It is a Monday night and I am sitting in front of the TV watching The
Brady Bunch. Hi, I am Mary Beth; I live with my mom in St. Louis. As I
watch the Brady Bunch I think why cant my family be like that.
"Mom!" I yell, "Why cant our family be like the Brady Bunch?!"
"Cause your father walked out on us two years ago that is why!
Supper will be ready in 5 min."
I sigh "Yea it is always dads fault huh mom." I remember that
night 3-yrs. ago, I was 12 and just starting 7th grade, jr. high.
As if that wasn't bad enough my mom was never home. The person I needed
most at the time was never home. She was always out doing something and
we, my father and I, never knew where she was. My dad often got mad but
never really showed it around me, but when he thought I was asleep, I
sure knew. Especially when my Mom got back home. My thoughts were
interrupted at the sound of my mom yelling at me that dinner is ready.
I slowly walk into the kitchen and sit at the table and pick at my food.
"Mary Beth come on eat your food I don't have time to sit
around and wait for you to eat. I am going out tonight."
"Yea whatever mom" I say to her as she rushes around the house
looking for her shoes.
"Mom where are you going." I ask curiously. Of course I get
this stupid look from her.
"Since when were you my mother Mary? I thought I was the one
suppose to be looking out for you?"
I quietly say to myself "Well your not doing a very good job of
it obviously."
"What was that Mary?" She asks me.
"Nothing mom, have fun" I say casually.
"Oh thank you sweetheart! Well I will be back around 10:00, ok
now if I am late don't wait up for me because you have school tomorrow.
OK? Love you, bye." She says as she kisses my forehead and walks out
the door.
Well here I am sitting alone in the house at 7:00pm and
probably going to be alone until midnight, one o'clock. When she says
she is going to be home at 10:00, she won't be home until around
midnight. It is a proven fact. Well I somewhat studied what she did,
when she said she was going to be home at 12:00, don't count on her
being home till 4-5am. She was never a really prompt person...ever.
I go to my room and lay on my bed feeling kind of alone and decide to
call my best friend, Kacye.
"Hello, Kayce, hey this is Mary Beth!"
"Hey Girl was up. What is up? No wait, let me guess I am physic
...Umm your mom left for the night and you got lonely." She said.
"God Kayce you know me to well." I laughed.
"Heck yea I am so good! I can look into your mind!" She laughed
her funny but evil sounding laugh. I just laughed at her.
"Your crazy, you know that Kayce, Pure insanity! You know that!
Oh I hate when my mom does this to me. She leaves me alone thinking I
like being left alone but I hate it!"
"I'm sorry Mary, would you like to come over tonight and spend
the night with me? I mean my mom wouldn't care at all. You know that."
Kayce said sympathetically
"I know, I know, but I don't think my mom would like me going
out and not telling her where I was going..."Then I stopped and there
was dead silence. Kayce broke that silence with exactly what I was
"You know Mary, your mom does it to you, why can't you do it to
her! I mean She leaves you at home alone till nearly 3am! I mean she
has no right to do that why can't you do it to her!"
I truly didn't have a response to give back to her. She was
really true, why don't I just leave and not tell her where I am going.
I mean it is only fair to give her the same kind of compassion she
gives me. Unless you count compassion as having me worry all night long
and staying up late and me getting yelled at for sleeping during class
cause of her. Then Kayce's scream popped my thoughts.
"Kayce I am sorry, I can't leave. I don't want to sink to my
mom's level. I can't do it. I am truly sorry Kayce. I will talk to you
tomorrow ok? Again I am sorry." I said sympathetically.
"Aww girl it is ok. I know where you are coming from. Just if
you change your mind just give me a call. You know where to find me."
She laughed.
"Yea unfortunately I do Kayce," I said jokingly. "Alright see
you tomorrow in 1st period. Be ready to cause trouble for Mrs.
"Oh yea I will be ready, c-ya Kayce."
"Bye girl, take care." She said as she hung up.
I sat there on my thinking why didn't I go to Kayce's house? I
would have had so much more fun there then I ever would have here. I
mean how stupid can I get. I laded back on my bed and closed my eyes
and fell asleep.
The next thing I know I look at my clock and it is 2:00am. I
get up and look for my mom. Oddly enough she wasn't home yet. No
surprise there. I really didn't think about it much, I just went and
sat on the couch and again I fell asleep again.
I woke up the next morning to the sound of the back door
slamming, I woke up startled and looked at the clock, 6:30 and my mom
was just now getting home?
"Mom? Is that you?" I said.
"Oh Hun did I wake you up. I didn't mean to."
"Well I have to go to school anyway, if you didn't notice it is
6:30am. You're only about 8 hrs late, a new record mom." I said to her
as I walked into my room and quickly changed. I walked back out and
she was kind of stunned about what I said to her earlier. She just
looked at me kind of weirdly, like she didn't know I could talk like
"What mom, you didn't think I couldn't talk like that or
something? Oh yeah and this whole divorce thing wasn't Dad's fault, it
was yours. You are the one always staying out late just like you did
tonight. Oh but 8 hrs late mom I have to say I am pretty impressed. A
new family record. Now excuse me I must go to school and u have to go
to work." I said as I walked past her and out the door to school. I
didn't pay attention to school much that day. I was upset over that
morning, yet proud on how I told her how I feel. I didn't know what to
think of myself at the time, but I knew I would get a BIG lecture
tonight from my mom. I was just hoping by then that she would forget
about the whole thing, but of course with my luck she didn't.
Right when I walked into the house when I got home from school that day there she was waiting for me, like a hawk hunting for its food.
"Mary Beth get your butt in here right now!" my mom yelled.
"God." I said to myself, "here we go again," I said as I walked
into the kitchen.
"Sit, now" she commanded me. So I did as I was told and sat
down in front of her. I crossed my arms and gave her an evil glare.
"What?" I said coldly.
"Don't you talk to me like that young lady your still my daughter and I am still you mother!" she yelled.
"Well then act like it mom! I mean leaving me alone all night! Oh that
is real motherly like! I mean I swear you act like I don't care about
staying home alone! Kayce did ask me over to her house last night and I
said no cause I didn't want to sink to your level!" I screamed at her.
She just kind of stared at me like I was a ghost...or not her
daughter. Like she wasn't hearing or listening about anything I was
saying, but yet she was stunned about me. I don't know what she was
thinking but I had a pretty good idea. She was probably thinking oh my
gosh I didn't raise her like this. Yet, again she is wrong. She did,
she left me alone all the time and making me think this way because of
her actions towards me. This is all her fault, not mine, not dad's but
"You know what mom, you act like you are stunned by all this,"
I say to her. "But you know you shouldn't be. You brought this upon
yourself you know. You're the one who left me alone all that time!"
"I know Mary" She said quietly. "I know I haven't been the
worlds greatest mom."
"Yea you said it," I said coldly.
"Listen Mary, please, I know I haven't been the greatest. What
can I do to repay you?"
"Tell me where you went all those longs nights!"
She sighs to herself like she is ashamed of what she did all
those nights, like she doesn't want to tell me what she did.
"Come on mom! Tell me I need to know! I mean all those nights I
spent alone I need to know what you were doing!" I partly yelled
"I know I know, I was out with my friends all night. Every night
I was gone I was out partying when you were at home alone. I'm so sorry
Mary Beth."
"Whatever mom, Just listen. I am sick of all this late stuff
and running out on me! I want to leave right now! I am sorry to
disappoint you mom but I cant take this anymore..." I said as I started
to cry.
My mom stayed strong though, obviously stronger than I was as
she just starred at me and quietly said, "Whatever you want Mary Beth,
whatever you think is best for you." So that night I called my dad and
told him what choice I had chosen. I chose to live with him. My mom
helped me pack my stuff as she kept telling me how sorry she was. I kept
telling her it was fine, I will still come and see her once in a while.
And yet after I told her that she started to cry. I hugged her and told
her everything will be just fine, I am just moving across town. Just
then I saw lights pull up the dad was here. I picked up
my suit cases full of my stuff and slowly walked outside to his car and
put all my stuff in the back seat and sat upfront with my dad. My mom
came out and briefly talked with my dad. As we said our last good-byes
my mom came and gave me a hug and told me to call her. I shut the door
and looked out my foggy window and barley saw her face. I washed away
the wetness of the window quick enough to barley see her face as we
left. I whispered to myself I guess hoping she would hear me
"I love you mom..."