Hell was not happy. Meetings were not her favorite thing to do and yet her power over the full room gave her a small rush of content. As she lounged on the ledge surrounding the molded fireplace, the kids milled around, kicking each other for a spot on the saggy furniture and nudging for a good seat.

"Chill. This shouldn't take long." Her commanding voice halted the sketchy conversations. "We need to discuss a plan of action." This acute statement sent another round of mumblings through the Hunters. "Would you all just shut up for one moment? I know we aren't exactly winning awards for efficiency and we need to fix it."


"We need to clear the town." Hell took a deep breath. "I want every civilian gone by the end of next week. When this place turns into a war zone we do not want innocent casualties. "

"So how do we get a Nevada town to leave?" Kyle asked.

"Webster, I want a nuclear spill zone erected." The tech nut looked up from his laptop.

"Of course you do. 'Cause that's only a few hundred miles of red tape. Why hold back? Why not clear the whole state?" yet even as the genius grumbled, he began to hack into the main frame of a neighboring nuclear waste dump.

"We also need to move base camp. This house has served us well but we need more space. This is going to be the big one, the war of the New Generation, we need reinforcements."

"What do you mean?" Dameon asked, trying to work out the strategy.

"We're calling everyone who's ever Hunted with us, that we've ever heard of and they're friends. We need a larger facility to house our incoming troops because we're already squished."

"So what do we do starting tomorrow?" Everyone looked to Leah, confused. "I mean, I'm bored. School, training, patrols, blah, blah, blah. What can I do tomorrow?" Hell could've hugged her hyperactive friend.

"Well, we can't work on the nuclear zone until Webster gets the word out…look for a new HQ. We're talking BIG. We'll have another meeting tomorrow night and if anything comes up, watch for a meeting."

"That's it?" Dameon questioned, shooting a glance at his abnormally quiet leaders.

"That's all." Hell confirmed. The boy shrugged and muttered a 'cool' as the kids stood and worked on other things.

Leah and Jessie went to wash clothes, Simon returned to sharpening some blades in the basement. Webster was still physically in the room but judging from his muttering he was deep in cyberspace. Kyle hovered at Justin's elbow. He wasn't sure of his new found position within the group. Curing Justin, the freaky good vamp, from his need for blood was an unsettling event but now the boy was being trained intensely for no definite reason. Hell flipped her hair and flashed an amazing smile at her boyfriend. She was gorgeous, Kyle realized. When she smiled like that she wasn't mysterious, mean or intimidating, she was simply a happy girl.

"So, how'd I do?"

"It went well, thanks for the warning about the house," Savannah sighed. "It should be just a house but it's not."

"Hell, I wanted to thank you…"

"For what?" The darker girl asked Gabbi.

"You didn't have to consult us before that meeting but you did." Dax nodded in agreement, Hell simply shrugged.

"I need you to get on my wave length so you understand my strategies. I don't want to be estranged from my generals."

"We'll take a quick patrol out, right at sunset." Dax provided. "See you then?"

"Possibly." As the other Lead Hunters left, Hell turned to the remaining occupants. "OK Cyn, let's hear it."

Cynthia sat on a group of pillows, back against a couch. Her hair wasn't perfect and her pants were scrunched in weird places due to squirming through Hell's meeting. Her eyes wouldn't meet her Leader's or her brother's.

"So, um, what am I supposed to call you? Cousin Hell and Brother Justin?" She asked brightly.

"Quit dodging Cyn." Her cousin instructed.

"You're not gonna like it…"

"How do you know?"

"I think I've got a spirit inside of me."

"Again!?" Hell exploded. "How long? Cyn, don't you remember last time how we had to exercise it out of you and all the crap we went through? I might support Savvy's grounding if this becomes another Gene Incident."

"What was the Gene Incident?" Kyle whispered to Justin who simply shrugged.

"No idea. But possessions are wicked things. You can't just chop off their heads; that would simply kill the vessel. You gotta use magical shit for possessions."

"Hell..." Cyn whined. "You're not listening. And it's not like I remember last time. It's a good spirit now anyway." The older girl rolled her eyes. "Look, it told me how to kill that weird, evil, demon girl a few days ago. And the spell for the school, also her idea. It's not like Gene, I don't have blank spots, I can hear her talking. Other times it's like information just appears in my head."

"What if you don't remember if you have blanks spots?" Hell countered, making a face after realizing how stupid it sounded. "Fine, I wanna talk to her." Justin snatched at her arm.

"Just how do you plan to do that, darling? Inviting a spirit into your own body is not a solution."

"No, Jessie can do it. She's very good at conversing with possessions." Here, she glared at the younger girl. "A lot of experience, too much if you ask me." As Hell left the room, Kyle plunked down next to Cyn. The smaller girl sighed and tugged on her pant leg.

"It's not like I walk around haunted areas screaming 'Come Possess ME!'" Unsure, Kyle rubbed a hand on her arm in a comforting gesture. He was very aware of Justin's calculating gaze.

"Get ready to talk Spirit!" Jessie did not look fazed at being yanked into the room. She quickly glanced over the sitting girl.

"Well, she looks fine. Last time she had red eyes and looked tired. I think the spirit is good. I would've gotten a hit, wouldn't I?"

"I wanna talk to it." Green eyes flashes as Jessie sighed and regretfully began to assemble the supplies. As she lit the ring of navy candles, the witch glanced at Kyle. The flames went out, plunging the six into semi darkness.

"No warnings with you kids." Webster growled and retreated to his room. A frightened hand grasped the young boy's.

"This didn't happen last time." She whispered… and then a new voice entered the room.

"The candles won't work, I'm not a possession, simply a late arrival reincarnation." In the dim light, they could see Cyn's mouth moving but the sound coming out was utterly foreign.

"Reincarnation? But Cyn is herself, you are new." Hell assumed quickly but Jessie shook her head.

"Very old," she muttered. The spirit started again.

"I was waiting to inhabit a new body to assist the New Generations, just as it was foretold. I was delayed from my vessel and by the time I was free to inhabit, the body had a spirit of its own."

"Me…" Cyn interrupted her visitor.

"Yes darling, you. I had no desire to banish you to the place where I was so lonely,"

"So you decided to hitch a ride?" The cousin asked incredulously.

"Essentially, yes. Let's face it, I have valuable information for you, I'm not going to harm the girl and the Fates want me here. There isn't any reason to get into a fuss."

"You are sharing space with my sister's soul, I'm going to 'fuss' about that." Justin stated calmly. "And you have yet to share with us this much needed information you have. As far as I'm concerned, we should just banish you far, far away."

"Cynthia is the last person to need an extra spirit inside of them." Hell affirmed with a nasty glare in the child/spirit's direction.

"She told me how to kill the demon!" Cyn piped up. "And this is different. I can hear her speaking, I know what's going on…and haven't we established that the Gene Incident was not my fault?" Hell made another face, wrinkling her nose like she did when she knew it was hopeless.

"Fine, I want some proof from this lady though, proof."

"Justin's physical state, what do you know about it?"

"He's not a vampire anymore." Kyle stated. "No evil urges, no blood sucking habits,"

"No fangies…" Hell interrupted, slightly wistful.

"He's human." The boy finished.

"Untrue. Your gift of life blood has simply ended the need for blood to survive. Justin will still have fangs and vampire tendencies. His heart was never dead in the first place, hence his regret, so it cannot be stopped by a stake. He has never let evil truly take over him so he need not feat the Church. Silver chains will simply be metal but remember; all hearts stop when a knife is plunged."

"Lucky deal Justin, all the good, none of the bad." Jessie remarked. "But we would've figured that out eventually. I need a bargaining chip, spirit."

"Fine, my name is Gladiatral." The witch smiled, satisfied with her prize.

"Do not test me ms. I maybe newborn in your eyes but I have powers to test the best." Cyn nodded in approval as Gladiatral.

"I know young one, the motivated usually do."

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