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"Kate?" He gasped, whipping around and grabbing her in a giant hug. "Good – you're alright. Wait, dead pirates?"

"I didn't studder, Matt." She said cooly and he quickly backed away from her, fighting to avoid her angry gaze. "Please tell me how you failed to mention that I'm supposedly 'the one' that this whole world has been waiting for?"

"Well," he began, "You never gave us a cha—"

"Bullshit! You three started arguing before I could get a word in edgewise. I figured that you'd explain about this place later – something small. But no, I'm supposed to be this amazing person who can see the dead and reunite the living with Earth. Tell me, Matt, how did you not mention that?" she seethed and turned her attention over to Jonnie, who was watching her with a very bemused expression.

"And you! Jonny boy – was it you who decided to push me into the lake?"

He shook his head and pointed to where Greg was now cowering in the center of the pond. "It was all his idea."

"What? You lying son of a - AHH!"

His two friends watched in horror as he sank down into the water. Kate eyed the two in amusement for a moment before growling.

"I told Vane that he couldn't kill him!" she sighed impatiently and dove back into the water, leaving the remaining two gaping and shaking in their boots.

Greg trembled as a very threatening-looking pirate unsheathed a very threatening-looking sword.

"So lad, you decided to join us down here, did ye?" He smirked, studying the blade.

"N-no well I-I was just sitting . . . I d-didn't think the li-living could enter. . ." Greg fumbled and the pirate laughed.

"You, living? Oh no, lad, you're dead now." He cackled and Greg's eyes got wide.

"But – but, I can't be—"

"Aye, why else would you be glowin' like tha?" the pirate countered and the brunette looked down to find his whole body enclosed in a golden light.

I'm dead, he thought, and he felt his heart go cold. I wasted six years trying to get outta this place, and now I die. All because I listened to Jonnie – I'm going to kill him in his sleep. I die, he dies, we promised to be in this together.

"Vane," a very impatient voice sounded, but to Greg it could only be described as the voice of an angel. "I told you not to do anything to him!"

The pirate laughed, "But it's been far too long since me an' tha boys had seen the surface." At her small smirk he continued, "How'd they tak' it?"

"I don't think anyone is going to be pushing me into another lake anytime soon." She grinned and then they both started laughing.

"What?" Greg screamed, but the two ignored him.

"Where'd Luke go off to?" She asked the oldest pirate, searching the dark waters. "Actually – where'd everybody go?"

"Off," he responded nonchalantly.

"Kate?" Greg began in such a distraught voice that she actually looked at him, "Am I dead?"

She sighed, shaking her head, "No – well not yet at least."

He frowned at her, "Then A, how am I under here, and B, HOW COULD YOU BE SO CRUEL?"

"You're the one who pushed me in. I thought I was dead too you sissy, so get over it."

"But I don't have the power to switch between the dead and the living like you, mademoiselle." He replied gruffly and she rolled her eyes.

"Oh, and now he's french . . ."

"I'm so telling Matt, he's gonna kill you."

"Not if I let you die."

They stared at each other, brows furrowed, before Greg finally spoke up. "That leads me back to my first question. . ."

"Le's just say it was a bit o' pirate magic." Vane said, watching the young man with dancing eyes.

Kate giggled and flashed a smile at the old pirate, "Thanks again, Vane, for everything. I promise, I'm gonna find a way to get us all outta here."

"Aye Lass," he said, bowing his head, "I know ye will."

She watched him for a moment before taking Greg's hand and they both resurfaced, but this time in a different pond. It was nothing new to Kate, but Greg looked around for a few moments, very disorentated.

"We're only a few hundred feet away from the other one." She sighed, "And stop gaping, we need to get you outta this before that wears off."

He let himself be dragged back onto land and the golden light soon dissapeared, leaving a tingling in his stomach.

"So tell me how you've been here for half an hour and you already know your way around this place?" he prompted.

"I don't," she shrugged, "This is the way I came last time."

"So . . . we going to go or what?" He asked, beginning to stand up.

She quickly shoved him down, "Not until I at least get told what is going on. Dead pirates can only tell me so much," she added dryly and watched him.

Sighing, he asked, "What do you want to know?"


"Oh, that should be easy enough," he replied sarcastically before getting comfortable. "What did that pirate tell you?"

"What he knew. Basically, that all the people trapped here have been waiting for me ever since some . . . inscription on some stone appeared or whatever. He didn't get into how I was supposed to get around to doing that, but it seems to be expected of me. He told me all about the trials of the dead and crap, but I'm more intrested in the living – and that's where you come in."

"Alright, er – uh . . . I guess I'll start with Jonnie, 'cause he got here first. He was about eleven, 'cause he's twenty now."

"Nine years," she mused aloud and he nodded.

"Yeah, long years too. He knows more about this place than me or Matt, he's been a lot more places too. Like he was the first to find the stone your dead pirate was talking about – "

"Vane," she added quietly.

"Whatever, anyways . . . I dunno how he got here. It was through a mirror, that's all I know. He's never talked about it like Matt and I did. Speaking of, don't you think those two are gonna get pretty worried about us?"

"They'll live, now go on. How'd you get here?"

"Well, I was twelve and my mom and sisters had dragged me and my dad along to go furniture shopping . . ."

A young(er) Greg stood impatiently beside his father, both listening to the three women of the family gush about what color to paint the living room, and what fabric matched what.

"If we leave now, they won't notice." Greg murmured.

His father laughed, "Thirty minutes more, Greg, that's all I ask." He said and then mumbled, "Then I'm leaving."

Greg sighed, "Oh – Jason, come here for a minute, will you?" His mother called and soon his father was sucked into helping the trio.

"Krrr – all units alert, Alpha's been taken, I repeat, Alpha's been taken." Greg laughed to himself quietly and then hastened to get away lest he be recruited too.

His wandering lead him to the back of the store, where most of the paintings and mirrors were displayed on the wall. Not the most exciting place for an almost-teenage boy, but it was better than matching periwinkle pink with blossom blue.

He then noticed a mirror lying on the floor. Figuring he might aswell be useful, he advanced towards the object, but tripped on something and fell face first towards it, expecting to meet a very bloody demise.

"You tripped?" She asked incredulously, "That's why you've been stuck here for six years?"

He glowered at her, "Thanks for that uplifting attitude, Kate."

She stuck her tongue out at him, "So you're eighteen? And what about Matt?"

He nodded at her first question and then let out a short laugh, "Matt – poor guy, he didn't know what was coming."

She raised a questioning brow, and he dipped back into his stories.

"The thing you gotta understand, Kate, is that while Jonnie knows a lot about this place, he really doesn't know shit. There's stuff that happens that we can't explain, like the mirror's. For some reason, they can only be used like once every three years, or something. Other than that, they stay black.

"Anyways, you remember that prophecy stone? Well me and Jonnie had just visited it, and it looked like some . . . thing was starting a portrait of the 'one'. At that point in time, we could only see one thing, violet eyes."

He paused, watching her for a moment as she gazed into the water, watching her own violet eyes.

"So naturally," he continued, "When we saw Matt in the mirror three years ago, we snatched him up. Well, not snatched, per say, because you can't really reach out of the mirrors, that'd be kinda creepy." He caught her looking around like it couldn't get much creepyer and laughed, "Ok, so it wouldn't be as bad as this place, but whatever.

"We didn't learn 'til later that it was your mirror he was staring in, which now makes sense why there was even a portal in your mirror—"

"You mean there's not one in every mirror?" she interrupted.

He shrugged, "I honestly have no idea. But where was I? Oh yeah . . . Well he was admiring himself, which was pretty funny, but the only thing we were really focusing on was getting the kid with the violet eyes into this world. So we did the only thing we could, and that was to get him to touch the mirror, then we could pull him through."

"How'd you do that?"

"Well, Jonnie tried just scratching the mirror, but that didn't work out very well. I picked up some mud and threw it onto it, which proved effective enough, but I'm not sure how it looked from Matt's perspective. Whatever though, because it worked. We pulled the violet eyes through and that was that – we really thought we were both getting home."

There was a momentary sadness in his eyes that was quickly dispelled when he looked back to her, "But that doesn't matter now, because we finally got the right set of eyes." He said with a small smile.

She nodded unsurely, "I'll try, but I gotta settle one thing first."


She slapped him across the face non too gently (but not as hard as she could either), "That's for pushing me into an underwater realm of dead pirates!"

"You told me I was dead!" He countered, rubbing his cheek.

"So? I thought I was dead too, I told you to get over it!"

"You're mean," he pouted and she rolled her eyes, standing up.

"Thank you Mr. 'I'm-eighteen-and-I-tripped-through-a-mirror'. Now if you'll stop whining, I wanna go see how bad Matt and Jonny Boy are freaking out."

"You killed my sister." Matt said hopelessly, watching the pond steadily, waiting for some sign that she was still there.

"Well you killed my best friend!" Jonnie rebuttled, watching the pond aswell.

"He's my best friend too, and plus, he's the one who pushed her in!"

"Only because I told him to." Jonnie groaned, setting his head in his hands.

"So the mastermind confesses?"

They both jumped to their feet at their best friend's voice and stared at him and Kate dumbly for a few seconds.

"You're not dead!" Jonnie exclaimed, suddenly hugging Kate.

She was taken aback and only lightly patted him on the back, looking to Matt for some sort of escape from the eldest boy's tight embrace. Her breathing problem was only worsened when he did the exact opposite and latched onto her aswell.

"Thank God!" He exclaimed, hugging her even tighter.

"Guys – I can't – WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" She cried when Greg joined in on the 'lets collapse Kate's left lung' fiesta.

"I figured I might as well join in." he shrugged and she bowed her head in defeat. It didn't last long because she seriously was having trouble keeping that good ol' heart beating, she took in the deepest breath she could muster.

"Get off!" She roared, shutting her eyes in anger.

The weight was suddenly lifted from her, but it suddenly got extremely quiet. She slowly opened her eyes to find all three boys suspended in the air.

"Holy shit," she heard Greg mutter, the other too surprised to speak.

She sunk down to the ground, shaking her head as she put it in her hands. This released the boys from whatever force she had unconciously mustered, and they all fell back down to the ground with one loud "oofh".

As they all began to regain their surroundings, Kate's body begin to shake with frusterated sobs.

"Kate?" Matt began, wrapping his arms around her in a much more soothing way.

Her only response was a small whimper and she buried herself into his chest, taking in his long-forgotten scent. It was too much to absorb in an hour for the sixteen year old, and seeing her friends dangling helplessly in the air only freaked her out.

Why did I have to be born with violet eyes?