Well, what am I to do?
What am I to say?
Suddenly seeing my boy dead in my room

What was I to do?
What was I to say?
Besides to lift him up and yell
Yell for him to awaken from his eternal slumber

Oh, how life seems so wasted
When you hold a life drained
And you know you lost a part of your soul
When even your manly pride
Can't hold back the tears

Suddenly, the guilt rises up to seize you
As you realize the pain you have now
Is equal to the love you shared
But, I cannot clasp his limp shell any longer
He wants to be put to rest

And I won't turn away from you now
So, I'll place my hands in the ground
And deeply breath in where you came from

And now the deed is done
Under this tree it has been sung
And I will not utter the given
Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust
Because you meant more to me
Than the people's hymn

And now I stand before the stone and pray
Pray for Jehovah's strength
To only grieve for a short time
And my convalesce to bring back my swine

And I guess life is short enough
Knowing we're born
Knowing we'll die
All made manifest in my dead boy's eye