It hadn't been hard for Hell to escape her friends. They wouldn't follow her, she knew that. They would stay away when she needed it. She had to be alone sometimes. Cyn called it 'time in hell'. But this time Hell wasn't looking for time alone. It was the guy. The guy had struck some thing deep within her. Not just the normal happy thoughts she got at the sight of what could be a good time. He was hot but it was something else. He had been able to capture her attention [not a hard task since she noticed everything] and keep it for a few minuets [that was the amazing part, he held her attention] and that was definitely something to investigate. Her radar had gone off and she needed to know who this guy was. She walked quickly, letting Leah's books weight her down. In reality she could have held all four in one hand and not drop them for a long time. Hell formed a path that would cross directly into him. She avoided thinking about the fact that he walked in the shadows. He was walking and reading, a talent she had yet to acquire, when they crashed. She fell, making it look more painful than it really was.
"God, I'm sorry, are you ok?" Hell stood and brushed her self off while he apologized. She never looked away from his steel colored eyes. They measured her as if her person could hold the answer to a question.
"Yeah, I think I'll live. You must be new in town cuz you didn't cringe when you saw me." He looked her over again, taking in her outfit. Hell was the only one bold enough to wear her Hunting outfit to school. Skintight black pants, a black tank top. A black, long-sleeved fishnet shirt let her tanned, toned skin peek through. Her straight black hair rode the wind around her shoulders as if it was controlling the wind, not the other way around.
"Uh, yeah. Justin Ironfist."
"Nice to meet you. I'm Hell."
"What?" He asked politely, looking a little worried that he might have hit her a little harder than he thought, or maybe it was a double take because he knew the name.
"I couldn't decide which of my four names to go bye so I use initials. The story is, my parents were high when they named me."

"Yeah, I know about odd names. Sorry I bumped into you. Do you know where I could find a place to eat?" She tilted her head and looked at him. Justin hadn't been able to turn away from her.
"You must be very new. The first two things you learn here in Stonewall are a) avoid the Lees and b) the best food in the world is made on the east side of town. The least I can do is buy you supper." Justin nodded slowly and helped pick up Leah's books. He didn't hand them back to her.
"So where to?"
"I didn't have you pegged for a slow person. You said you wanted food, right?"

"This isn't what I expected from you." They sat in one of those 60's diners that Stonewall was full of.
"Why? Was it the clothes?" Justin nodded but for some reason Hell felt like he wasn't telling the truth. The two had been talking for hours it seemed. It had been dark out side for a while. As they talked, Justin had found that a strange attraction to the girl was building up inside of him. He felt wonderful about being able to make her laugh, twice! He had ordered a hamburger, rare, Hell noticed. But still, he had been out in the her cell phone rang, the other one, the special one. Only six people knew the number.
"Your cell phone is ringing."
"I know, I just really don't want to answer it. But I have to. 'cuse me." She got out of their booth and walked outside into the alley next to Suzy's Diner.
"Hell, we don't appreciate you running off but we deal. Lucky for you it was a slow night but we have a small problem coming your way. One guy after Leah. You're at Suzy's right?"
"Yeah, what is it?"
"Vamp, they're headed your way. Hurry."

Christian had been a vampire for 8 years. He had never seen a girl fleeing for her life, talking on her cell phone. The girl was fast granted, but she was tiring, stupid girl. They were approaching a 60's diner- Suzy's. He had just enough time to remember how good their hamburgers were, when a girl stepped out of the shadows and hit him.
"What the,"
"Hell, I know I've heard it all before." She hit the grayish face again. "Leah? Stake?" Leah panting threw it to her.
"Goodbye girlie." Christian grinned, Hell hated it when the vamps decided to be smart asses or used clich├ęs. 5 more vamps stepped out of the shadows. Hell glanced around. 'Damn, it's gonna be a long night' she thought.
"Do you know who I am?" She demanded.
"I'm Hell, the Hunter. Now, go away or I'll have to punish you cuz you've been a bad boy and tried to kill my friend."
"No go girlie." The girlie was beginning to piss her off.
"Damn, now there's no way I'm ever gonna get back to my dinner. Leah, go get BU." Leah had already disappeared. 'Good', Hell thought. Leah was a runner, distraction, doctor, not a fighter in close quarters. She still had Leah's stake and immediately dusted the first vamp. When a vampire is dusted, it falls down as dust and then flames up. Hell liked the fact that it was the devil taking back his failed spawn but saying dust to flames took too long. So while she was trying to dust some of them, they double teamed her.
Two were holding her when Justin came around the side of the building. Hell didn't see him at first, she was trying to dust a vamp-ess with her wooden boot heel.
"Dammit Webster, your inventions don't work." She yelled into the air as if her friend could hear her, where ever he was. "Ooof!" The vamps holding her flamed, bathing her in an orange glow. She looked up to see Justin, spinning a 2x4, looking amazed at her. There were three more left. One of the vamps flicked open a switchblade. Another snarled at her, canines dripping saliva.
"Oh please." Hell hefted the stake and threw it. The girl vamp flamed, the one who had snarled looked shocked and pissed. Justin's vamp attacked him, blade flying all over the place. Then Hell's vamp rushed her, slamming her into his cursed friend who in turn, was slammed into Justin. Hell heard fabric rip as she punched her vamp. One of his abnormally long fingernails cut deep through her net sleeve. This guy's blades were on his fingers. Hell heard Justin curse and his vamp dusted. She looked frantically around but she couldn't find her stake. For some reason, she wasn't as fast as she normally was. It was as if her mind was tearing in two. One part was waiting for something, not allowing her body to move and the other part criticized her actions.
'Dammit!' Her mind screamed at her. 'How could you be so stupid?!' The vamp was smiling as he backed her into the wall. He ran a finger along her stomach and she could feel her warm blood trickle out from the wound. Deep enough to bleed, shallow enough to not truly be serious. It would be fine by tomorrow. Hell could feel the cold, damp and rough bricks. If she had only done her pre-hunt workout! 'If if if' her brain dredged up something she had read once. 'If, if, if, what if Columbus had never discovered America, where would we be then?' 'In Spain?' Wham! The vamp slammed a fist into her, hard. The whole world spun. She thought she saw the vamp turn to dust. She felt the cold clammy hand pinning her to the wall release her neck, she slumped forward into Justin's arms.
"Whoa," Hell tried to stand but her head was still spinning. She needed Justin to support her. Not really noticing him, she pulled out her cell and dialed.
"Webster, 6 vamps, not one. I'm tired, going home. Keep patrols out. Tell Leah she did well. Night." She didn't wait for a reply but shut the phone with a snap. The action sent her reeling into Justin.
"Where do you live Hell? It's either home or the hospital."
"Olive Street," Hell's brain was shutting down, she was trying to figure out why but the little person in the back of her head wouldn't stop driving a screw through her head. She had the thought that a single blow shouldn't affect her like this and then she teetered on the edge of consciousness.
"What house? I need the house number."
"86." Hell yawned and leaned against him, Justin was warm and he wanted to sleep. Sleep? It was early, she had to wake up. The walk home wasn't far, the house was plain. What was going on with her head? The best the 6 of them could do. The locks were complicated, top notch. Justin found that strange.
"Is any one home?"
"Nopey dopey. Not for a while." Hell seemed sway, she needed to lie down fast, and maybe the cuts were deeper than she thought because she now was delirious.
"Can I come in to help you get fixed up?" He leaned Hell against the doorjamb.
"Come on in, the water's fine." Hell giggled to her self as Justin picked her up again.
"Where's your room?"
"In the back with all the shiny, pretty weapons." Justin stopped at the door to the room. The walls were covered with ancient weapons, axes, swords. Silver glittered from highly polished steel. Justin blinked and set Hell down on the bed. He examined her cuts, both were still bleeding, the one on her arm was starting to congeal and stop. The incision on her stomach continued to flow freely. Justin pulled off his black shirt and ripped it, ignoring his own wound across his chest. He pulled her shirt up, exposing the flat stomach and gaping line. He applied direct pressure, eventually the bleeding slowed. Justin felt confident to leave her long enough to search the house for medical supplies. He found a bottle of peroxide and some gauze. He cleaned both cuts and wrapped them up. Next he wet a cloth and began to clean her face of the dirt and dust.
Hell's eyes fluttered, her lips parted and she breathed out. Justin hesitantly stood. This time his search rewarded him with a few pain killers and a glass of water. Hell's eyes were squinted but open. She cocked her head to look at him, as if trying to figure out who he was. Justin handed her the pills and glass.
"Thanks." She coughed. A few minuets after the water and the medicine, she could sit up. She inspected Justin's bandaging. Only then did she realize that he was hurt also. "You're," She took a swig of water. "Bleeding a little. Doesn't it hurt?" Justin looked down at his chest.
"Oh, yeah. That."
"Aren't you even going to clean it?"
"It'll heal. Do you think you're well enough for me to leave?"
"Do you want to leave? Or do you have some where to be?"
"Well, I think hotels stop renting rooms around," He checked his watch. "12:00 and it's almost that now."
"You can always stay here; there are so many kids in this house they probably won't notice." Hell frowned to herself. "But where to put you? Not enough room with Webster, definitely not with Simon and Savvy, not with either of the girls. The basement is out of the question." She looked up at him as if her decision was made. "You can stay here, in my room. I don't snore."
"I guess I could stay a while, until somebody else gets home. You still sound a little delirious to me."
"Don't you just love delirious babes?" Hell smiled, becoming more of her crazy self. The only difference was that she wasn't flitting in and out of consciousness this time. Justin just shook his head and leaned back in the chair next to her bed. Her face took on a more serious look. "Nobody'll be home for a while. Might as well get some sleep." Hell shook off her shoes and fell back on her pillows. She stretched and turned her head to look at him. Her ease at being around practically a stranger amazed him. She was relaxed and perfectly comfortable.
"You aren't normal are you?" She didn't answer his question at all.
"If you get tired, the bed is quite large and you can lie down. If you try any thing, don't plan on waking up." She closed her eyes and her breathing slowed. Justin watched until his eyes began to droop. God, the chair was uncomfortable. He could hear the nice, soft bed calling to him. Justin quietly slunk over to the bed. He sighed as the soft mattress embraced him. Hell sighed and turned over, unconsciously hugging him. Justin stayed stock still for a few moments but then the strain of keeping his eyes open took control.
Justin woke up to discover that Hell's arm hadn't moved. He waited, listening to her sleep. As soon as Hell woke up Justin began to move and apologize. He tried to sit up but Hell never moved her arm.
"I didn't try anything, I swear." For the second time she acted as though he had said nothing.
"You hungry? Cuz Savvy makes great pancakes."