A/N: First I'd like to say thanks for checkin' out my story :D This – oddly enough – came to me in a dream just last night.. it's taken me all day to finally figure out how to get it started, and this is what I've come up with. I know the plot might seem a little flimsy right now, but I promise, just stick with me – it'll get better :D Thanks again and please review! May 15, 1998 –

"Mathew," a woman sobbed, sinking down to the moist ground, clutching a hankerchief to her wet face.

All around her, people stared, but did nothing to comfort the grieving mother. Her daughter dropped down beside her, and they both cried together.

Why did you leave, Matt? The girl cried inwardly as her mother latched onto her small figure. We need you.

"My baby! My poor baby!" Her mother continued hysterically, "Come back to me Mathew! Come back!" She started sobbing again and her daughter bowed her head as she listened to the whispers.

"Poor, poor woman,"

"Yes, a great loss, but still, I wonder what happened to him?"

"I heard he ran off with a girl."

"A girl?"

"Oh nevermind that. I heard he threw himself off a bridge and they couldn't find his body."

"Well I heard he ran away."

She wanted to stand up and scream at the voices. Matt did not run away, not with a girl or by himself. He wouldn't leave his family alone. He wouldn't leave her alone. And he couldn't be dead, he just couldn't! He was only sixteen, he still had to live!

There was still one question :

Where had he gone?

May 15, 2001 –

"Kate?" her mother called at the foot of the stairs and Kate sighed, noticing the way her mother's voice was already strained. But what could she expect? It was the three year anniversary of her brother's dissapearance. Well, technically, it wasn't; that had been months before. This had been the day that her mother had finally given up all hope and the local church had had a memorial service for him. Now he was dead to the town, and to her mother.

But not to her.

Kate still held some shread of hope that her brother was still alive, wherever he was. And truth be told, she had no idea where he would have gone. He had just up and left, well no –he hadn't left. He wouldn't have left her.

He had vanished.

"You going to come with me, Kate?" her mother asked tearfully, holding an already-soaked tissue.

"No, I'm fine." Kate insisted numbly and retreated back to her room quickly.

Her mother was going to visit her brother's grave. He wasn't even dead and his mother had given him a grave for "closure". Closure! It was so morbid. Kate had been opposed to the idea all along, and had yet to go visit the plot.

Nevertheless, the day was still a depressing one for Kate Sinclair, be him dead or not. She had been allowed the day off from school, as always, but sometimes she wished she hadn't stayed at home. It gave her too much time to brood on Matt's dissapearance. She wanted to be a normal sixteen year old without this heavy burden weighing on her heart.

She wanted her brother back.

"Matt," she whispered, resting her elbows on her dresser and staring at her reflection. She refused to cry as she searched her own face, trying to find a trace of the thirteen year old she used to be.

She was gone.

She was empty.

"We need you back, Matt." She began, "Just come back to us." It was a prayer she had uttered in front of the mirror countless times before, but this time, she actually seemed to get a result. Her brother's face flickered in front of her momentarily and she began to cry.

The mirror was cruel, it played tricks on her mind. Her violet eyes continued to stare back at her, and she found her tears quiet quickly.

Those weren't her eyes.

"Kate?" She heard a voice utter softly and she jerked her head to the side to look for the voice's origin, and smacked her elbow painfully against the dresser. She quickly turned back and once again saw the eyes.

"M-m-matt?" she choked.