It was the final class period of the day and the students were already gone. They weren't literally gone, not yet. Their minds were gone though. As the teacher had ordered silence in the classroom for the last minute of the period, everyone's mind danced on thoughts of hanging out with friends, football games, and concerts, whatever they had planned for the weekend was already playing through their mind, and none of them could wait to get outside to see the start of it.
There was one especially anxious young man who sat at the front of the class, staring down the rows of desks at the many obstacles he'd have to cross in order to make it outside the classroom before anyone else when the bell rang. His fingers tapped nervously at his desk and his eyes were locked on the door. He could already feel his heart reaching out to that door, ready to fly as soon as he heard that dull BING. He frowned, annoyed at the many backpacks and people he'd have to muddle through in order to make it out of the room as fast as he'd like.
In one hand he held a hat at ready. He couldn't put it on until the bell rang and he was just outside the door; no hats allowed inside the classrooms. It was another tedious rule he had to follow as everyone else did. He always prepped the hat just before the bell rang, eager to put it on so as to hide his annoyingly wild hair that he could never do anything with.
He could feel the moment coming on, the moment when the bell would ring and he would jump from his seat and lunge at the door like some wild bird. A final thought came to his mind as he felt his glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose. He pushed them back up and no sooner heard the bell go off.
The class exploded with voices and everyone had stood up at once as if it had been the start of some musical. The anxious young man had swept up from the desk and glided through the row of desks before anyone else could get in front of him. He stumbled along the wall toward the door, practically ripping the fragile posters from the wall. He shoved the door open and flew out into the hallway where the crowd had already gathered.
Turning the corner toward the main hallway, he slipped the hat on and pushed the bits of hair sticking out into the dome of the cap. He really hated his hair. He crossed the main hallway, straight through to the social studies wing of the building where teenagers had started to pour out. He scanned each one desperately before gazing at the single one he sought out.
Her name was Madeline London, and her name said it all. She and her brother had just moved to Texas from London a little over a year ago. Her accent combined with her voice, it made such a sweet song to Jacob's ears that he couldn't get enough of her. His feelings for her were evident. He was a boy, she was a I say more? Obviously, she was the reason for his anxiety and rush to get out of class. He met up with her whenever he could outside of class. Typically he'd end up riding over to her house with her in her car and they'd hang out and see a movie. He could never expect what would happen this day, though.
She spotted him and gave her usual wave that Jacob also found adorable. To put it bluntly, Jacob was a sap like no other. When he fell, he fell hard. He'd fallen very hard for Madeline.
He took his place at her side as they walked back into the main hallway and toward the cafeteria. They instantly exchanged the formalities and Jacob opened the conversation as he pulled a folded slip of paper from his pocket. "Okay," he said unfolding it and handing it to her, "what do you think of this?"
Madeline looked over the drawing that had been intricately designed on the frail, dirty sheet of paper he'd handed her. The drawing was of an alien, humanoid, wings and a tail. Next to the alien were written specs of the alien's height and wingspan. Madeline gave it some quick glances and shrugged. "It's alright," she said, handing it back to him.
He'd hoped for a little more in her answer, but he took what he got and continued smiling idiotically. He folded the paper back up and slipped it back into his pocket. "What's wrong with it?" he asked.
She went on again with the same reasons she always gave him. She explained to him her belief that the aliens Jacob drew were simply too humanoid. She believed that it would be all right for anything earthbound, but she kept her mind open to otherworldly ventures. She considered the human form strictly an earth form. To put it simply, the alien wasn't alien enough.
Jacob wasn't your average teenage male. He'd spent years of his life studying the alien abduction phenomena that everyone else scrutinized incredulously. It wasn't just a hobby for him either, it was an obsession. It was an infatuation that he carried with him everywhere he went. Anyone who knew him could vouch for the fact that if anyone on the entire planet was actually an alien in disguise as a human, it was Jacob. His nickname throughout the school was "Alien Boy".
Jacob hid his frown to Madeline's explanation and continued the argument asking why other creatures couldn't evolve the same way as humans did. She would simply give him the same answer that how humans evolved was how humans evolved and that aliens weren't humans. Jacob continued to frown at this, but he found himself at a loss for continuing the argument. Madeline had always been good at outgunning him.
Upon reaching the cafeteria, they crossed it into the corridor that led outside but stopped as they reached the coke and snack machines. There they met up with a couple that Jacob had a long and horrible history with. They nonetheless remained friends. Like Jacob, they were both teenage punks verging on gothic. Suffice it to say the Hot Topic in the mall was their Holy Grail. Adam was the tall one, half Mexican and a close friend to Madeline. Adam's girlfriend, a short redhead named Kate, was hanging onto his arm. She wasn't for long though, as Adam made another of his snide remarks about her and she turned and slapped him. They were the most lovingly abusive couple that Madeline or Jacob had ever seen. Madeline rather admired them. Jacob thought they looked great together, despite his history with Kate.
They hung out for a minute before parting. Jacob continued following Madeline as they walked down the bustling corridor full of loud, flocking teenagers in ever direction. It was like muddling through a rampage. As Madeline would talk about something, Jacob would only understand about half of it. Her low speaking manner in addition to her accent and the noise that surrounded them made it quite difficult to understand her. Rather than annoy her by asking "What?" over and over again, Jacob just nodded and pretended he knew what she was talking about. He really was struggling to understand her though.
They made it outside and found a clear path away from the horde of teenagers and took it toward Madeline's car. She was a senior so she had her own parking spot closer to the school. They were surrounded by cars going this way and that, teenagers walking along, people getting into their cars, engines revving, it was no more quiet than the inside of the school.

The two of them stopped at the back end of her car as they usually did, for Madeline had to open up her backpack to search for her keys. Jacob leaned over on the car as he usually did, watching her with a teasing smile, ready to come up with the most obnoxious thing he could say just to make her laugh and hit him.
As she pulled her keys from her bag, a burst of thunder rolled through the sky. This was particularly interesting in that it was a usual, bright, cloudless day as the both of them had noticed from how bright it always seemed when they walked outside. The inaudible voices from all around them stopped as they looked up into the sky toward the crash of thunder and spied a horror they had never imagined. All around the parking lot, shocked eyes and whispered curses came from everyone who stared up at the swarms of disks that were pouring from the sky. Their awed faces watched as the crafts pulled themselves into formations of rows of three that lined the sky.
Silence set in as all anyone could do was stare at this enigma that was flanking their conscious. Terror filled many hearts as utter confusion encompassed all. The crafts had sat still in their formations for only a few seconds before taking off in all directions. They were speeding off so fast they were practically blurs in the sky. They descended to nearly a hundred meters from the ground. Girls screamed, some ran, and others continued to watch mystified. The silver crafts reflected the brilliant sunlight practically blinding anyone who looked directly at them.
Suddenly, without a warning one, bolts of red energy began to fire from small, indented holes that were lined in pairs all around the peripheral of the crafts. As each blast met its target, it exploded with fire and huge billowing black clouds. Cars were thrown into the air by the explosions, parts of the school were obliterated, and many unfortunate people were being incinerated. People ran and screamed in terror, helplessly running from what they knew they couldn't run from. A sense was conveyed to them all from their attackers. People were being given telepathic visions of the most relaxing, comfortable, and wonderful thing in their life and then had it quickly swept away. It was their attackers, the aliens aboard the crafts that stalked them now, showing them that they could overcome even their most cherished passions. The aliens were making sure they knew that even their most serene and peaceful thoughts were no match for them. They could not run, they could not hide, and they would not ever be able to feel safe again.
Jacob and Madeline had continued to watch frozen in horror and holding each other for comfort. Jacob had been given a vision of Madeline in his head. He saw her standing in the school, waving at him and smiling the sweetest most adorable smile he'd ever seen. As quickly as the aliens had given it to him, they had pulled it, ripped it, from his grasp. It not only filled him with a sense of unparalleled fear, but it set his heart a rage. Instantly, the only thing on his mind was Madeline. She was in his arms now, and he would make sure that no harm came to her.
Just three cars down from Madeline's, a burst of the red energy struck a car and it exploded suddenly, sending a wave of heat so powerful at the two of them that they were blown onto the ground and were already sweating profusely. They both started to lean back up as Adam and Kate came running up to them.
"Holy shit! You were right, Alien Boy!" Adam said as they reached them.
Jacob had ignored Adam's statement. They were all still watching the ships and the explosions they were creating. "We need to get out of here," Jacob said. He was looking around for some place to go but found nothing. The aliens were firing at everything and there was no shelter strong enough to withstand a blast from the plasma energy that was being shot from the discs. There was some place they could go, but Jacob was reluctant to utilize it.
Just then one of the crafts heading toward them slowed and stopped still in a hover before them. Three thin, metal legs retracted from the belly of the disc and the craft set down upon them. An outline of a door appeared on the edge of the craft and opened up, a ramp extending from it afterward.
The four of them watched unable to take their eyes from the sight. From out of the darkness within, two small aliens stepped out side by side. They stepped hastily. They each wore skin-tight, silver suits. Their bodies were small and stick-like. Their large, bulbous heads were dark gray with large, black eyes and slits for mouths. They were each holding some kind of black gun and had them pointed directly at the four of them. As Jacob watched, his nose turned up at them and he was disgusted by their appearance. His brows furrowed, he whispered to the other three, "The Grays."
"What?" Adam asked, looking back at him, confused.
"The Grays," Jacob reiterated. "They're called the Grays. I've told you about them on countless occasions."
"You mean the ones that run around probing people all the time?" Kate asked.
Jacob sighed and frowned at Kate. He got so tired of hearing about aliens probing people. "Yes," he answered, "and for the last time, they don't 'probe' people!"
"I don't give a fuck what they do, as long as they don't do it to me," Kate said.
"No shit," Adam said, agreeing with her.
The two grays stopped about fifteen feet from them. Another gray came from the ship, this one unarmed and wearing a black robes around his body. The robes dragged along the ground, hiding his feet. It was as though he was gliding along the ground rather than walking at all. He seemed to slide down the ship's tongue and then along the surface as he went toward the four of them and stopped at about the same distance as the other two grays.
Jacob looked at Madeline who was watching them curiously. "Can't be humanoid, huh?" he said, rubbing in how wrong she was earlier.
Madeline frowned and gave Jacob a slight surrendering smile and then looked back at the grays.
"Dude! Why can't I move?" Adam said suddenly. The rest of them attempted to move after he said it but found themselves paralyzed.
"I can't move either," Kate said.
"None of us can," Jacob said. "They've paralyzed us with their telekinesis. They do the same thing during an abduction. The moment one of them appears, they paralyze any human within their presence. Otherwise, all the human has to do is walk up to'em and push'em over. Look at them, they're about as weak as three year olds."
"Yeah, that's true. Kate might even be able to take'em," Adam said, snickering.
"Fuck you!" Kate replied. She would've slapped him had she the ability.
The whole time, Jacob hadn't once taken his eyes from the robed gray other than to give a quick glance at the two holding the guns. He knew what was coming next. He did his best to fight it, but the grays were too strong. The daylight began to dim. The explosions that still rang out from all around began to dwindle. His breathing sped up. He was trying harder and harder but it was no use. The grays were too powerful. The darkness engulfed his every sense and thought. His mind became empty his body started going limp. Soon he fell to the ground unconscious. The others fell not long after.