Author's Introduction

Take a normal, everyday, historically accurate timeline and hold it in your hand for a moment. Then toss it in the "plot blender." Add a few "what ifs," a couple of "might have beens," and top it all off with imagination and lots of love. Stir well. Now, go back out and filter out all those fattening preconceived notions you might have. What are you left with? A recipe for a wholesome, fat-free tale of alternate history I've come to call "One Day in Munich."

A great writer once said that alternate history is the theoretical "throwing of a given historical scenario against a brick wall to shatter like a mirror." In the course of the story, you "pick up the shards and stick them back together with bubble gum, while you have your eyes closed." The result? Something wondrous and completely new that somewhat resembles what it once was. It imagines the past as what could have been, rather than what it actually was.

The point? Not to portray things in all accuracy. Hence the "alternate." The idea is, rather, to tell a story. Dates can be changed, flip-flopped and otherwise boggled for the sake of the plot, as long as the tale is believable. If a writer can perfect the art of alternate history, and immerse the reader in their plot, then the historical facts are obsolete. Which is what I have tried to do here, based on extensive research on the Third Reich era, and some alteration of the truth into something utterly fresh and spring-scented.

Of course, these slight alterations should be evident from the beginning, when you discover that Heinrich Himmler has survived the war rather than committing suicide. And Himmler's story is a peculiar one to say the least. After turning himself in to the allies, he is put on trial at Nuremberg and sentenced to death. In his last days of life, he gives a confession to the world that will forever change the face of the Third Reich as we now know it. The following story is that confession as I would imagine him telling it.

So is it completely inaccurate? Not entirely. In writing this sordid tale, I've tried not to stray too far from the truth. But I promise you, I've done my best to convey the plot in such a way that you won't care about the actualities.

So after nearly a year of work, seven different re-beginnings, numerous cases of writer's block and more revising endeavors than I can count, here it is: the debut of my first "Alternate History" novella. And whatever course it may take in the eye of the public, be it with a positive or negative impact, the author can rest assured that she has, indeed, made an impact. Flame me or praise me, I'll know I've done my duty.

The author would like to thank:

Charlie: For the countless hours of enduring my rants, and inspiring hope in me when I was sure this thing was lost.

Kelly Morgan and Turin Okieve: For encouraging me to go all the way with this.

Billie Iris: For offhandedly inspiring this very odd tale.

And a very special thank you to Raina "Heinrich" Burgess, for her gracious support and faith in my abilities, and especially for supporting me in this…"unusual" plot line. Also for showing me unrelenting open-mindedness that I know not many people could give me. Comrade, you have given me hope beyond words! DANKE!


Heinrich's Jackboots

PS: I will personally respond to your reviews, be they good or bad, flame or applause. You took the time to review, and you, the reader, deserve it!