"MOM! MOM WHERE ARE YOU?" A young child called out for his mother within the darkened forest among the many trees and brush. It was dark that night, the winds danced with the trees telling each other secrets of the Great Divine. Each time as the child screamed his mother's name his voice was shunned away with the voices of the winds. Suddenly everything went calm; the boy stopped and so did the trees and the wind. Everything went silent, a gun shot went off in the distance and then a rustle came out from behind and the boy turned around to only see leaves start to fly directly toward him from out of nowhere. He then put up both of his arms to shield himself from the soaring leaves. After the gust of wind blew right past him he then turned back around to look at where the trail of leaves flew off to. They glided in between the trees dashing through the mist that was starting to form. The boy then decided to follow this trail of flying leaves. He ran as fast as he could to keep up with them. After running for what seemed like ten minutes the leaves lead the boy to a large clearing within the forest. There the leaves flew up toward the sky and disappeared.

The boy didn't know what to do then as he just stood there at the edge of the clearing. He then saw a large oak tree standing in the middle of the shire. At that moment he started to walk slowly towards the large tree. As he got closer he could start to see something sticking out from under the tree. It was a small thing and glimmered with a white shine to it. Once he was close enough he began to create an image to the object coming out form the tree. He stopped only a few feet from the tree when he discovered that the object sticking out from the tree turned out to be a hand. A small delicate fair skin hand with what seemed like circular object on her ring finger. It was a small golden ring with what seemed like a diamond shape mystic fire topaz gemstone with four small diamonds, two on each side, surrounding the stone. He noticed it automatically that it was his mothers for he gave it to her on Mother's Day when he was eight just two years ago. Slowly he walked toward the hand with every bone in his body shaking as he took one more step towards the hand of his faith. Once he was there with the hand right below him he then walked around the tree to look at the body attached to the hand. Lying there was his mother lying on her left side with her left arm out and her right arm bent at the elbow and pointed up towards the sky. Her long raven coloured hair covered her pastel face. Her violet knee high dress flowed freely torn and battered at the bottom of the dress. They boy walked to the side of his mother and kneeled down beside her. Her slowly put his hand out, shaking, and touched her right shoulder and pushed her onto her back. Her eyes were wide and blood-shot. Her thick blue lips were slightly parted, her raven hair flowing across her face and upper body like lifeless rivers of dark nothing, skin lost of color and life. The child pushed her hair out of her face and reached for her right hand that was reaching out for his own. Tears fell from his eyes as he came to accept his mother's untimely demise. Click. A noise came from behind the boy's head. As he turned around he say a large man standing above him staring back down at him with a gun pointed to the boy's forehead. Now the child was kneeling in front of this man and looking at him straight at him with eyes of confusion and grief. The nest moment happened in less than three seconds, as the boy was staring at the man he then mouthed the word why and just then a gun shot fired in the night.

Leo suddenly sat up in the middle of his bed, his body was covered in sweat and his breath was heavy and ragged. He sat there for a moment rekindling the images that lay at rest in his mind. He then closed his eyes and took a deep breath and got out of bed.

He was wearing a white tank top with navy blue silk boxer shorts. He went into his bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. His hair stood out in all different places on his head, short yet long enough to see a curl to form in his hair. It was a light brown with a dark gray tone to it. His long yet large dazzling green eyes were conspicuous to his face; he had a long firm nose, with strong cheek bones, and a nice even peach colored skin. His broad shoulder helps show off his muscular arms. He looks to be about 5'10" or maybe 5'11" short for a man of his age however tall enough for the average man. He turned on the faucets and soaked his hands through the running cold water, letting it cool down his body temperature and set down his nerves. He bent forwards to splash the icy water into his face. He pulled back his hair and examined a scar up on the top left hand part of his forehead. It was an even round scar and the size of a quarter, he always hid the scar with his long hair so no one would ever see the wound that would haunt his life eternally.

After drying off his face and one last look in the mirror Leo walked out into his balcony looking across the on going forest that lay below him. He rested his hands onto the railing and took a few deep breaths taking in the refreshing forest air. Behind his a white wolf-like creature started to come up behind him. She was a beautiful creature with her strong body physique you could tell how much power she possessed in a small compacted body. Once she got up to Leo she nudged his right leg with her nose. Leo looked down to see his faithful companion and stroked the top of her head. He then turned back to the night sky and took a deep breath.

"Mi'sae I don't know how much longer I will be here. All I know is that if I stay I will die and if I leave I will have to lose you as my only friend and companion. You mean a lot to me, but I know I have to leave this world. It's not my reality."

Mi'sae began to rub her head against this hand. Leo looked down at his trusty companion and started to stroke the top of her head. Together they had experienced something that was very common in their lives, finding a partner that will stick together with them until the very end, that's hard to find in this reality anyway.