Ashen: ok... Be warned. 1 chapter only.. On cutting and blood and death.. I never EVER cut, but I know a lot of people who do. I used mine and a friends name so I don't own "Brittney, Sara, and Dan." The last names are made up. I only cut my hair, and accidentally cut my knee putting dishes away.


She walked down the halls, as always, stopping to talk to many friends. They look at her and see someone normal. just another 11 year old girl.. This is her story..

"Lay-Lay! Wait up!" a voice yells from down the hall. it was a short girl with short blond hair. She was hyper and fun to be with. Elaina's best friend.
"The inseparable duo" the teachers call them. Brittney Picket and Elaina Tenchiua, best friends for life. Both happy and fun. Elaina the brains and Brittney the fun.
"Hurry up Picket!" Elaina yelled back using her favorite name for her friend. When she finally reached her she asked "What in the 7 hells do you want?"
"To know if you want to come over and swim." Brittney said not fazed by Elaina's iciness, she was always that way.
"I can't. I've got to stay home this weekend." Elaina said apologetically.
"'S ok. I got to go or I'll miss the bus." She said swinging her bag higher on her shoulder, and walking faster.
"Fine. I'm walkin' today." She replied and headed to the left "See ya Picket!"
"Bye Lay-Lay!" Brittney said now running down the hall.
'I'm glad I got out of school. but to spend the whole weekend with my brother! Urg!' she thought as she headed down the street, her usually walking buddies gone camping, Sara and Dan Raven. Twins. 'I wish Sara were here, she'd have something to talk about.' *sigh* 'oh well. Shit! I didn't mean to draw!' she thought looking at her arm where she was absently scratching at it. It was bleeding. 'I might as well enjoy it. but if ma' sees this she'll flip!' she thought putting a rag from her purse over it.
*~*~*~*Later That Evening In Her Room...*~*~*~*
'Where did I put that?' she thought groping in her draw. 'Here it is!' she said pulling out a pocket knife.
She placed the knife to her wrist and pulled letting the pain sink in... 'It feels so good' she thought just staring at the blood not watching how much she lost. 'It's dark. And cold. But it feels so good.'

*My child, why did you cut your wrists?*

'Who said that?'

*I did, the Mother Moon*

'But I thought I was supposed to meet God when I died'

*No Child, I am the Mother you will have to meet the Father later.*


*Explain why did you cut?*

'I don't know'

*So be it*


*Sister why'd you cut*

'Who are you?'

*Your sister unborn*


*Why did you cut?*

'I don't know.'

*So be it*

Narrator: so cutters are forced to wander the universe being asked why they cut themselves. Until they answer.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*The End*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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