A TeenagerÕs Life

(This is a group poem I wrote for my schoolÕs Poetry Slam. It is written for 4 people and has occasional lines said by all . The different people are color coded.)

Person 1

Person 2

Person 3

Person 4


Does it seem so easy to walk in my shoes?

Well, what about mine?

Or mine?

Or mine?

You were once like us

Young and different

As the ever-changing wind

You were once like us

And now cannot be

So ,why, say we have it easy?

Our lives are different

Contrary to sight

Never the same

To walk in our shoes

Let us show you our world!

People stare and look in shame

Of what they do not understand

People hating people due to dress and race

You are all pathetic!, to think like that!

ThereÕs a time in our lives we will wonder

Will our love ever fonder?

The life for teenagers is tough

Sex, drugs

A maleÕs need to be buff

Is that not ever enough?

Their days so long the beginningÕs the end

Their opinions theyÕll try to defend

A car

A gun

A deadly shot

SomebodyÕs life, a person bought




Put into effect right by our sides

A wimper

A sniffle

A cry for mercy

On the ground there you see

The clouds so gray and sad

It starts to rain in misery

But when the sun indeed comes out

The people run and scorn about

In the shadows people huddle

Scared to death the people cuddle

The sun rays come and burn their flesh

Global warming soon begins

We tried to tell you, didnÕt listen

All this trouble, brings our end

Our lives such fragile things

You should not take for granted

Understand our message clear

Flash! Beware our hopeless fate!