In the future, centuries from now

There will be a certain guy.

He was once the best scientist,

But too quickly did time go by.

Artificial intelligence,

Robots, and flying cars

Were popular inventions

Bought by rich superstars.

What's all of this?

The old scientist wonders.

What happened to old ways?

When inventions came from blunders?

Only a few decades ago,

He had known everything.

Amateur scientists could only hope

To be taken under his wing.

Cloning sheep and cells,

Deep space exploration,

Finding cures for diseases,

Those all caused no frustration.

But now, in this new age,

Things are technologically advanced;

Computers and even household appliances

Have been completely enhanced.

The old scientist is behind the times,

And all of his colleagues know.

Whenever he asks stupid questions,

His ignorance will always show.

Then the others try

To help and explain,

But almost always

Are their efforts in vain.

The old guy who's behind the times

Doesn't want to know the newest experiment

On robots or people or animals,

Oh he most certainly didn't!

All of these new things,

The scientist would say,

Why don't we forget them

And go back to our old way?

The others would become annoyed,

And roll their eyes at him.

Didn't he know the new way

Was best for all of them?

Thus it was decided that the old man

Was a mockery to science, an idiot, a fool!

His ignorance of all the new things

Was most certainly not cool.

So, ladies and gentlemen,

Our moral for today

Is to keep up with the times

Or be led astray.