"Alright, you have to listen to me very closely," Jacob said to the three of them. They were all ducked around the hole in the wall that Jacob had blasted. They were each glancing outside into the next room watching for grays. "The grays are going to try to be entering our minds and taking control. You're going to feel loss of breath and a very heavy weight upon your body. Things will start to go dark and you're going to get really, really tired. You have to fight it. It will be hard, but if we're going to make it out of here, you're going to have to fight it. If one of you starts to feel like you're being taken down, tell me and I'll try to support both of us."
"What do you mean 'support both of us'?" Madeline asked.
"I'll have to explain later," he answered. "Just trust me on this."

"Fuck, man, I'll follow you to the edge of the earth as long as you get me away from this shit," Adam said.
Jacob gave a slight snicker to Adam's statement and then focused his attention back on the room outside. He surveyed it for grays then stepped through and motioned for the rest to follow. The three of them followed him to another hole into another room, apparently the path he had taken getting there. As he stopped there, he looked back at the three of them again. "Okay, from here on we're going to go fast. You need to keep up with me. Stay close together. No one-and I mean NO ONE strays from the group. You stray from the group and you're gonna end up lost, confused, and a splayed open work of art on one of their metal tables."
Kate winced with a morbid smile at Jacob's words. Adam and Madeline listened intently. They knew Jacob well enough to know that he knew his aliens.
"Alright," Jacob said, "let's go."
With that order, they both hopped through the hole into the next room and took off running toward another. They were indeed following the path that Jacob had taken getting there. They moved from room to room with no apparent corridor or hallway in sight; no need for one. More often than not, they entered a room to find a few dead and bleeding grays on the floor. Their dark blue blood was turning to a jet black. The shots were in their heads mostly, their heads being larger, easier targets to hit. The holes in their heads from which spewed the blood in a glorious fountain of decaying life, every bit of the head that surrounded the hole was incinerated or boiling away from the plasma energy that had been fired into them. One of the bodies had actually been shooting blood up into the air; it was likely a vein of some sort, and it shot a full five feet into the air and then arced down like a water fountain. As they had passed it, Kate and Adam had both viewed this with demented glee.
"Oh dude! That's fucking awesome!" Kate had said.
Jacob had looked behind him to see what she was on about and saw the blood gushing through the air. He chuckled. "Hey, yeah, can you believe I wasn't even aiming for that one?"
They laughed and moved on.
As they neared the next room, Jacob stopped abruptly, the others behind him bumping into him as he did. He had stopped for the sight of multiple grays stepping through the wall ahead of them in the next room. These were certainly armed.
"Everybody down!" Jacob yelled as the plasma energy began to cook the air around them. They had all fallen to the floor on their bellies, each one as low as they could possibly go.
Adam crawled up next to Jacob who had already taken to shooting back at the grays. "Shit!" he said, "what the hell are you going to do about all of them?"
"Take'em down," Jacob, said, only momentarily looking from the sight on the gun as he continued to fire. As he took one gray down with a very nice shot straight through the head, he looked behind him toward the others. "All of you need to roll to your left! Get behind the wall."
"Won't their gunfire just destroy the wall as it did with you?" Madeline asked as the others already took to following Jacob's advice.
"The grays are very, very well-trained. They're aiming for me and I'm clearly not behind the wall, so their fire's not going to hit the wall. And besides that, I'm pretty sure they don't want anymore damage to their walls than I've already inflicted," Jacob answered.
"Well, if you they're well-trained, then won't they find you an easy target?" Madeline objected.
No sooner had she said that did a blast of plasma energy strike the floor just inches from the two of them. The cooked air sent electricity surging and they both felt their skin burn painfully for a moment. Already sweating, Jacob gave Madeline a nod. "Yeah, I think you're right," he said, grabbing her arm and pulling her toward the wall with him. He pulled her to her feet with him and he ordered the others up. He aimed the gun at another wall and made another hole into another room. Two very surprised grays gazed in at them and Jacob took them both down with two very efficient shots. "There," he said, pleasantly, "problem solved."
His arrogant smile was ripped from his face as the other wall exploded from the grays' plasma fire.
"Shit! Alright, everyone through," he said, pushing each of them along into the room he'd just blasted through. They each lunged through the hole and Jacob ran ahead, blowing another hole in another wall, a little annoyed at the fact that he now had to create a whole other route.
Just then he heard Kate moaning from behind him. He looked back to find her on her knees with her hands to her head and Adam leaning over her. Jacob ran over to her and knelt down in front of her. "I can' ." Kate struggled to say.
Jacob placed his hand along her back. Almost instantly she felt a sudden regeneration, her energy restored completely. She looked, wide- eyed, up at Jacob, stunned at what he'd just done, and curious as hell as to how he did it. Adam and Madeline both watched rather curiously, too. Jacob hadn't noticed, though. He said simply, "Come on," and started back toward the next room. The others followed as soon as he went.
The moment he stepped through, grays started to come in through the wall on Jacob's right, entering from the room from which they had been firing upon them. "Damn it!" Jacob had cried angrily. He took the risk for a moment and stood there, a still target, as he fired everything he could at them. As a shot of plasma flew barely an inch by the left side of his head, he finally flew back through the hole he'd just came from and into the waiting arms of his friends. The entire left side of his face was still burning from the plasma energy. It had been too close, practically singing his skin black.
"Jake, your face!" Madeline cried as she saw it.
"Shit, man, that's gotta hurt," Adam said as he spied it. Kate only looked on with horror.
Panting like mad, Jacob lifted himself up. "No, it's alright. I'm fine," he said. The others watched him, not knowing whether to call him a hero or a moron. He peeked around the corner of the hole and saw the grays moving closer in. He fired more shots all around. This time he did better, taking them down one by one. As he aimed high for their heads, one shot had arced downward toward one's waist, blowing him completely in half. Jacob couldn't help but let a smile slip at that.
He scanned the room once more before turning around and giving the all clear to follow him in, but as he turned around to tell the others, he spotted a single gray creeping up behind the group. Acting on instinct, he shouted, "Get down!" as loud and commanding as he could. He must have succeeded, for they did hit the floor like deadweights, and Jacob suddenly lunged across their huddled mass straight at the gray. He fell to the floor upon the frail, rubbery body. He heard some sort of snap and noticed that one of the gray's arms had broken upon impact, the gun in its hand flying out across the room. The gray's stunned eyes looked up into Jacob and before it could focus its thoughts on entering his mind and taking control, Jacob closed his hand to a nice, tight fist and smashed it through the gray's skull as though it were no more than paper. Immediately his face contorted in disgust as he felt the insides of the gray's head. It sort of reminded him of the way the inside of a pumpkin felt only very, very warm.
"Ugh! That's disgusting!" Kate said, watching Jacob pull his fist from the gray's skull, threads of blue matter and flesh stretching outward from the inside of the skull.
Jacob made a rather disgusted sound himself, but objected to Kate's sudden revulsion. "This from a girl who thought a water fountain of blood was cool?" he said. He unclenched his fist and looked over his hand that was covered in blue slime and chunks , whatever that was. He hung his hand out toward the others and shook it off in their direction. The sludge flew from his hand and rained down upon them as they each screamed and cursed angrily. Jacob only laughed hysterically.
"Ugh! No!" Madeline cried, shielding her face with her hands as she turned to face the other direction.
"Son of a bitch!" Adam said.
"You fucking asshole, what are you doing!" Kate cried.
Jacob continued to laugh. "Aw, come on, guys. I'm the one that has it all over my hand."
"Ugh! You bitch!" Kate said walking over and punching Jacob's arm.
Jacob eyed her gleefully. Pointing and laughing, he said, "Your freckles are blue now!"
Kate's mouth opened wide and she slapped his shoulder as hard as she could. Jacob calmed his hysterical laughter and wiped the rest of the blood off on his clothes. "Alright," he said, serious now, "enough fun and games. Let's get going."
The others followed him through to the other room, wiping the specks of blood from their faces. Jacob led them over to the grays he'd managed to take down. "Get their guns," he said. "You're gonna need'em."
They each picked up their own gun from the dead grays. Jacob took a moment to show them all how the guns worked and then they took off through another new hole he'd blasted in the wall. Following his calculations, he finally led them into a room along the original route where the holes were already blown through. They met a few other grays along the way. They'd taken down two of them, the other had ran off. Jacob hadn't liked the idea of letting one survive to tell the tale, but they didn't have time to go after it.
Finally they reached the room he'd been looking for. At the center of the ship was a central engineering section in which there was a single elevator. They rode it to the top level where they got off and found themselves on the bridge of the ship. They had taken every bit of the grays by such surprise that none had time for any recourse when they came out of the elevator firing plasma like mad. Many of the grays were not only killed but mutilated by the barrage of plasma fire the four of them had fired at them.
"Alright," Jacob said, taking position at a station at the front, "all of you guard that elevator, that's their only way up here." The others took multiple positions around the bridge that gave them each a clear sight of the elevator. The bridge was dark, very dim light and was in the shape of a great big circle. All along the wall was an endless row of stations and computer consoles. The only other thing in the room was a center seat where the Ship Master would sit. .The Ship Master was currently lying dead on the floor, his lower half literally hanging on by a thread.
Adam looked away from the elevator toward Jacob. "Dude, do you know what you're doing?" he asked.
"I know exactly what I'm doing," Jacob answered, not taking his eyes from the controls he was manipulating. He'd have taken a seat, but the seats were much too small for him. They'd been made for the small, skinny bodies of the grays.
Madeline had turned and watched Jacob. Her brows furrowed, she watched him with an insatiable curiosity that was well hidden as usual. If one were to look deeply into her eyes, one might just about see what she truly felt. Her eyes were deep and dark. They were the most beautiful brown eyes that Jacob had ever seen. They were like pools of chocolate milk he could just drink right up.
"Alright, everything's set," Jacob said, stepping back from the controls finally. He turned and looked at the others. "You guys did great," he said, smiling.
"Where are we going?" Madeline asked, assuming that Jacob had set the ship on some specific course somewhere.
Jacob's gaze found its way to Madeline. He stared into her with casual eyes and a casual face. The answer that would expel from his mouth would open all of their mouths in awe. He gave them all a quick scan over and then fixed his gaze on Madeline again, and he answered, "Antarctica."