Soul Mate
Chapter 1 *Katherine's POV
Oh my gosh is Aaron still behind me? Please God don't let him hurt me. Please don't let him hurt me. I quickly look behind me to see if he is still there, and there he is running after me with his hands in his pocket like he is going to pull something out of it.
"Hey!" A boy's voice says.
"Oww! Oh my gosh I am really sorry…" I look behind me to see that Aaron is catching up to me.
"Is there something wrong? Are you ok?"
"Yeah…yeah. I have to go…again I'm sorry. B-Bye." I quickly run off hoping I didn't lose too much time. I turn a corner to find I am at a dead end. Just then I hear 2 gun shots and I feel a sharp pain in my leg and shoulder…
Chapter 2 *Evan's POV
Well I wonder what that was all about? Hey who is that guy following her? Something isn't right. I slowly follow the guy who was chasing her into an alley where I witness the shooting.
"No! Aaron no please I'm sorry for running away, I swear I won't do it again!"
"I don't care Katherine! You have run away 1 to many times! This time you will pay." He slowly aims the gun at her and pulls the trigger not once, but twice.
"No!" I hear her shrill scream and then silence. Aaron quickly runs away leaving Katherine there to die. I quickly run to her side. People quickly gather around.
"Someone go catch that man! He shot this girl!" I yell. She has been shot in her shoulder and her leg. I take off my shirt and tie it around her leg and put pressure on her shoulder while the paramedics arrive. In about 5 minutes the paramedics arrive to help Katherine. They put her on a stretcher and lift her in the ambulance.
"Hey wait" I yell. "Take me with you! I am a friend!" They look at me strangely and let me come with them.
I sat quietly watching them help her as best they can. We arrive at the hospital and I follow her as far as I can until they say I can't go any further. I just sit in the waiting room for about 3 hours. The doctor came out with a worried look on his face, he walked over to me.
"Do you know the Katherine that came in here." He asked
"Yes, I-I am a friend. Is she going to be ok?"
"Well for now yes. She will be ok. Her room number is 702."
"Thank you Doctor." I walked to room number 702 to see Katherine lying in bed with her eyes closed. I quietly walked to her bed and sat down in the chair next to the bed. I looked at her and brushed the hair out of her face. She moaned a little bit and rolled over to face me. She moaned again.
"Hmmm. Huh? Where am I? What? Wait, do I know you?"
"Besides you running into me today, you don't know me. I helped you after you got shot."
"Oh no… He shot me…" She whispered almost silently.
"Yeah…He did. I followed you after you ran into me and saw the whole thing. You yell at him to not hurt you. Him saying that you will pay for running away. Then the gun shots. Why did you run away?" I asked
"Because I was being abused." She whispered as she lifted up the sleeves of her shirt to show me the bruises that he gave her.
"Oh no…Why did u let him beating you like that?" I asked worryingly.
"Because I had no where else to live. He gave me a home when I needed it. I couldn't pass up the offer. I think it was safer to live with him than on the street."
"Yeah good point. But still why did u tell anyone?"
"There was no way in hell that I was going to live in a orphanage! I would rather die!"
"You have watched the movie Annie to much. And you almost did die you know."
"Well you can't exactly blame me…um what is your name?"
"Evan, Evan Palmoba" I say quietly.
"Well hello Evan Palmoba, my name is Katherine Hail."
"Well this is a great way to pick up chicks. Save them when they get shot by a rampaging boyfriend."
"Hey now that isn't funny Evan!"
"Ok I'm sorry. I am just trying to loosen the ice up a bit." I say.
"It is ok. I appreciate you being here, to, you know help me."
"Anytime. Now I think you need to sleep. Ok I will be here tomorrow to talk to you. Ok?"
"Ok Goodbye Evan."
I walk over to her and give her a quick hug. "Bye." I wave her goodbye and leave. What a day.
Chapter 3 *Katherine's POV
*Yawn* Hmmm. Oh gosh my leg and shoulder hurts so bad. Where is some Advil? I need some quick. Just then Evan walks trough the door.
"Hey sleeping beauty is awake!"
"Oh Evan put A sock in it. I was really tired. Plus what time is it anyway?"
"Oh about…11:30 am" He says.
"Oh my gosh it is 11:30! I slept till 11:30! I have never slept that late!" I yell
"Aww there is a first time for everything!" He says smiling his wonderful smile.
"Well…I guess so. So what have you been doing while I was asleep."
"Oh well…let me think…I woke up at 6:00 this morning, and got here at 7:00. I came in here to see if you were awake. I saw you were asleep so I went to go get some breakfast in the hospital restaurant. I think digging shit of out the garbage would taste better than that shit I ate. Well I came back to your room at around 8:00 to see that you were still asleep. Well I went exploring around the hospital. I bugged all the nurses. Almost got kicked out of the hospital for being such a pest. Well I have been doing that till about…umm…10:00. I don't think you want to know what I was doing with this one 15 year old girl down the hall till 11:30." He said laughing.
"Hey I am just joking! I just walked around outside from 10-11:30. I could sense some jealousy in that remark."
"No…Not really…Well, I guess. Yeah I guess I was jealous. I do like you Evan."
Wow I said it… I didn't think I would actually say that. I was very surprised with what he said next.
"Really?" He said quietly. "You really like me?"
"Y-Yeah, I guess I do Evan," I said near a whisper. Then I rolled over facing the window.
"No need to be shy about it," He said, as he walk over to me. " I mean I am glad you like me Katherine, cause, well I like you too." I rolled over to face him with an astonished look on my face.
"Well Evan, I just don't know yet. I mean with all that happened with Aaron…" I said as my voice trailed off.
"Katherine, listen to me. If I were your boyfriend I would never lay a hand on you, or hurt you in any way! I promise you that! I would never hit a girl! Ever!" he said partially yelling.
"I'm sorry for making you upset Evan. I just…."
"I am not mad at you Katherine. I am mad at Aaron for treating you so badly. I mean all that abuse that you took from him. You didn't have to take it Katherine. You could have left while he was asleep or something. I will take good care of you Katherine. I promise"
Chapter 4 *Evan's POV
I want her to trust me, but I don't know how I can prove her trust. I have though of everything. Like taking her out to dinner. Or taking her to my house for a while. But none I think will show the she can trust me.
"Evan! Hey Evan! Hello? Are you ok?" I heard Katherine yell.
"Huh? Oh yeah I am fine Katherine." I said.
"What were you thinking about Evan. You looked like you were in deep thought. What were you thinking about?" She asked worried.
"Oh it was…nothing. Really it was nothing." I said, obviously not very convincing.
"Nothing you say…Hmmm. Well if you say so." She said.
I couldn't lie to her. "Ok, Ok, I was thinking about how I can prove my trust to you…"I said as I looked down.
She gently smiled. "Oh Evan, that is so sweet of you but you don't have to prove a thing cause u already have."
"I have," I said confused.
"Yes, for when you saved my life when I got shot you proved that you were a caring person. You don't have to prove anything else to me." She smiled and you could tell tears were coming to her eyes. I walked over to her and kissed her forehead.
"Shhh, Katherine don't cry. It is ok. I understand now. Don't cry."
Katherine sat up in her bed and covered her face and cried. "I'm so scared Evan. I am afraid Aaron will come back and hurt me again."
I walked up to her and hugged her. I whispered in her ear: " I won't let him hurt you again. I promise to you." I gently kissed her. Then she laid her head on my shoulder and feel asleep. I gently laid her down and pulled the covers over her. I kissed her forehead and walked out of the room.
Chapter 4 *Katherine's POV
I have been in the hospital for about a month now. Aaron has been caught and put in jail. They say Aaron is going to pay all the hospital payments for me. But there is still one problem…I don't have a home to live in. I haven't figured out what to do about that problem yet. I don't want to tell Evan cause he has too much to worry about already. Like school, homework, family, his friends, the place he works at, and well his "number one priority" me. I don't like me taking up all his time. So I don't think I will bother him with my problems. I don't think he needs anything else to worry about.
"Hey! Katherine I have a great idea!"
"Huh? Evan what is your great idea?" I asked sarcastically.
"Well…I have a great idea!"
"We already accomplished that part of the conversation Evan! Just tell me!" I yell.
"You are going to live with me! After they let you out of the hospital you are going to live with me! Isn't that a great idea!"
I was completely caught of guard by that remark. I didn't know what to say. I was stunned. I was speechless. I didn't know what to say.
"I-I don't know what to say Evan…I mean you already have so much to worry about. I could live in my old apartment. That wouldn't be a problem. You can come to live with me maybe. I just don't want to be a pest for you and your family."
You could see the hurt in his eyes. "You mean you don't want to live with me?"
"Evan I never said that! I never said I didn't want to live with you! Where would you get such a idea!"
"Well it sure sounded like you were wanting to get out of living with me! I am giving you a home Katherine, why can't you see that I love you and don't want to leave you or see you get hurt again!"
"Evan…" I whispered.
"Oh just forget it Katherine!" Evan yelled as he stormed out of the room.
"Evan please come back!" I yelled. "Come back!" Oh what have I done? I had to find Evan. I got out of bed and rolled my IV line around with me trying to find Evan. I wasn't suppose to be out of my room so I had to walk quickly and quietly. Just then I heard someone in a closet. I wondered who it could be. I opened the door to find Evan in there with his head buried in him hands.
"Evan…is that you?"
"Huh? Oh Katherine what are you doing out of your room? You shouldn't be out here?"
"I had to find you. I felt really bad about our argument. I just had to find you."
"The whole argument was my fault Katherine, I'm sorry." Evan said quietly.
"It is ok Evan. It was both our faults. Just let's go back to the room." I said.
"Hey why can't we just stay in here for a while." He said slyly as he winked at me. I giggled.
"Your so stupid Evan." I said as I jokingly punching him. I laughed as he acted like he was seriously hurt.
"Ow Katherine that hurt! Oh I am in pain!" He yelled.
"Shhh Evan we aren't even suppose to be in here!" I said as I covered his mouth with my hand. Just as I did that he slobbered all over my hand! "Oh gross Evan eww! " I yelled as I wiped it all over his shirt.
"Oh man this is my new Abercrombie shirt Katherine!" he yelled. I just laughed at him.
"Well u shouldn't have licked all over my hand now should you? Now come on lets go back to the room." I laughed as we walked out of the closet and back to the room. As we were walking back to my room Evan took my hand in his. I was a little bit scared at first because of all I have been threw. But I let him hold my hand. We walked back to my room hand in hand.
Chapter 5 *Evan's POV
Well Katherine is going to live in her old apartment house. I will live with her. We are going to share the monthly fee. When she is able to walk around ok she is going to get a job so we both can make some money. I don't know when that will be but she promised me it would be soon. I walk into Katherine's room early that morning to find her still asleep. I gently kissed her on her forehead. I start to walk out the door when I hear…
"No! No! Get away! I swear I wont run away again Aaron no please no! No don't hit me! I swear I won't run away again! Please no!" Katherine screamed. I quickly run over to her.
"Katherine?! Katherine wake up please wake up!" I gently shook her. "Katherine!"
"Ahhhh!" She screamed as she woke up. She was drenched in sweat. "Oh Evan…" She started to cry. "I had a horrible dream Evan. It was right before he shot me. I think the day before. He hit me cause I tried to run away and he caught me right before I got out the door. I keep having these dreams. But this one was the worst." She started to cry again.
I gave here a long hug and whispered in her ear, "Katherine I swear to you now, and forever that Aaron will not hurt you again. Even though he is older that the both of us. I don't care I will protect you." I kept on hugging her as she cried on my shoulder. "Now, no more tears, ok no more tears?"
She sniffed, "No, no more tears." She said as she wiped away her tears off of her face.
"That's my girl!" I say as I hug her and kiss her cheek. "Now what shall we do today?"
She laughed "I don't know you pick." She giggled.
"Well I feel adventurous today so I've got just the thing for us to do! Follow me." I took her hand and lead her out the door and down the hall.
"Where are we going Evan?"
"Oh you'll see…"I smiled slyly. "You'll see."
"Oh how I hate waiting. I am so impatient. Will you just tell me Evan!"
"No you will have to wait Katherine. Just wait." I said as I lead her to a room where I stopped outside the door. "You wait here I will be right back. OK?"
"Oh I guess so. Evan hurry up."
I left her outside while I went into the room. It was decorated with streamers and confetti. Just like I had planed it. It was a perfect setting for a party. I went back outside and took her hand. "Come follow me." I took her hand and right before we walked in I said. "Wait! Close your eyes Katherine."
"Oh must I Evan?" She complained.
"Yes you must Katherine. Now close them!"
"Ok, ok, ok fine there closed." She sighed. I slowly lead her in the room with my hands over her eyes just in case.
"Evan where are you taking me? Evan answer me!" She squealed
"Just keep your eyes closed. I am right behind you don't worry." I reassured her. I slowly lead her into the party room.
"Ok Katherine, you can open your eyes now," I slowly took my hands away from her eyes as she screamed in delight.
"Oh my gosh Evan it is wonderful! I love it!" She said as she turned around and hugged me.
"It is your going away party. Goodbye hospital, hello new home!" I said. Then her face suddenly went blank. You could tell she was about to cry.
"Hey what is wrong," I asked her as she turned around and cried.
"I don't have a home to go back to Evan!" She cried. I laughed.
"That is my other surprise. Aaron is paying all the money for the rent to your apartment. So now you have a place to live!" I told her.
"Oh my gosh Evan, I love you so much!" She squealed as she hugged me tight. I hugged her back.
"Just a little gift from me to you Katherine. That is all. You can thank me later. Now let's have some of that delicious looking cake!"
Chapter 6 *Katherine's POV
Well I am going home…Even though I don't want to. To many bad memories there. Yet I have nowhere else to go, so the apartment is the only option I have. So I am driving with Evan to my apartment, it is really quite around this neighborhood. That is the only thing I liked about this place.
"Hey Katherine, are you ok?" Evan asked.
"Huh? Oh yeah I am fine…" I said as I looked out the window. Just then I saw the alley where I got shot. I sobbed a little bit. Evan knew what I was crying about so he put his arm around me.
"It will be hard to adjust to. But I know you can do it. I will be here to help you." Evan whispered in my ear. I laid my head on his shoulders as I watched the houses go by. One by one I knew I was getting closer to my house…I didn't want to go back, but where else could I go? Know where… that's where. I sighed. Well I will have to compromise with it I guess. At least I will have Evan with me. Just then I saw it…my house…the car stopped, my heartbeat quickened, I froze.
"Katherine come on. It is ok, I swear nothing will hurt you here anymore. Now come on." He told me as he took my hand and helped me out of the car. I was shaking all over. Evan noticed to.
"No need to worry babe," as he hugged me. "Everything will be ok." Evan got my suitcase from the trunk of the taxi and paid the taxi driver as he sped off. He came back and put his arm around me.
"Come on sugar let's go inside"
Chapter 7 *Evan's POV

She is a wreak…She is so shook up about the whole apartment thing. She almost fell down the stairs I had to catch her. She burst into tears when she entered he old room. I couldn't stand seeing her like this. I held her in my arms and held her tight.
"Shhh, it is ok Katherine he is gone. I am here now. He will never hurt you again. Ok? I will protect u."
"I know you will Evan but the memories…I can't take it." She started to cry again. I held her close.
"I know he hurt you. I know he scared you. But it is all over now. I am here not him. No need to worry any more. OK?"
"Ok Evan." She sobbed as she hugged me tight. I held her in my arms for a while. I gently kissed her head. "I will always be here for you, now and forever. It will be hard to adjust again, but I know you can do it. Your strong I know." She gently went into her room and started unpacking. She cried a little while she was in there, but at least she was getting over her fear. I don't think she knows how much I love her. I guess I will have to show her sometime.
Chapter 8 *Katherine's POV
*Sighs* What a night. My first night in this damned apartment again. I stayed up half the night almost crying. Of course Evan was sitting by my side. He didn't sleep a wink, I would know because I didn't either. I didn't want to keep Evan up but I guess I did. He is sleeping right now, leaning his head on my shoulder…I don't mind. He is so sweet to me; sometimes I don't think I deserve him. But when I tell him that, he just sighs and says Katherine of course you do. If you didn't why would I be here? He usually has a good point. Just then Evan wakes up…
"Katherine w-what are you doing up? I thought I told you that you needed your rest."
"Sorry Evan, but I am glad you got your rest. Was my shoulder comfortable?" I say to him as I laugh.
"Actually it was very comfortable. Thank you for letting me use it" He says as he laughs. I slapped him jokingly.
"Yea, whatever Evan" I say as I giggle. "Hey do you want to go see a movie? I hear there are some good ones out."
"Yea that sounds like a good idea. Here I will read you the movie listings," he said as he picked up the paper. "There is the movie called Stage Fright, it is PG13 it is a horror movie."
"Ok," I say. "Let's see that. I haven't seen a Horror movie in so long! I will go get dressed." I say as I go to my room and change into an outfit and I run back to Evan. "You ready yet Evan, you take so long!" I say giggling
"Oh yea? Let's see who takes long when u walk to the movies." He said laughing.
"Hey now I don't think that is very fair now Evan! Now u don't want me walking do you?" I said and added a puppy face along with it. I knew he couldn't resist it. It was a fact and like always I was right.
"Aww no I wouldn't do that to you. You're not walking. You are ridding with me like you should." He said smiling.
I laughed I knew it would work. It always does. It is a proven fact among guys. I was still laughing when I walked out to the street waiting for a Taxi. I waved one down and we were off to the movies.
Chapter 9 *Evan's POV
"AHHH!" Katherine yells, as she grabs onto my arm. I just laughed at her.
"Its not that scary, don't be a baby." I jokingly said.
"It is so scary! I have never seen a scarier movie than this! Oh my gosh I will have nightmares for weeks! Gosh.
I whisper to myself thinking she won't hear me, "that is nothing new." But unfortunately she heard me.
"What was that Evan…?" She quietly said.
"N-Nothing Kate…Just nothing." I said trying to sound serious and try to make her think I didn't say that.
"Your lying to me aren't you! Don't you lie to me Evan! Tell me the truth!" She yells at me.
"It is nothing Katherine! And what I did say I don't want to say again cause it was wrong!" I screamed at her.
"Evan Mathew Palmoba I demand to know what you said! Right now!" She yells at me. And how did she know my middle name? So I gave her what she wanted. I told her…
"I said that nightmares for you are anything new…" I say in almost a whisper. That was just about enough to set her off…
"I can't help it I was nearly killed by my boyfriend! If that happened to you, you would have nightmares too. So until you go off making fun of people wait till you think about how you would be in their shoes!" she yelled at me and then stormed off. I was left standing there watching her leave. I was nearly crying. I ran after her yelling at her,
"Katherine what are you doing you can't leave! Please I am so sorry come back!"
"No! I am leaving for good; no one cares about me! Not even the person I love!" she said running faster away from me.
"Kate! I do so love you! Please Kate come back! Please!" I yell running after her. "Kate where are you going to go you have no where to go!" I think what I said right there did 2 things, good and bad. It stopped her, which is the good thing. The bad thing is, I pissed her off more.
She looked back at me and gave me a really evil glare. "Evan you just don't know when to stop do you? I mean it is bad enough you insulted me. Oh but you criticize me about me being homeless. Very sweet of you Evan, I appreciate it!"
"Katherine, Please…I am so sorry. I didn't mean to insult you. I really did Kate…Please…lets go back home and work this out. Don't go running off into the city, please."