I got there with Sean, Shreya and Antonio before any of my friends. Ben and Jon got there after us, I did introductions, "Sean, Antonio, Shreya, this is Ben and Jon. Jon, Ben, this is Shreya Antonio and Sean." I had Jon and Shreya sit together, I sat next to Shreya, there was a corner of the table between us. Sara and Nina came soon, again I did introductions. I move so Nina could sit next to Sean. They seemed to like each other right away. The table was square so two people could sit at each side. Ben was at the left of Sara, who was to the left of me. I was sitting next to Antonio. Across Sara was Sean, and Nina was across Ben. Nina was sitting right of Shreya, who was still sitting with Jon. Everyone was paired off, we ordered and ice cream.

First there was a group conversation, but when we got ice cream, the conversations became one on one. I glanced at Sara and Ben, they were so cute together. They were still shy around each other, but that would change soon. I checked out the other two couples and they were doing fine. I looked down at my ice cream, and then realized I was totally ignoring Antonio.

"So, uh, how do ya like the ice cream?" I asked, trying to start a conversation.

"Oh, it's good. Um, what was it, there's a country with like the best ice cream ever."


"Yeah! How'd ya know?"

"Uh, actually I'm not sure."

"Oh well, you were right." There was an awkward silence between us, then he said, "Good job in being a match maker."

"Oh," I laughed, "the only one I tried was Shreya and Jon. My best friends Sara and Ben started going out today, can't you tell?"

Antonio glanced over, and nodded his head. "Yeah they look like they're uncomfortable. Isn't it weird that your best friends are going out?"

"Kinda." After we talked more, I was flirting, a lot. So was he.I think.

After ice cream, we went to my house. We wanted to go swimming, but Ben and Jon didn't have their trunks, so I swam over to the other side, and got bens boat and trunk. Then I want to Jon's house. He had called his mom, and she brought out his trunks. Then I went home, and gave the guys their trunks.

When we were all in the water, the guys wanted to show off, so they did flips off a dock-ish kind of thing. Then Sara, Nina and I dived together. I went off the end, Nina and Sara off the sides. Then Shreya and I did backward dives off of the sides. We totally won, all the guys did was splash around, but us girls used skill to dive.

I didn't realize how much bigger the guys were than all us girls until we played chicken. They're talker than us, I knew that, but they're all really fit. It was funny because, each guy fit the girl. Nina and I are taller than Sara and Shreya. Nina's a bit taller than me; both Sean and Antonio are really built. They're apparently jock-ish. Shreya is sort of small, but not very small. She's taller than Sara. Jon's bigger than Ben. I found it really amusing how every pair fit each other. In our game, everyone paired up, guy and girl. Mina and Sean won. Then only the girls played, Nina and Sara on one team, and Shreya and me on the other team. Shreya and I won. The guys had their own game too. Sean and Antonio won. Poor Sean, Ben and Sara, their teams never got to win.

The whole time all of the couples were flirting tremendously. Ben and Sara kissed, it was so cute. Jon and Shreya had a couple of kisses, and Nina and Sean were kissing a lot. Antonio and I didn't kiss, but we did a lot of flirting. It was fine, because we did a lot of cuddling.

Everyone but Antonio and me swam to Ben's house, we went on the boat. We all watched TV for a whole; the couples did a lot of hugging and cuddling. It was getting dark, so Ben gave each of us a ride to the other side. Nina and Sara went to their houses. Shreya, Sean, Antonio, and I went to by home.

We ate dinner, then went upstairs to my house, and hung out. Each of us went on the internet and checked our email and IMed people. Sara and Ben were having a conversation. Sean and Shreya used my screen name to talk to Nina and Jon. Antonio and I sat on my bed talking. Then somehow we got back on the topic of drawing, so we started to draw. Around eleven, my aunt told us to sleep, so we got ready for bed. I was not tired at all and Shreya was having a chat with Jon, so I went onto the roof. Antonio saw me and came out.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey how'd ya like your first full day here?"

"Oh, it was fun," we sat next to each other, and didn't say much for a long time. Then he murmured something, so I looked up at him. Then he kissed me. I was surprised, gut it was nice. "I wasn't sure how to tell you I liked you."

"Well, that worked,"

"Um, will you go out with me?" he saw me bite my lip, "Don't think I'm one of those guys who has lots of girlfriends or anything. I don't like any one at home, and I've never liked anyone the way I like you."

I did a breathing out laugh thing. "I would say 'you had me at hello' but you never said hello, so I guess I was ganna say yes, before you told me any of that." I leaned in and kissed him.

We stayed out there until twelve thirty, kissing, talking, more kissing. It was really nice, then I went in and he did too. Shreya was smiling so much when I got in.

"What?" I asked, "What I do?"

"Ooh, you and Antonio got it on!"

"Whatever, I'm tired, and I do believe we are to be asleep." With that, I turned off the light and went to bed.

"Min?" Shreya asked.


"Did you have fun?"


Do you like him?"

"Hell yeah!" she laughed, and said good night.

I laid in bed thinking about the graduation party; a lot of people were coming. Nina and Sara's parents said people could park near their houses.

I don't know if people were sleeping over, but we had the space. I glanced over at Shreya and say she wasn't asleep.

"Oh my god!" I said

"What?" she questioned.

"There are ganna be so many little kids."

"So what's the big deal?"

"I have to put up a fence so they don't go into the water, and we have to find ways to entertain them!"

"Oh, well, pop in a movie, maybe in your mom's room."

"Maybe. So you really like Jon?" has a good guy, a little annoying sometimes, but you can always set him straight."

"Yeah, has really funny, and has such a sweetie, plus has hot as hell!"

"Um, okay, are you ganna still go out with him when you leave?"

"Maybe, it depends."

On what?"

"I don't know, stuff."

"Whatever, you know; you should come here for the summer."

"Oh that would be sweet!"

"Yeah, oh when are they coming?"


"My sisters. I was actually thinking out loud, not really asking."

"Okay, when are they coming?"

"Niva will be here around eleven. Biva won't be here 'til one. My mom will probably pick her up from the air port."

Oh, so do I have a job for tomorrow?"

"Whatever the adults tell ya to do, do it. I'm taking pictures, maybe you should record everything."

"With what?"

"Your dad brought something didn't he?"

"No, was he supposed to?"

"Yeah that's fine; we have some old video thingy,"

"I'm getting tired."

"Okay, night."

"Night" we fell asleep rite away.