They awoke inside a doorless room. The walls all around were white. The room was about average size and the floor and ceiling matched the walls. There was nothing in there, no furniture, no tables, nothing. They had each looked around for a door or a hatch but found nothing.
"They don't need doors," Jacob exclaimed to the three of them. "Somehow they have the ability to manipulate matter at will. It's their damn telekinesis thing; they can just walk through anything. I mean think about it, it certainly reduces security doesn't it? Without any door, an alien couldn't come aboard and just run around causing trouble. They'd be stuck in a single room."
Jacob was sitting up against one of the walls. Madeline was sitting a little to his left in front of him and next to Kate. Adam was standing to the other side of Kate. No one wanted to admit how truly terrified they were.
"So why didn't they just kill us? Why take us?" Adam asked.
Jacob's eyes befell the floor. His reluctance to answer gave everyone the impression that there was something he was hiding from them. They were right. He couldn't tell them, though. Not yet. "I don't know," he lied. "Maybe they just picked ."
"I bet I know why," Kate said. "I mean it's a pretty big coincidence that the aliens pick four people out of hundreds and they just happen to pick Alien Boy here."
"Yeah, man," Adam said. "What you do, invite them?"
Jacob shot a very sarcastic look at Adam. "Yeah, Adam, I invited them all to a great big rave at my house, they just felt like destroying the earth a little first."
"Well, hell! You're the one they came after, right?" he replied angrily. "They sure as hell didn't come after me or Kate or Madeline! Kate's right. It's no coincidence they happened to pick the Master of all things alien!"
"Hey, man, calm down you guys," Madeline said, reaching up to Adam as if to sit him down. "We can't blame anyone for this. It's not like Jake asked to have a bunch of aliens put a gun to our heads. Maybe they do know everything about him." She looked to Jacob. "You did say they're telepathic, right?" Jake nodded. "Alright then, that's how they know. He knows so much about them, of course they're going to want to talk to him."

"She's right," Kate said. She gazed curiously at Jacob. "How do you know so much about them?"
A few seconds of silence passed as Jacob was frozen there. They were straight out asking him now, and he hadn't an idea what to say. He knew he couldn't very well tell them the truth. He especially couldn't do it with Madeline sitting right there before him. If she knew..
It was then that the grays entered. They stepped in through the wall opposite of the one Jacob and the others were against. They moved through it as though it were no more than liquid. These had no uniforms like the ones before. They stepped in completely bare. Their shiny, gray bodies had no shape to them. It was as though their bodies were filled with goo rather than a skeletal structure or internal organs. Their oily black eyes seemed to have no definite shape as though they were ink that would drip down their faces at any moment.
As the four of them noticed, Jacob and the girls stood up next to Adam. Jacob took notice of the fact that the grays that entered carried no guns. He stepped next to Adam and leaned into his ear. "No guns," he whispered. "Could mean we're on a non-military aircraft. Could make it easier to escape."
"Yeah, nice observation, Einstein," Adam replied sarcastically.
Jacob frowned at Adam.
"I assure you that any plan to escape shall fail," the middle gray said with almost perfect English. Jacob's eyes narrowed upon the gray, curious as to how they could speak with nothing more than slits for mouths. Reading this thought from Jacob, the gray answered, "We formulate the voice patterns with our minds." The gray gave a slight pause. "I am surprised that you did not already know that," he said with a sort of suspicious tone.
The gray knew. Jacob knew the gray knew.
"Yes, I do know," the gray said in reply to that thought.
Jacob continued to gaze angrily at the gray that spoke to him. The other three could only watch, mouths wide open and a sense of awe pouring from them.
"For those of you who do not know where you are," the gray said, looking around at the other three humans, "I would like to welcome you to the ends of your lives." His eyes found their way back to Jacob. "Any questions you have may be answered by this gentleman. Go ahead and tell your little human playmates what you have been hiding from them, Jacob."
The three of them looked to Jacob with perplexed curiosity. Jacob's jaw tightened and he grit his teeth suppressing his rage. He knew any attempt to fight the gray would immediately be countered. There was nothing he could do for the time being, and it drove him crazy inside. It was then that his thoughts found their way to Madeline and how she was the only important thing in this matter. She was his one the gray read this from him.
The gray looked from Jacob to Madeline and he slowly took a few steps closer to her. Madeline, the daring young woman that she was, made no step backward. She faced the gray with the same mean and determined look she faced any other thing with. "Yes," the gray said, "She is important to you is she not."
It was suddenly obvious to the rest of them that the gray was speaking directly to Jacob. It was as though they weren't even in the room at all. For that moment, all that was in that room was Jacob and that one gray.
The gray paused a moment, his gaze falling back to Jacob. The moment was long, and the silence was conversation enough. It was utter silence to them; the gray made no form of communication at all to Jacob, not even telepathically. They both knew what was coming next. "We have been here before, 'Jacob'," the gray said. "Once was enough for myself, thank you. To do it twice is excessive. .There will not be a third." The gray took one more step closer to Jacob, staring him straight in the eye. Grimly, the gray spoke, ".And you won't save this one either."
With that, the gray turned and strolled out of the room, followed by the two grays that had entered with him. They left through the walls just as they had entered. And they left Jacob there to face the crowd.
"What the hell was that all about?" Adam asked, all of them spying him with eager curiosity, the same question residing in all their eyes.
Without taking his eyes from the wall the grays had left through, Jacob took a deep breath in and sighed. He turned and glanced at Adam. He still couldn't face them all and tell them. It was not the right time. He only gave them all a quick, enigmatic glance and then turned back to the wall and stepped off in a manner that it was evident he didn't want to be followed.
Adam turned away from Jacob, annoyed at his silence. Kate walked up into his arms as they whispered back and forth to each other. Madeline had crossed her arms over her chest in her usual angry manner. She had that look in her eyes like she was about to incinerate the unfortunate ground they befell. She eyed Jacob though, and stepped off to him. He may have been reluctant to speak, but he never told anyone not to follow him.
Jacob had slid down against the wall and sat back against it with his knees bent up. He looked ready to fall apart. Madeline strolled over and sat down in almost the same position next to him.
She wasn't going to ask him what the deal with the gray was. She had enough respect for Jacob to accept the fact that he obviously didn't want to talk about it. .Although she could say that Jacob had returned the favor. One of the problems that she and Jacob had , Jacob. Jacob's feelings for her often forced him to want to be around her when she didn't want him around. There had, in fact, been times before when she had told him, "Do not follow me," and he had anyway, arrogantly disrespecting her request to fulfill his own desires. Therefore, it was evident to Madeline that Jacob had no real right to have her respect, and she would not have felt the least bit guilty in asking him about whatever it was he didn't want to talk about. She wouldn't, though. She was tempted to, but she knew she had to step up and be the adult in their relationship.
"This must really be killing you," Jacob said to her in a dull monotone.
Madeline looked curiously at him. "What do you mean?"
"Being forced to be here against your will," he answered. "You practically blew up on that principal when she told you to sit down at lunch, becoming a forced prisoner aboard an alien ship must really be eating you alive."
Madeline's gaze flew back across the room as she let out a slight chuckle. "Mmm.. Well, from what you say, it's kind of pointless to blow up on these guys," she said, her usual "Mmm" before she formulated the words, as though she gave deep thought to every statement she made before she made it. Jacob wouldn't doubt it; she seemed to him a wise, old soul.

In all of the arguments the two of them had ever been in, Madeline had always been victorious in the end. She always outgunned him and proved herself right. Jacob couldn't remember a moment ever when she had been wrong about something. She was, indeed, the most intelligent and wise person he knew. So intelligent, in fact, that half the time when they argued, her argument was so advanced and intellectually thought out that Jacob never understood her at first. Ever since, she had accepted the burden of having to practically spell everything out to him. To a lot of people, Jacob was an incredibly smart person, but to Madeline he was nothing more than a child, and she did everything she could to help him. What she wouldn't admit to him, was that she saw a potential in him and felt a connection to him that she really, really tried to help him. Jacob's problem was that he was like an alien dropped off on an alien world and handled things so idiotically and moronically, that one would think he was handling it for the first time. His social ignorance was staggering.
Something else she wouldn't admit, though, was that Jacob occasionally intrigued her with his unique personality.
"You're right," Jacob said. "It is pointless to argue with the grays." His thoughts traipsed along the walls and found their way to the girl next to often plagued his thoughts. Whether it was a daydream or a fond memory, she was on his mind. Now her safety was on his mind. He would never allow the grays to take her from him. He would never allow them to hurt her. He didn't care what it took, she would make it through this alive, whether he did or not.
Jacob's eyes looked thoughtfully into Madeline. "Don't worry about the grays," he said. "We're gonna make it through this."
Madeline looked at him and snickered.
"What?" Jacob said playfully. "Don't you think I can handle the grays?"
Madeline's eyes lit up with delight. "Oh, of course," she said, obviously feigning sincerity.
Jacob chuckled. "Hey, I can take them," he said confidently. "What you should be asking is if the grays can take me."
Madeline only giggled and looked off away from him.
Before anyone could say anything, two grays stepped in again through the same wall. They had stepped through just next to Madeline and Jacob. Not expecting another visit so quickly, they four of them had all been startled. Jacob had taken Madeline in his arms as they stood up together and backed off away from the grays. Once they were up, Jacob took his arms from Madeline and stepped around in front of her as if conveying to the grays that they'd have to get through him before they got to her. Adam and Kate continued to watch from their spot on the other side of the room.
Suddenly the force slammed into Jacob, weighing upon him like a ton of bricks. His breath was taken from him, the darkness encompassing. He fainted instantly and the grays had stepped forward and caught him before hitting the floor.
"What are you doing?" Madeline protested, stepping forward as if to grab Jacob away from them, but no sooner did another gray step through the wall and raise his hand to her, paralyzing her where she was. There was an instant pain in her chest as if she'd been stabbed with a dagger and the paralysis took form. She had moaned slightly at the pain. Sensing her immediate urge to get away from it, the gray let her go and she fell back slowly to the floor. The three of them watched as the grays carried Jacob through the wall with them and left.
Madeline stood up from where she'd been thrown and walked over to the wall, placing her hands along it as though looking for some way to get through. Adam and Kate walked slowly up to the wall as well. Adam did the same as Madeline, mystified at the sight of solid objects passing through others. They simply weren't use to seeing things like that.
"Man, this is all fucked up," Adam said, shaking his head.
Madeline continued to survey the wall, her anxiety was completely unnoticeable. She'd always hid her feelings well.
"Well, one thing's for sure," Kate said. "We were right about them wanting Jake."

The three of them had sat around there for hours. Bored as they were, Kate had fallen asleep in Adam's arms as they were sitting against one of the walls. A sense of loss and helplessness filled the room. The grays that surveyed them from the outside were particularly empathizing Madeline's feelings. Not only was she angry that they took Jacob, but there was much, much more to her. Her thoughts and memories were hellish. A fire burned within her, darkness like no other. That which was bestowed upon her long ago plagued her young mind. The grays found her particularly interesting.

The explosion broke their thoughts.
A hole was blown in the wall in a burst of red energy. It woke Kate and the three of them shot up like lightning. A hazy dust was lifted from the floor. As it cleared, Jacob came rushing in armed with one of the same guns the grays had earlier when the ship landed.
"Dude! What the hell?" Adam said, as the three of them went running up to him.
Panting heavily, Jacob took in a quick, deep breath. "Come on, " he said, "We're getting out of here."