I sit here
9-11: The Firefighter's Wife

I sit here
tears running down
they fill my soul
in them I drown

he was always wise
so quiet and kind
our love was forever
or so I thought in my mind

but now you leave me
I guess you must
but if it kills me
is the cause still just?

to bring you back
I haven't the power
I only wish you hadn't
gone back in the tower

then you would be here
here with me
I wouldn't be alone
it would be we

why did you do it?
I have to know
Lord, how could this happen
his love could only grow

It sounds selfish
But haven't I the right?
My whole world was lost
He had no chance to fight

I sit here
draining my tears
my husband is dead
the epitome of all my fears

I drag the knife
Across my skin
Wishing for death
Giving evil the win

I sit here
Tears sting my eyes
My love watches me now
Feeling my demise

I asked God again
With anger in my soul
Why He took my love
He told me I'm still whole

"Can't you feel it?
He's still a part of you
That true pure love
Is found in few"

I sit here
not able to speak
That's what happens
When God strengthens the weak

for a moment in time
I thought clear
He came to me
Like a whisper in my ear

I sit here
tears in my eyes
not tears of sadness
but love for the wise

I see the light
I feel the love
he is still with me
watching from above

I'm glad he was there
as the towers set ablaze
he saved another's world
a hero in many ways

Even after he was gone
he still saved a life
I'm lucky he loved me,
the firefighter's wife