michelle had convinced me to try it. "Just a little," she had said, "Just for fun." So I tried it. Just a little, just for fun. And now I'm hooked. Too many "just a little"s turned the drug into a necessity. No problems for Michelle. She's a multi-million dollar heiress and can afford as many drugs as she wants. I cursed a bit more before leaving to do the usual trade.

Fat Tony sneered as he watched Roxanne stride up to him. She gave him the money, took the drugs, all without a word. The woman seemed confident, chin up and back straight, but he knew that she couldn't live without cocaine. It showed through the way she threw all her money at him to get her hands on it. And he knew for a fact that she, unlike Michelle, could not afford it. Not that he minded. He loved seeing people like Roxanne pumping out all they had for something that would eventually kill them and found it highly amusing.

That Michelle! First she gets me addicted to drugs and now she's flashing diamonds in my face. What can I say? Well basically now I want diamonds too. The problem is that I can't even afford a tiny ½ carat one because I'm blowing all my cash on drugs. Thanks a lot Michelle! Maybe Tony would have some ideas. Perhaps he can get me some illegal ones real cheap.

Fat Tony chuckled as he thought about Roxanne's request. The girl wants diamonds and she wants him to get them for her and give her a greatly discounted price. He laughed again. Boy will she get what she asks for!

You know, Fat Tony is more reasonable that I gave him credit for. He's a drug dealer, yes, but about this diamond thing he was actually kind of nice. Well, the deal was that I do his job for him for about half a year or so and in return he will give me a big fat rock. Maybe it's not so smart, but I'm desperate. For once I might have something better than what Michelle does and maybe I can make something out of this. After all I deserve it. If I mix a little something into Tony's drugs I think I can get a little more profit out of this. Just a little.

6 months later

I stepped into the alleyway, like I had every day for the last six months. As usual, Fat Tony waited there. As usual, I gave him the money from my dealings. But what was not normal was the necklace he produced after I gave him the large wad of cash. A beautiful diamond necklace, with little jewels clustered around it. It was divine. And worth far more than Michelle's, that was certain. I thought of Michelle's face as I flash it in her face and couldn't help smirking. She would die of jealousy, I just know it. She would feel what I feel every time she shows me something she bought.

Tony was infinitely amused by Roxanne's reaction to the necklace. The whole time she had it, she did nothing but stare at it. She didn't even put it on. Just stared at it with a self-satisfied smirk on her face. He knew it wouldn't last long. That necklace is not all it seems to be.

The man was not happy as he inhaled the drugs. Cocaine lately had not been as satisfying as it usually was. He was getting suspicious of Tony's replacement. Suddenly, he found a lump of something in it that definitely was not cocaine. So, Fat Tony's replacement was cheating him. Tony was not going to like that.

Tony let out a hiss as he read the note. So the little girl Roxanne wants to play dirty with the big boys. He was furious, more so because she thought she could get away with it than because she did it. She underestimated him and now his customers are going to doubt his products. She will learn what happens to little girls when they mess with the big boys.

I watched Perfect Miss Michelle's eyes widen as I sashayed up in my new dress, new shoes, new hairdo and, of course, my new necklace. She was even more surprised when we went shopping. Normally I would stand around while she went through shops such as Prada and Chanel, but not any more. Now I can afford just as much as she can.
I flopped down onto my new king sized bed. Who would have known shopping was so tiring? I fell asleep almost immediately.

Fat Tony sauntered up to Roxanne's apartment and knocked on the door. It opened and a startled but very finely dressed Roxanne stared at him. Without a word, he barged in.

I stared at Fat Tony, standing in my doorway. He pushed his way into my apartment without a word. What was he doing here? Actually, I know very well what he's doing here. He found out. He knows I've been scamming him. How could I have been so stupid as to think I can get away with this? I mentally called myself idiot in all the languages I knew, including Indonesian, as I put on my best innocent face. Maybe he really doesn't know and I'm just being paranoid.
"Hello Roxanne." His voice was cold, but that was nothing compared to his eyes. "I hear you've been a bad girl."
I was stunned. He knew. I was not prepared for this, even though I'd already guessed that he did.
"You could have been good, showing off that necklace like the rich girl you will never be, but no. You had to go one step further. You had to become a rich girl. This will be the last mistake you ever make."
I was terrified. I couldn't speak as he pulled a gun out of his jacket and pointed it at me.
"Roxie, your 5 minutes of being rich are over, and let me tell you, you were never really rich. Those diamonds are as real as fairies and goblins."

Tony let himself out, leaving the mess that was Roxanne without a second thought.

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